Amazon Kindle Popular E-Book, Success Story From India
Hello, I hope you are doing awesome today and why not its our life, we must know how to enjoy life right way, that's why we can get long time pleasure, these days I am working really hard and becoming smart blogger day by day, there is only one reason behind of it, I am improving my own skills in different aspects that may be writing skills, knowledge, experimenting, consulting and there are many more.

One of the biggest mistakes I made that is I did not start providing consulting service earlier if have started earlier then I could make more money online than now.

Well, not the last I have started making pretty handsome income from my blogs and which I can not imagine as a Mechanical Engineer, in blogging there are lot of things to learn, but in this blog post I am going to share with you a success story behind launching my e-book on Amazon kindle, I have also shared a screen shot of it that shows ranking of my e-book in Amazon India market place among all paid e-books well its ranking varies every seconds but yes this was the screen shot I have taken that's why I have write this blog post for you, there is only one reason behind of this that you too can write e-book, can start blog and what not?

I have only one vision behind sharing this story with you that is you will inspire to start blogging and you too can make money, this time I am putting my whole effort to make more success stories that's why I will get more exposure ahead.

I think, you have seen the screen shot of my e-book rank on Amazon kindle India store, okay let me share with you how you can also start your own money making machine in the internet.

See, I don't know since how long you have started blogging or may be this is also possible that you know nothing about blogging, okay then don't worry because there are still billion those don't know about this source of making money, but yes you are better than them because you have landed on my blog, here you are going learn step by step method to learn about blogging, if you will get problem let me know I will help you through my blog posts as well as through my channel that is Ujjwal Kumar Sen YouTube Channel.

That's why you will not feel alone, but don't ask me the same repeated questions that is "when money will come", see actually what happened after seeing income report of BIG bloggers we thought that we can make money in over night from blog, but that's not true if you want to earn money from blog then you have to give time at least two hours daily for years without thinking about money, only thinking about how you can help your audience, if you can do it then your job done.

But, yes you have to keep moving, yes blogging is something which also works on autopilot but if you will not keep blogging then I have seen blogs traffic keep on decreasing and finally its dead but yes you will not let it happen with your blog, because you know if you will write blog posts then it will work well, but love to write blog posts don't just add words rather try to help others through your blog post because your each and every blog posts is opportunity for you remember that.

See, the main source of making money from internet that is blogging, if you will learn blogging then you can do anything, may be you can start affiliate marketing, writing own books and what not?

But, blogging is the best way to do it, after looking at the beginners problem I have written ton of blog posts but those were not well arranged and again it become really difficult for beginners to find out and creating a successful blog, that's why I have written a blog posts which is having a list of blog posts and of course step by step guide to start a money making blog.

May be you are looking for that blog post, I mean you are looking for that list of blog post here is that- Blogging Step by Steps Started Guide.

How to Become a Successful Kindle Writer-

Well, I believe still I am beginner but I think even I have some important information for you that's why you can too write an e-book on Kindle to help others through your words and of course for long time you will keep making money online.

So, here are few steps to follow to make your e-book popular-
  1. First find out a reason to write an e-book better reason you will have much better e-book you can write.
  2. Think about how people will get help from your e-book it could be anything fun, knowledge etc
  3. Have a great cover page for e-book because first time impression is the key to make people buy it and finally they will get help from it
  4. Your E-book must have more than 50 pages.
  5. You must have social media profiles and of course if you have a blog then it would be much better for promotion of the e-book
  6. Response others and take negative things positively always, because people will definitely talk about your negative things in that time just listen and then work on your weak points to make your weak point a strong point
  7. Every word of your e-book you will write are important because all words are opportunities to help others and means to make your e-book popular enough.
  8. Don't get upset from your surrounding about writing your e-book not even over excited just you need to put your whole concentration from your heart and that's it. But yes don't forget to use your brain because that is also important.
  9. Be your own to make the e-book unique but yes read few books those really help you to write the e-book completely.
  10. Inspiration is most important find out sources for inspiration

Few Check Points Before Going to Get Your E-book Live on Amazon-

  There are certain things those really you need to do before going to live your e-book, if you did not do yet then do it, if you will do so then I am pretty sure your e-book selling and benefits for others will be improve.

Here is the check list-
  1. First hire or tell someone to read the e-book and eliminate error as much possible from your side
  2. Ask friends and others those are known to review the e-book and don't forget to get feedback from them
  3. Make a list of content with interlinking pages, which is really simple to do by using pro MS Office 2013
  4. Your E-book Title must have catchy and SEO friendly title with proper description, don't do do time pass invest time here
  5. Must have about me page with a smiling photographs, linked with social media profile for increasing authority
  6. E-book must have step by step content for better understanding of readers
  7. Always use advanced marketing strategies like pricing of the e-book for first seven days will be 50% less, such type of psychological strategies really works.
  8. Don't confuse readers just recommend straight forward things, that's why it will become easier for readers to implement
  9. Find out sources for promotion of your e-book, here are few sources for you to promote your e-book- First write an article about the e-book on your blog, if you have one, add your e-book on your about me page of your blog, Create a Facebook Fan page for the e-book and promote it for getting more likes, shares and of course engagements of readers, other than these you can hire bloggers to write about your e-book on their blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn and there are many, but concentrate on one first to make it effective.
  10. Be your own, this is real secret to get success in anything because we all are unique in this world, so whatever we are going to do that would be unique and people like unique things.
Amazon kindle is one of the emerging market for all those who wanted to do hard work and wanted to get royalty income, but knowing certain things is important see it is not sure that you will get success from first e-book, just keep writing but remember each words you are writing in your e-book is an opportunity.

I hope you got something new from this blog post, if you need any other help let me know?