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When bloggers or webmasters need to think about earning more money from blog then we must always think about pop up ads, Even I am writing this Popmyads.com review 2021 because there ads networks are making millions of dollars every month for bloggers that’s why even bloggers are existing because they are making lot of money from it.

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There are many pop up ads networks but I have written review of only those networks, those really making money for bloggers and Popmyads.com is one of them, which is really amazing pop up ads network that’s why I am going to write in details review about this ads network, here are few topics I am going to cover in this blog post, that’s why you will have best knowledge about this ads network, here are few headings I am going to cover; you can also say these are table of contents those you can read in this blog post-
  • What is Popmyads.com Network?
  • Biggest Achievement of this Network
  • How to Sign Up for Popmyads.com?
  • E-cpm Rate of Popmyads.com
  • How Popmyads.com is helpful for Publishers?
  • How Popmyads.com is helpful for Advertisers?
  • Most Important Notable Information about Popmyads
  • Approval Process of Popmyads
  • How to Put Popmyads Code to Blogger?
  • How to Withdraw Money From Popmyads?

What is Popmyads.com Network?

Popmyads.com is one of the emerging ads network, because this network have been showing amazing growth in the whole internet marketing world, because there is a buzz among people those involved in internet marketing they are talking about this.

See, even I am a blogger & I have been blogging from last five years continuously and seen lot of things some were good and some were bad.

But, I have learnt something from those incidents, very soon I am going to launch a brand new niche blog, which would be one of my experiment and for that reason I have hired many freelancer and most of them are still studying in graduate schools and I know they need money and their content unique rate was quite high because they did not share any long lengthy article till now in the internet.

Well, I know it was an amazing experience for me because I have spent lot of time & money in the project, actually I am not alone who is spending money in this project there are many those are my friends those invested money in the project, because project is in education niche.

And very soon, I am going to raise more investment from others because that niche blog is going to make my team lot of money, we have simple target that is to drive one million traffic per month by the end of 2016, may be you are thinking is this really possible.

Then my answer is- yes is it.

Because, money we are going to invest every month in this project is $500 to $1000 for content generation, $100 to $200 for SEO and $100 to $500 for marketing of those blog posts, that’s why there are more and more people can get the information for every blog posts, we are going to post.

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Well, that is the different matter, I will write a complete blog posts, on this matter.

Actually, in this blog post, I put my views and experience about this ads network, well in other words I can say this is a network which generally I used to increase my earning rapidly from my blog with same amount of traffic.

I mean you don’t need to take care about whether the reader is going to click on ads or not but still you are going to get paid for per visitor visiting your blog.

Biggest Achievement of Popmyads Network-

As; I have already share with you that I have been blogging from last five years and I have not seen any network which give their publisher this much revenue in this short period of time, actually I came to know about this news from Popmyads.com Facebook page, I have also taken a screen shot of it, that is given below-
Achievement of Popmyads

How to Sign Up for Popmyads.com?

Popmyads is a ads network which pays you money which probably you never seen before well, here in this section of this blog post I am going to share with you how you can sign up for this ads network with step by step guide-
  • First you need Click here to land of its official website; here is the screen shot of it-

  • Now you need to filled information to Sign Up & at the last you need to click on Registered and then you need to add your website on the dashboard panel and then you need to wait for approval e-mail, which you will get on your e-mail only.

E-cpm Rate of Popmyads.com

Probably this is the main reason that there are many publishers those are using Popmyads every day and there are many those are going to use this ads network and they already said in their statement on their official website that they pay for every traffic you are going to have on your blog, what does that means?

That means you just need to take care about writing awesome blog posts that’s why you can drive lot of traffic to your blog and finally you can earn lot of money from your blog.

My mission is that to let you know the real scenario of the ads network that’s why you can earn very good income from blogging and you will be keep blogging.

May be you are looking for to know the average E-cpm of Popmyads that is $1.9, which I got this statistics from my blog, because I have used this network on my blog.

How Popmyads.com is helpful for Publishers?

It is always wonder to know for publishers about the ads network before going to use it, because there are many reasons to consider before going to use any ads network on blog, well then let me tell you dear one thing is pretty clear i.e. you are not happy from earning of your blog that’s why you are searching for other network, right?

There is a big achievement title I have also putted in this article probably you have gone through that section the thing is that they have a mission to build a world best network for publishers means bloggers & webmasters and of course for advertisers too.

How Popmyads.com is helpful for Advertisers?

See, I don’t have direct experience on this, but I know one thing if this ads network is paying very good revenue to publishers that means it is obvious that they are also helping advertisers because without support from both sides, they can not run a digital advertising network.

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I mean if someone investing money in a campaign if that person is not getting good return of investment in short ROI then that person is not going to invest money again in the same network, I hope you got the point.

Most Important Notable Information About Popmyads

Here, I am going to share with you all information those are most important for any publishers about this Popmyads network-
  • First lets do talk about Alexa ranking of this ads network, well this network having worldwide alexa rank is 1600 and that’s pretty good.
  • Its E-cpm rate is $1.9 for my blog
  • Very fast approval process and they accept traffic from all around the world
  • User interface of this ads network is very good
  • Integration of their code is pretty simple any one can do it even beginners
  • Payment process is also pretty faster
  • Minimum balance to withdraw money from this network is $5
  • Many ways to withdraw balance here are those Paypal and Payza

Approval Process of Popmyads-

Well, it’s not a network which takes week for approval your application, as per my own experience, I have added more than 5 blogs and all of them has been approved, that means their approval process is too simple and almost all blogs or forums or website got approval from them.

How to Put Popmyads Code to Blogger?

Here are steps to follow to add code of Popmyads to blogger, well first of all you need to get approval from Popmyads, well in general it takes very less time, now you need to log in to your dashboard and then you need to click on websites, there you can see that whether you got approval or not, if you got approval from them then you can click on the option below there is option that is Actions, just get your cursor below actions options then you see Get code just make a click on there and then you will see a code as I have given below a screen shot-
Popmyads Code to Blogger

Just copy the code from the page you are seeing on your monitor and now you need to go to your blogger.com account and then you need to go to layout of your blog and then click on gadget and then click on add HTML/Java Script and then just paste the code and then click on save settings, done from your side.

I know; steps I have shared with you those are little advanced, if you are beginner then it would be difficult to understand all those steps, that’s why I have written a complete article on this that’s why anyone can understand it easily, here are steps to follow- Add HTML/JavaScript to Blogger.

How to Withdraw Money From Popmyads?

Let me share with you steps to withdraw amount from this ads network, actually minimum amount you need to earn before placing request to withdraw amount that is $5.

There are two ways to withdraw amount those are Paypal and Payza.

Here are steps to follow-
  • First you need to go to the dashboard of the Popmyads.com website
  • Now you need to click on Billing, this option you can easily find out on the left hand side of your Popmyads dashboard.
  • Now you need to click on Withdraw
  • Here, you need to choose which one you need to use Paypal and Payza, but before this you need to go account section to put your e-mail address there; which e-mails address you have used to create account on Paypal or Payza.
  • Then you can set your amount you want to withdraw but remember you must earn more than $5 for withdrawing money from your account and then click on Withdraw.
Looking for a ads network which will really take care of yourself then I am pretty sure this is really going to help you, because it has been helping many and there thousands those are going to involved in it.

I hope you got something good information about Popmyads, well I will keep updating whenever I will get something new about this ads network.

Is there any other thing you would like to know about Popmyads?