Review 2017, cpm rate is making a history in attracting publishers as well as advertisers that's why I am writing Review 2021, the reason is simple they are providing great service to both, well I am not an advertisers. I am a blogger that means- I am a Publisher, as a publisher I must say Revenuehits is one of the Big Ads Networks for bloggers to earn money and one of the promising Google Adsense Alternatives, well in this review I will share with you all details about this ads networks that’s why you can figure out itself why this is a good ads network that’s why you must go for it.

 Well, I am writing this review because I wanted to share with you details and my personal experience about this ads networks, see this ads network having one unique thing that is- if your blog is getting traffic then you can earn more money because of its e-cpm rate later you will come to know more about it.

RevenueHits Payment Methods-

Well, this is one of the most important sections of this blog post, even for any advertisement networks if getting payment for publishers is not simple then automatically publishers will not be agreed to use that networks, if that ads network is new.

Even Google Adsense also started giving payment through Bank Transfer then why not others; I mean come on this 21st century everybody wanted to see things will get easier, so here Revenuehits is having three different methods to release payment to their publishers, here are those-

Paypal- Since, I have started earning money from internet I am using only two methods for accepting or getting payments, one of them is check (My Payment from ClickBank & Payment Proof ) and the other one is Paypal even I am really happy from Paypal one of the feature that is auto withdraw money to your bank account and most important thing is that in your own desire currency like all my payments come to my Paypal account in US Dollars and Paypal did conversion and deposit money in my account, well I know there are many bloggers those struggle to create Paypal account that’s why I have written a complete guide article to create Paypal account and Get verified in India and one of the important thing is that if you want to withdraw your revenue from this ads network through Paypal then you need to have at least $20 in your account.

Wire Transfer- I did not try this payment process yet, but if you are interested in this type of transfer then I have to share with you a information that is you must have to earn $500 to withdraw account.

Payoneer- This is also one of the most popular way for getting payment, recently they are giving $25* for new sign ups, I did not know it. Even I did not wanted to know because I am happy with Paypal, but after their offer I am little interested wanted to use it for at least once, that’s why I can write an amazing article on this, I am sure it will help my readers too. And you must earn $20 to withdraw amount to your account through Payoneer.

Revenuehits Minimum Payout-

Well, I have already share with you, about minimum payment but I was thinking why not to share with in little more details about it well, payment is depend on the method you are choosing for getting payment, well; there are three ways right now is offering for getting payment those are- Paypal, Wire Transfer and Payoneer.

For Paypal and Payoneer you must have at least $20 and for wire transfer you must have at least $500.  E-cpm-

This is also one of the most important factor, that’s why just I was checking my e-cpm of many networks those I have used in my blog and the funny thing is that is much better than many of them, but still it’s a statistics of only few days, in future I can share with you more about it.
Currently, I am getting about $1.78 e-cpm and that’s really pretty good, here is the one of the most important thing for Indian bloggers, in which blog I have used this ads network, here is the e-cpm rate according to geographic location wise, you will be amazed that this ads network is working pretty good for Indian visitors, I have just seen this.

Actually, I have promised myself before writing any article or while writing article about any ads network. I will first check myself, if it is working well for me then I will tell about the ads with my all readers let me tell you dear there are thousands those read my this blog daily and it is increasing day by day because I have implemented this policy in this blog.

Well, let me share with you for India visitors its E-cpm rate is more than even $2.25 and that’s pretty awesome, I hope you are really happy to know about, see every Indian blogger will be happy to know about it.

Where to Put RevenueHits Ads to Blogger-

Why I have created this section in this blog post?

Because this is one of the important sections of this blog post, the reason is simple because it is the way to earn more revenue from this ads network this ads network providing very good ads format and I think no ads network is providing such option in the entire advertising industry.

I hope you are getting me.

Okay, here at the below you will see screen shot of all format those are providing by revenuehits, actually they are providing two formats one is for desktop traffic and another one is mobile traffic, recently there is a buzz about mobile traffic and from this year onwards its been increasing rapidly and very soon mobile traffic will be more than desktop traffic, I am not saying this but all strategies planner are saying so.

So, using mobile format ads to your blog will be a pretty clever steps to start your journey of earning from blog with new age thinking because browsing internet from mobile is a source of new age people and it is one of the best way to get customers for advertisers and making money for publishers and I must say this is a win to win condition created by and I am really thankful to because of this.

Here are screen shot of both for desktop format and mobile formats also- desktop ads format Desktop Ads Format mobile ads format Mobile Ads Format

Let’s Check Out Popularity of

If you have read my blog posts, especially blog post those are review about any ads network then you must seen that I have always show Alexa ranking of that network. See working with small networks is not safe at all, so I always prefer others bloggers those read my blog and follow my saying too are in good condition because I always talk about realistic things and most important thing is that Alexa is one of the top leader in saying popularity of the website or blog, so like the same here is the statistics of according to alexa.

Percent of Visitors
Rank in Country

If you will notice on the above statistics then you will see majority of traffic is driving to this website from India and there are other countries too, because worldwide ranking of is about 2000 and it is growing rapidly.

How to Sign Up for and Add Code to Blogger-

I have started sharing information in my all review blog p

osts the reason is simple there are many newbie bloggers those are less familiar with internet world they wanted to know about it, I mean they seek information step by step and they thought.I made it simple. I have added this section in my each review blog posts that’s why my blog readers will not face any problem about the service they wanted to use in their blog.

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Here are those steps to follow that’s why you can create your account and more important thing is that you can add code to blogger easily-
  • First of all you need to Click Here to go to official website of
  • Now you will see a webpage as I have putted below, because I want you to land on the right page and it will be helpful for you sign Up Step-1
  • Now you need to click on Join Now, then a popup menu will open as given below screen shot, now you need to fill the required information and then you need to go to the next step and again you need to filled all required information there and then click on Submit button. That’s it. sign Up Step-2
  • Then they will send you about approval status of your blog, then you have to log in to your account and then you need to add code to blogger after choosing format.

Here are those steps to add code to blogger-

  1. First of all you need to go to official website of and then you need to log in to your account then you will see dashboard and there are other lot of options.
  2. There you will find option on the top bar that is Placement just make a click on there.
  3. There you need to choose a format which one you would like to add to your blog and then you need to copy the code to add to your blogger.
  4. For copying code you need to first select placement and then find out there </> sign, just click on it then a popup menu will open just you need to copy code from the menu, I know it is little difficult to figure out about it, so here is the screen shot of it- sign Up Step-3

Well, now once again, it always become difficult to add any HTML/Javascript code to blogger, well all ads codes are come under this category that’s why I have written a super simple blog post for you guys here is that- Add any HTML/Javascript Code to Blogger.

How to Earn More Money From

If you are thinking about that I am going to give you any push button system that’s why you will earn thousand of dollars in overnight then you are thinking wrong.

Do you know why? I am saying so because it is not truth, if it is truth then nobody is going to tell you so.

Okay, so here I am going to share with you little general information that’s why you will really become leader of tomorrow in blogging.

See, to earn more money from this ads network it is for sure you need to drive traffic to your blog more traffic you will drive to your blog more money you are going to make from your blog, it is simple as that, anybody can understand about it.

But, choosing placement of ads is also important, if you will choose a location which will be below blog post title, in between the blog post and of course at the bottom of the blog post all these three locations are just awesome for getting more clicks and earn more money with the same amount of traffic.

How to Withdraw Payment from

It’s been long time, I have been using many ads networks there are lot of points and lot of things I have noticed in this duration, oh I forget to share with you one point that is I face to withdraw money from one ads networks from that problem I found that if I am facing problem to withdraw money from the ads network then I sure that there are many others those really face problems to withdraw money from ads network, so from that point I have started sharing this section also, that’s why no one others need to invest time to withdraw money from ads network and saved time they can invest to writing blog posts.

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Okay, here are the steps to follow for withdrawing money from when you will reach at least $20 in your account well you can easily see this on your dashboard.
Step-1 First you need to login to your account
Step- 2 Now you need to click on account
Step-3 Then you will see a option that is billing there you need to choose option you want to use to withdraw money from your account, that’s it.

Notable Things about

Here are few notable things, I am going to share with you those really shown is a tremendous ads network for bloggers those wanted to earn more revenue from their blogs, I hope all bloggers wanted to earn more and more revenue.
  1. It is fastest becoming very popular ads networks in all over the world
  2. The ads network is having more than 2,600 backs links from individual websites in very short span of time
  3. Its integration with blogger is pretty simple
  4. providing lot of big revenue generating ads location codes
  5. Its code is desktop friendly as well as mobile friendly
  6. Alexa rank of worldwide is about 2400 and that’s pretty good
  7. Minimum balance required to withdraw is only $20
  8. Different modes of payments are there like Paypal, Payoneer and wire transfer.
  9. Very good customer support team for solving your technical issues
  10. User experience of pretty good, I mean even beginners internet user’s can easily find things around
I have used many ads networks on my blog and my blog readers too used my used networks because they listen to my words that's why I wanted to tell in this my entire five years blogging journey I have not seen such an amazing ads networks whose e-cpm rate for Indian traffic is much much more than in any other country. May be my result is typical but it it for sure this is a good ads network for Indian traffic blog.

Is there any other network you found that is good for Indian traffic?