Quitting Blogging, How to Be Inspire to Keep Blogging
If you are thinking about quit blogging then this is the blog post for you, see if you have already decided that you will quit blogging then I can not help you, but think practically towards my saying that's why you can analyse it and more important is that you will get help from it.

See, the most important thing is that you are responsible for what is going on around you?

I hope agree with me.

So, here is what you should do that's why you will not quit blogging, before going to know it, lets find out the reasons that's why you wanted to quit blogging.

Everybody knows that blogging is a tough job to earn money for beginners because they don't know the right way to do it, well for this I have written a amazing blog post which has been read by many and get benefit by more than 15,000 people in a very short span time but I want more and more people will get help from it.

So, here is that blog post that's why you too can get benefit from it- Beginners Blogging Guide for Free.

I will suggest you take time and then read the blog post because this blog post having lot of information which I have learnt, experience, analyse in 5 years span of time.

So, you can understand that it will have lot of information, but I have shared only information in the blog post which is needed for you.

So, the thing I would like to share with you, if want to quit blogging, then think about why?

Most of the time, about 90% bloggers quit blogging because they unable to earn money from blogging and after trying hard they just quit it.

But, according to me there is nothing like blogging, well I took lot of time to earn money from blogging I mean decent money but I am happy with it, because by profession I am a Mechanical Engineer, even then I am doing it nicely.

So, that's the real beauty of blogging and of course I think, I would have something to share with you if you are Indian and you also wanted to improve English then there is nothing like blogging.

Because, it helps me a lot for improving my English, so it is for sure it will also improve your English too.

So, if you are one of them who is going to quit blogging then I can help you that's why you will not quit blogging, see quitting things means giving up, if you will give up it and someone who is close to you who will become successful in it then I am sure you will regret later and may be this is also possible that you will forgive yourself.

So, what you should do that's why you will not quit blogging and more important you will see new hope that you will help to become a successful blogger-

Research for Highly Demand Articles and Then Write-

I can remember when first started writing article in that time I did not understand about it but later I have started understand about it and more important thing is that now a days I am discovering article those are highly demanding and more important thing is that it will help people and if people will get help from your article your job done and once people will start liking you, your job is done, its time for people, they will make you famous in a very short span of time.

Well, the thing I would like to share with you, if you want to get your blog alive then you have to write article that's why people will come to your blog, see if you really want to become a pro successful blogger then you must have to do hard work and have to learn of lot of things in future.

Let me tell you an article, I have written after knowing that people are searching about it and there are many those are still searching about that topic because of my blog security reasons I can not share with you that blog post URL but yes I can tell you the thing happened.

Continuously about four months I usually get more than 150 views everyday and that's good and if you will do little calculations then in a four month of period I have driven more than 10,000 views to my blog and that's really good after putting about one hour.

SEO Is Very Useful for Traffic-

Actually, no blog exist without traffic, there are many sources of traffic but most useful traffic sources are search engine, social media, content delivering site and e-mail marketing also there, but all these are less costly.

One of the costly process of getting traffic that is paid advertising, if you are new to blogging then I will suggest you don't try that because it will may loose you money and as a reader of this blog I don't want that.

Well, I have already share here lot of articles those are just really awesome and fantastic here are few of them-

How to Earn Money from Blog-

See, if you are smart enough then you will try something different may be in your first trial it will not work but I am sure if you are dedicated then definitely your earning will be increase and finally you will become leader in that because all others those are struggling in blogging they will definitely think about it and finally they will become successful.

Well, after seeing the requirement such type of articles is really necessary, that's why I have written many articles on it that's why people or I must say bloggers those are struggling to earn money they are definitely going to start earning from their blog.

So, here are those awesome articles for you, that's why you will struggle to earn money from blogging-
2. Google Adsense Alternatives Let Me Earn Over $600

How to Improve Branding and Keep Improving-

See, there is not shortcut to become successful therefore I have written an article to just make understand for others for also me, here is that difference between successful and un-successful people.

So, if you want to keep in the market then you have to innovate your product, if you are writing blog then you have to use innovative idea that's why people will like it and more important thing is that they will learn something from it.

Because, at the end they want something important to make them think and after all its on you, if people will like it then your job done.

To make it happen you have to do lot of research and of course hard work, which all common people are not doing then only you will be seen on the above fold and people will appreciate your hard work.

If you want to improve branding of your blog then few basic things required like social profile, engagement of people, professional look blog design and of course if you can not do all then hire someone who can do all these.

Giving Up, Quit, Leaving things will not help you at all but yes you can switch niche of your blog, you can make another blog in different niche in which you have knowledge, that's why you can do much better and people will like it and your job done.

So, giving up with this great opportunity is not good but yes if you find something else which is much better than blogging then may be you are taking right decision, because its your decision and its your life.

Is there any other reason to quit blogging?