First 10,000 Impressions on Google Adsense Dashboard
Well, it is really very good day for me, because I have seen today my Google Adsense account shows it that It has been shown 10,000 ads impressions, actually it is a part of an experiment that's why I can share with you an amazing articles in upcoming days.

I mean very soon I am going to launch two blogs one will be for all mechanical engineers which will have all videos as well as text information regarding mechanical engineering, because its my own field and another thing is that I wanted to do something in this field because there is lot of need even sometimes I felt that this space is for me, that's why situation made me to learn blogging and these days I am thinking and putting almost whole concentration of it actually, I am testing with all my strategies that's why I have started shooting videos on my phone after little editing I am uploading all those videos to my Youtube Channel.

First, I am putting all videos on Aptitude and of course I have started with one of the interesting topic, that is probability, there is a series of videos from basic to advanced level, here is the link to watch all videos- Probability Tips and Tricks

I am looking for Feedback, actually I wanted to improve my videos that's why those are eager to learn they can enjoy.

So, I wanted to share with you that, I have reached a small level of impressions on Google Adsense dashboard and I am pretty sure by the end of month it would be more than 30,000. But lets see what will happen.

Well, I am going to share with you, many tips and tricks in upcoming future, I am concentrating on those topics that's why I can not put more concentration on this blog.

Feeling Awesome From Adsense Notification-

Well, today I have just seen that this much impressions. I have seen in my Adsense account, actually I am happy because what I have planned everything is going through according to plan, if everything will goes good then very soon I am going to launch BIG source for you to become a next level blogger, well it really takes time but still you will have a awesome path to follow.

What to Do to Get Approval From Google Adsense-

You and me both know this is a first choice ads network for bloggers to earn money as a beginner bloggers and getting approval from Google Adsense is becoming tough day by day, do you know why?

Because newbies bloggers unable to maintain quality content they thought that they will become pro bloggers in a month and those think like this they almost never succeed in blogging.

Well, if you want to get approval from Google Adsense then you need to concentrate on given below few things-

Important Pages on Your Blog- There are few important pages those your blog must have before apply for Google Adsense, here are those pages About Me/Us , Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact Me/Us pages, all these pages your blog must have before you are going to apply for Google Adsense, if you want to see as a reference then contact me.

Number of Blog Posts- Before you are going to apply for Google Adsense your blog must getting at least 100 unique visitors per day but lets think practical until or unless you will not get about 1000 unique visitors till that time you need to think only about writing quality article that's why reputation of your blog will improve and you will start earning money.

Quality Content- See, there are many ways to define quality content, but I have observed those articles I have written completely from own experiment those articles rank better and I got very good traffic from those articles, so what you should do to write quality content? Write articles from basic to advanced I mean you have to write details articles that's why it will show your hard work, here are few other things to add in your blog posts- bullets, headings, subheadings and your blog post must have at least 1000 words and of course proof read is must after writing the article.

Template Design- Your blog must have a template which will be device friendly that means responsive template, because search engine also started given preference to mobile friendly blog for mobile traffic and one more thing your blog template must not have any bug and navigation must be simple.

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Always we get success from a motive, see if you don't have any motive to blogging then it will be difficult to become professional blogger.

See, I am sharing with you all these information from my own experience, I think you are getting me, see knowing things is not useful for you, until or unless you will not work on it.