There are many companies those are moving forward to change look and adopting new design as well as they are adding new features to their panel like adding photo feature, it will decrease anonymous and internet will be more transparent, this is the main reason behind this, may be you have noticed these websites those changed their design, actually these two websites are most useful for many for me not that much but still I used these websites and one of them used very often.

Probably you are thinking I did not share with you name of those websites, well its because I want you to know the reason behind changing design that's why you will also change your blog design, because many of my blog readers are bloggers and bloggers must change design of their blog in time.

Okay, here are name of those two websites with little description about that website and my uses-

Flipkart- Popular E-commerce Website of India-

Flipkart New Design, Affiliate panel
If you are using Flipkart affiliate programs then you must aware about their user interface probably Flipkart wanted to attract more affiliates to promote products that's why they will have strong referral market.

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And which is really good for building trust among consumers.

Well, I just wanted to share with you this news that's why you will stay updated with all these changes and you will not get sudden surprised from this.

Paypal- My Payment Gateway in India

Paypal New Design
Personally, I have been using Paypal service from years and I did not get any problem from their service till now and I am really thankful to Paypal for providing such service for me.

Well, I got surprised after seeing such awesome changes in Paypal, actually I wanted to log in to my Paypal account but I was unable to do so.

Probably updating data to their website that's why I was facing such problem, but its okay after all we are going to use the new interface of Paypal.

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Changing is the BIG option for any big company, may be they are changing their service power or may be user experience they always look to innovate that's why they can get very good response from their customers and their customers do not move to another service providers.

In blogging, you must apply the same concept, if you want to become a new level blogger, because in blogging learning is the key factor to be on the top or may be to reach on the top.