How Much Indian Bloggers Earn, Blogging Guide for Indians
Well, its been two to three years there is huge craze among Indian people because there are lot of people those are making money online and those guys are really very common guy, just like for example me- well if you don't know about me then let me share with you few things about me-

Name- Ujjwal Kumar Sen
Profession Important for You- Blogger, Writer and of course making money from internet in India
By Education- B.Tech & M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
Biggest Achievements in Education- Become Failure to College Topper
Blogs I Owned-,, and there are many more.
My Next Target- Creating dashing product for you that's why you can earn amazing profit from internet more important thing is that it would be legit way.
Latest Achievement- Earned More than $75 just in two days
E-books I have Written- Couple of e-books I have written on Amazon those also read by worldwide people, here are those links including book titles-
  1. SEO Tips and Tricks- Real Guide to SEO
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Just have a look, I am sure you are going to love each of these e-book.

I hope you are looking for earning of Indian bloggers right, okay then I am here to share with you earning details of few Indian bloggers, well today I have checked blogs of few popular Indian bloggers those are making lot of money online from last couple of years, more important thing is that they are doing it consistently.

That means they have something and they are providing something to people consistently that's why people are coming to their blog consistently and they are making money from people may be directly or may be indirectly.

Here are few popular bloggers in India like Amit Agarwal, Harh Agrawal, Raju and there are many those are making their living from blogging, for this I have also written an amazing blog post regarding this here is that blog post- Top Bloggers in India

Well the answer for your question is from ZERO to 12 lakh per month, well why zero because their are many bloggers started blogging without understanding its basic concept and they have only one dream that they will earn that much money over night.

But, in real that is not possible.

Then where is the problem, the problem is that newbies may be you don't know how to start blogging right way to earn money.

This guide has been read by thousands and there are many those are making real money because of this blog post, if you also wanted to started right blog or you already created your blog even then you must read this blog post I am sure this is going to help you a lot.

Today right now, I can remember when I have started blogging. I have really struggle to know couple of things like how would I get paid, how to drive traffic and all that almost all blog posts I have written in this blog from basic to advanced level that's why this blog become one of the important destination for many next day pro bloggers.

But, I am not stop yet.

I am doing lot of experiments these days that's why I can share with you amazing as well as unique useful information for you.

Here are few points you also going to struggle-
1. How to Start Right Blog- The answer to this question I have already share with you.
2. How to Drive Traffic to Blog- Just read the article you will amaze
3. How to Monetize Your Blog Smart Way- The another wonderful article for you
4. Affiliate Marketing Guide- The Gold mine for bloggers

Well these blog posts. I am sure going to help you a lot, but the thing is that how to keep blogging well then let me tell you. There are two important sources for you but the ultimately its one.

That is inspiration.

Why am I saying so?

Because, there are different reasons behind inspiration of people like few people inspired by hearing thanks from people, few people because of money, few from huge number of followers and there are many others reasons too.

But, most of the people start blogging because they wanted earn money even this is the same reason they quit blogging because they unable to earn money.

I don't want the same thing happen with you.

So, I will suggest you not to worry about blogging first write quality articles on your blog and drive at least 500 targeted visitors per day and then go for money.

I am sure, if you have such traffic then you can earn good money from your blog, but you must know how to monetize your blog.

The most important thing about getting payment in India is Paypal, most of payment I got through Paypal, if you also see your self as a blogger, who will earn money then you must create a Paypal account in India.

Earning depend of many things like your niche, way of writing, quality content, number of blog posts, but one thing is clear more time you will spend for blogging you will earn more cash it is a very simple concept.

So, if you want to earn money from blogging then you must have to follow someone and keep trying to find out the better one for doing the journey of success.

Is there any other information you are aware about earning money from blogging in India?