As a blogger you want to make more money from your blog, right!

But for this you need two important sources- one of them is traffic on your blog and another one is convert traffic into money.

Advertisement networks are good to make money for bloggers and Google Adsense is the king, one of them, but now days it is really difficult to get approval from Google Adsense specially those bloggers are belonging from India and China, their blog at least have to have 6 months old according to Google Adsense Team.

So, in one sentence we can say this Google Adsense is the best to make money from blog, but you have to wait for six months.

But, still there are many ways to make money from blog, like alternative to Google Adsense, affiliate programs, referral commissions etc.

Personally, let me tell you dear I made over $200,000 from internet and about of that about $80,000 from affiliate marketing alone.

So, today I am going to share with you, my own ways, those ways I have discovered couple of years ago, I have been blogging from last 10 years now, I have more than 4 blogs.

So, I did know how to make maximum profit from blog by using advertisement networks as well as affiliate programs.

Update 2020-
Today, I am going to share with you, what is my perception regarding blogging and what you can do with it for making it maximum profitable.

Oh, yes you can use ads network for income.

But, at the same time build authority of your blog means write only related content, don't just write everything.

Write only, what you know?

Then people will put interest on your blog, slowly you will get lot of benefits from it.

Okay, here are key benefits of your blog when you will become authority in your niche then you will get more premium offers for you.

Let me give you an example I am one of the authority YouTubers in India, so whenever any company or any institute wanted to do influencer marketing then they almost 90% times contact me, even for any Engineering related things or if they wanted to target students.

So, what you have learnt from it.

You need to be authority in your niche.

Yeah, it takes time.

But, of course this is the best way to have passive income online, what exactly I did with myself.

Okay, let me share with you some interesting stats, which is the latest one, after looking at the earning from one of the store you will get amazing inspiration-
Here are suggestions I will give you to earn money online-

  • Start affiliate marketing
  • Create your own products start from very small one like PDF book
  • Know funnel based business
  • Engage audience to grow fast
  • Help to get help
Wish you success in Blogging.

Happy Digital Marketing

Advertisement Networks Can Make You Some Consistent Income

Advertising networks are good but don't use single advertisement networks, I will suggest you to use Chitika, Infolinks, Bidvertiser these three are good advertisement network other than Google Adsense.

If you are having Google Adsense account then that is the best one!

If I knew about these networks, then probably I had make more money than I was making, but never the late I am making money by these advertisement networks.

One another good information about making money from advertisement networks, I have discovered that is about and

You can use both advertisement networks to increase your blog income by double but it is little irritating for your blog readers because of Popads, but there is no SEO effect that is sure and even proofed by me.

Affiliate Commission Not Constant Income At All

Affiliate commission is not constant, but it is good if you know the way to generate sales.

But even you have to wait for your first sale, once you will get one, then you will come to know the process of it.

So, I will suggest to use affiliate products to promote as well as  use advertisement networks too, to maintain a balance in your income from blogging.

Still, I love it you know why the amount of money I made which never been possible from ads network with same amount of traffic, that is why I am not using any ads network now on this blog.

Referring Recursive Commission

This is big!

This is even better than Google Adsense as well as affiliate commission.

Probably you are thinking, why am I saying this?

I know, it is difficult for new bloggers to refer someone to buy any service but I have to say this, it not even impossible.

Let me tell you an interesting story, when I have just started blogging, in that time I did not about anything- like how to drive traffic? How to monetize your blog and all that.

In that time I come to know about a program which allows to make money by reading emails, the service was new as well as 100% legit.

So, I have joined their referral program, I have read their paid mails about a month but after that I did not, after reading their paid emails a month, I made over 5$, but after using their referral program, I made over 70$ in three months, that is the power of referral program.

But, I will suggest you to join recursive commission program to make money from a single customer again and again like referring someone to get hosting service, it was happened in 2011.

Updated 2015-
Hello, actually I have been using ads networks, affiliate marketing and other ways to earn money in the internet that's why I can share more new information with you. You and me both will earn more from the internet.

See, in the internet nothing is impossible because you have everything you just need to work and help people that's why people will like you and you will earn money

Blogging is the best way to build identity and become a BIG BRAND.

Well its need lot of time, hard work and of course you need to give value in your content.

Here is the real and important thing I would like to share with you, so here is the thing if you want to really earn more money then you have to either drive million of traffic or become a super affiliate marketer or create your own product like e-book and selling other informational product.

These are all most possible best way to earn money from internet, my first income source is direct selling blogging course to people those don't know about anything but yes they become blogger and hope someone of my student will beat me in future in terms of earning.

Is there any other ways, which can make you more money from blog.