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Bloggers are really just awesome, because they are helping the whole community to be educated and the most important thing is that anyone can start blog and they will have fame, name and of course freedom from 9 AM to 5 PM work.

I mean that's really ridiculous, I mean think about this we are living in 21st century there should be something different and the main difference in leaving and inspiring the next generation that is blogging, actually I am doing job in am engineering college, because to stay in touch with mechanical engineering and helping all mechanical engineers physically as well as virtually through my new initiative name as Mechanical University.

This portal will be launch very soon and there would be lot of things to do for mechanical engineers, I hope you are getting me about it.

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Still, I am blogging only few hours a day, because I wanted to get more experience from physical world before becoming full time blogger, see once you will involved in only blogging and then you have to write blog posts for getting traffic and you will be in virtual world most of the time, but I wanted to be in physical world in these days may be in the next couple of years I will be in this field then I am planning to become a damn fine full time blogger.

Well, the reason. I wanted to write this blog post that is motivation to blog and make money from blogging, see if you wanted to be motivated then there are lot of things exist in the internet for that you just need to Google about and you may be implement that one which one you like for that I don't need to spend my couple of hours to write this blog post.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you few most important sources and most important thing is that I will share here my own story to let you keep blogging-

Ujjwal Kumar Sen Indian Blogger Story About Blogging-

I have started blogging five years back and if I see only earning then probably long time ago I quit blogging, but after seeing benefits of blogging first I have observed my knowledge and communication skills has been improved and where I went and I have started talking there is another impact of talking in good English, for me speaking in public place in front of number of people is really like dream come true and I am really thankful to blogging concept and thanks to one of my friend who first told me about blogging to make money online.

Here, are few things I have improved because of blogging-
1. English
2. Typing speed
3. Speaking in English
4. Word power
5. Thinking speed
6. Networking
7. Having a vision for life
8. Understanding the concept of internet marketing world
9. Started few most important projects
10. Help more than 400,000 people through my blog and of course my all blogs has been viewed by more than 3.5 million people and still going on.
11. And of course money freedom
12. Living better life
13. My patience has been improved
14. Representation has been improved which help me to become college topper from a failure.
15. Got new emerging and of course good friends through internet

And still continuing

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Whenever, I will learn something new then definitely I will share with you here, that's why you too come to know the real benefits of blogging, see its not all about money, that is the reason about 90% bloggers quit blogging.

If you are not earning from blog then don't worry just keep writing good content on your blog and of course find out the reason behind it, I mean why your blog is not becoming popular like others John Chow, Neil Patel, Jemery Shoemaker and there are many; of course there are countless those are really doing awesome from blogging.

I hope one day you can find out the reason and I am damn sure you can also become a popular blogger, if you will quit, nothing you are going to get, still you are interesting to know more about me then read here.

Here are few genuine and working way to get motivation to blog-

Movies are Great Source of Inspiration for Bloggers-

I hope you too agree with me, see if you watch movies I sure you are, so probably you have definitely inspired from story of a movie, even I too inspired from many movies, I will share below few movies those really inspired me to keep blogging-
1. I am Kalam
2. Bol
3. October Sky
4. Lakshya
The list will be continue because I will not stop watching movies......

Story Videos of Different Channels on Youtube-

I hope you heard about Youtube, then let me tell you another thing these days there are lot of things to get on Youtube, if you are willing to get like education channels, motivational channels, there are lot of people running those channels to promote their brand, even most of the companies also promoting their channels on Youtube.

Even, I have started a channel on Youtube the channel is growing pretty awesome one of my Youtube video got hit more than 26,000 videos which is on earn money online in India (Hindi) and I am really happy for that, I am investing more time to produce more videos in which I am good to build a awesome Youtube channel that is under Mechanical University.

Here is one of my video list on Youtube, which is about Probability, if you are eager to solve probability questions then learn from basic to advanced level probability- Probability Tips and Tricks

INKTALK- The Whole Channel is Completely Inspirational-

Dear, generally I don't prefer to watch any kind of inspirational videos on Youtube but yes after watching this video my mind has been changed towards Youtube videos and really its awesome to watch many inspirational videos on Youtube and now a days when I got time then I definitely watch many videos on Youtube to increase my inspirational tamper.

For this; I really thanks to someone special, who let me see this video, I will recommend you to watch this video to know the real potential of human beings-

Sandeep Maheshwari Youtube Channel-

I have watched many videos of Youtube Channel, but I like the most inspirational and useful video for you is given below, I really like his story and steps he followed to become a successful entrepreneur.

Well, I like many other channels those are really helpful for students, entrepreneurs, directionless people and who is not happy like TEDTalk.

But, again the real achievement always come from the implementations of knowing things because in this world everything is unique; whether it is organic or inorganic that means what working for others it is also possible that thing will not work for you, so first implement and then see what is happening?

Top Bloggers Earning Proof-

What I have analysed?

Even sometimes ,I got motivated after seeing the earning proof of top bloggers those are making lot of money from blogging, may be more than $100,000 per month, see we only see earning report and got motivated and thinking about that how we can drive that much traffic to our blog to make that much money.

 But, we did not see how much time that person devoted to get that much traffic and more important thing is that how much quality content that person is writing in his or her blog.

Rather then seeing only their earning proof, we need to see content they are producing to drive traffic then I am pretty; if we can do so then definitely we can do much better in blogging, I hope you are getting my point.

The Motivator is the Self Motivator-

Self motivation is the key factor to keep yourself motivated does not matter in which condition you are in right now, just keep motivated yourself that's why you can do much better, you can perform much better, if you will do so then you can easily succeed in your life.

If you want real motivation then let me tell you one good thing, see when you will be in bad condition in which condition you are not satisfied may be in job or somewhere else, then just don't demotivated rather motivated and think how you can change your condition to live better life tomorrow.

Even sometimes, I got demotivated when I got frustrated from work, because it does't works then I say to myself that I will do it one day and when I have seen it is working in my favor and I have started working hard and hard that's why others appreciate for my hard work and the most important thing is that

BIG Source of Inspiration for Bloggers-

Many bloggers just thinking about how much money they can earn from blogging after seeing blogger earning proof but they don't think about how much hard work they have to do, see you can easily earn more and more money from blogging, if you will do one thing just get a job and see how much time you are giving there for getting money from them.

Just you need to give that much time in blogging with proper concentration then I am pretty sure how much they are paying you, very soon you can earn double to triple money from blogging and it will be multiple, if you will keep working and helping more and more people.

See, its all about people, if people will love your work may be you can understand your work is not up to the mark even then you will become successful but if people will not love your work then you know what will happen.

So, try to analyse what people are looking for in the internet, then you will definitely become winner in the internet world.

Okay, let me share with you how I got motivated from normal level motivation to triple level even sometimes more when I have seen more money coming to my bank account.

I knew why it is happening? Because of my hard work, I got stored extra motivation to spend later on, see only think about people and reader those are making you money, does not matter how much you are earning from blog, if you can help them more through content of your blog then you can earn more.

Inspiration always come from real experience, see only watching videos and reading blog posts help you to get short time inspiration and which is not going to help you to get success.

See, does not matter what you are doing? what you do? what even wanted to do?

If you succeed in your life, I am pretty sure you definitely be successful in your life that's why you are living and reading this blog, see success is success its not a big or small, just remember what you did to get success.

And implement the same concept to make another success story, may be this time you have to give more time to get success.