marketing campaign, mistakes in marketing
This is one of the biggest and costly marketing since I have in marketing field.

Actually I have worked for many firms for marketing their campaign, in marketing you need to think customer point of view.

You have to tell them benefits, you have to tell them about your product.

And also you have to tell them what they are missing and these that about the product you are offering them.

In blogging, I have also promote a marketing campaign but here this marketing campaign  was for an education institute for increasing branding that's why people can come to know about the group of institutes, what courses they are offering? Placement, quality of education and so on.

Well, in this blog posts I am going to share with you what I have learnt and what we did mistakes in this marketing campaign all those things I am going to share with you, I hope you are ready to learn those lessons-

An Experiment Worked "Missed Call Concept"-

This is the concept I have applied, whenever the campaign started actually first we wanted start the campaign in that we thought that we will simply leave a mobile number to call for registration for the event, but later we have moved to the next generation concept for more response and it works.

Key Points-
  1. Ask for WhatsApp Number, you can leverage this platform
  2. You can call them on time, according to you as well as customer too

Flex and Banner's Old Concept-

Though we did have very good budget so we wanted to utilize all sources as we can utilize and we have also used the old is gold banner concept and it also works in the local region.

Key Points-
  • Difficult to track conversion
  • Good for wide customer range 
  • Good for long run business
Mouth to Mouth Marketing-
We have spread words about the event within our existing people, employees and they also shares their words in the market and finally people got this information directly from people, which information we want people to be known from their known people.

Key Points-
  • Customer care is very important
  • It takes time 
  • Good for long run business
News Paper Advertising-
I am very disappointed, because return of investment from this media for this campaign was not good, but hopefully for our next campaign it will work.

Key Points-

  • For instant query it is a good way in India
  • Leverage Whatsapp for query
  • Wide targeting, digital marketing is best for targeting any group.
TV Advertising-
We have also utilized all local channels because we wanted to make this news everywhere that’s why people will do gossips on it and finally it works, because after few days I went to market and I went to a coffee shop there people were chit chat about the campaign and that’s really a positive news.

 Key Points-
  1. Good for long run business most of time
  2. Difficult track conversion rate
  3. For small budget don't go for TV Advertising
Go Digital Marketing-
Well, first when I have discussed this matter with my management they were not sure about the media but after giving them these suggestions they agreed for digital marketing 

And here we have utilized two major sources one of them is Google Adwards and another one is direct advertising on websites as well as in blogs, see comparatively putting ads on blogs is cheaper and effective which I came to know from this amazing campaign.

Key Points-
  • Focus on one network first
  • Always hire good and effective agency for digital marketing
  • Don't start from big, start from small and then scale slowly.
E-mail Marketing-
I am really not happy from this mistakes, yes we have utilized this source but we did not use it right way, but even then it works, because it’s a recent trend marketing strategy in India, especially e-commerce companies are using it.

Key Points-
  • The real gem in the internet marketing
  • Always use good e-mail marketing service like GetResponse [Take 30 Days Free Trial]
Message to Your Contacts-
Existing contacts or customers always plus point for us, that’s why these days shopping malls start collecting phone numbers of their customers that’s why they can informed their existing customers about new offers that’s why they can increase reach of their offers.

Key Points-
  • Yes, you need to send message
  • For this buy bulk messaging service
  • Keep the message short, because people don't have time to read lengthy message
Re-send Message and Keep Sending-
This is a part of re-targeting your known and well knows customers in this way they will not think about any other source in which you are in and you will always on top on their eyes, but here the main and most important thing I would like to share with you, don’t compromise with your product for short time earning.

Key Points-
  • Always re-target.
  • Don't make them panic, re-send them message but maintain time gap so that it will irritate them.
  • Understand your clients problem.
Coordination in Your Team-
I have worked for many organization in this very short period of time still I am just 24 years and I will work for many more organization because this is helping me learn more and more thing and it will help me in future to understand who is the right person for the organization.

Key Points-
  • Always take feedback 
  • Make instant changes after discussion if required
  • Be active to take action
Ask For Suggestions from Your Colleagues-
When I have started working with an organization in that organization I have seen there were three types of people, but most interesting were only two types one of the type work hard but don’t know how to talk sweet but on the other hand people only talk sweet language but don’t do work.

So, from that organization, how to become combo of both, because if you will work hard everybody will like you, if you will talk sweet people will work for you, which is also one of the parts of management.

Well, before running this campaign I asked from each and every person those are working in the organization but later I have decide which one is good and which one is not.

Key Points-
  1. Always engage your co-workers and colleagues for ideas, which will help to work as a team.
  2. Don't do formality
  3. Work on Customers or Students point of view
  4. Be Ready to take challenges and queries of your co-workers, because this is also important to make it super successful.
I have shared with you all points in the campaign I have noticed well the most important thing happen in the campaign that is the things and strategies we have used almost all of them work well, I can not say very well, but it is really work well.

So, if you are going to run a marketing campaign then you need to take care of few points about the customers, place, market, budget and people those are working  in the organization.