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Blogging is the way which celebrities used to get connect with their fans but bloggers do blogging to provide information people what people are looking for, first blogging platform has been provided by Pyra Labs from 1999 but in 2003 Google has acquired Pyra labs and start giving premium service for free.

To make it easy for people to make money from blog they now integrate Google Adsense to blogger interface, that's why blogpsot bloggers can see their earning from the same dashboard, other than Google adsense [Joy of First 10,000 impression on Google Adsense]there are many other advertising networks those also support blogspot blogs to show advertisement and make money, blogging is not a day job it's a perfect business, but you have to do little hard with patience then you will succeed.

In blogging you can make money as much you can, even few times more than your day job but for this you have to wait for the time, till the time come, you have to do hard work to make your blog to the next level, blogging is not a one day job it's a continuous process of sharing things with people.

If you wanna make serious money from your blog then you have to wait for the time, you should have to educate your blog readers on your blog topics, provide wide range of things related to your blog topics.

I like blogging because it is the way which reach me there where I wanted to be in my life, you can also do the same, because it's simple to create a blog for free on blogspot platform, but only creating blog is not every thing learning is important in blogging and then sharing, it is always recommend to use blogger or wordpress for starting blogging but if you are looking for WordPress then I will suggest you to use FastComet hosting, here FastComet Coupon for Discount, if you are from India then you must go for BlueHost, here is Bluehost India Discount Coupon.

If you are thinking really blogging can make money for you, then let me give the answer of the question.

Yes!!!, even you can make money as much you want to, many people quit blogging that's why they did not reach to the next level, so never quit blogging if you want to become a next level blogger.

To make more money Google Adsense is not good enough, if your blog having good quality traffic from Europe, Australia, USA, Canada then you must try top Clickbank products to make more money because they provide upto 75% for selling a product, you can even earn about $5 to $15 per click, this much rate no one can give you.

Few points to remember to make your blog helpful for the people-

1.) Be positive.
2.) Learn daily and share daily.
3.) Take rest every week on sun day if you have blogged the whole week.
4.) Be patience while writing and learning.
5.) You need to put continuous effort.
6.) Response to your readers comments.
7.) Upload image to every post.
8.) Tell your friends about your blog.
9.) Give seminar about your blog on college technical fest.
10.) Write more at least 800 words on each post.

I will recommend you to join few ads network those really help me to earn some money online, here is the interesting article for you- How I Earn $300 from two Ads network

Ujjwal Kumar Sen Story About Blogging in Brief-

I have shared couple of times that I have started blogging five years back in this duration I have learn lot of things as well as I have wasted lot of time on different things to earn money online.

And finally I found blogging which is just amazing for me to become successful internet money maker and I am still searching for new things that's why I can become one of the top blogger in terms of earning, helping others, influence blogger.

Well, let me tell you frankly blogging is long time a perfect business because your earning will be multiply with time so don't forget to write great content in your blog and keep doing the same, one day will come when people will talk about you and many newbies will make you their ideal blogger.

Can you imagine is there any other profession which will make you this much famous, bless, inspiration, flexibility to do something BIG but this is fortunate for us means for me and you to work on this.

Well, here is my story its a night time about 12 PM I was using Orkut to chat with my friends and finally I got a message in my Gmail box about making money online, although that was spam mail, but I am lucky that I got that mail, that mail I got that's why I have started blogging and today I am here.

After knowing that we can earn money online, I have started searching about it and finally I found blogging to make money online and I am still stick to it because its worth, to make it convenient other newbies those wanted to become famous blogger.

Well, I hope you are also interesting to know about me in details then read- About Me Page.

There are many people and my friends ask what is the secret of becoming a successful blogger as mechanical engineer? So, I have thinking about writing a great blog post on it and here is that Secrets of Top bloggers in India.

If you are thinking about blogging can make money or not, then let me tell you blogging can make you huge money even you can not imagine and also better life style to you.

But you have to be more curious and passionate about blogging.

Is there any thing you would like to add?