What to Write in Your Blog like professional

Well, its been long time; I have been providing virtual coaching program for readers of my blog those wanted to start blogging and there are many those are doing extremely well and there are even many those are struggling to write, I mean they are unable to figure out what they should write in their blog. so today I was talking to one of my client she is a working women from Yamunanagar, Haryana, she told me her problem, actually I always motivate others to keep blogging, because blogging is something which really takes time to get success, the problem beginners face that they just don't want to put lot of effort, there are other problems also they are facing to keep blogging.

Well, in this blog post, I will solve this problem with perfect solution according to me, because everybody having different approaches to catch things, here I am going to share with you that thing only, actually, I am going to put a video of it also at the button of the page that's why you can understand it much better way.

What to Write in a Blog-

In my last blog post, I have written about how to write your first blog post beginners guide, that's why you can understand about it, actually this is the problem face by one of my client who is belonging from Alwar, Rajasthan.

That's why the idea for writing and making the video for the blog post, to make him understand about it much better way, see in blogging first you need to understand few basics things then making a blog successful is pretty simple I mean it will be known for you to make a blog and make it popular enough, here are few basic things every blogger must learn before getting indulge completely in blogging-
  1. Basics of SEO- I mean how to write article; which will rank better in the search engines as well as people will like it, otherwise it would be wastage of your time and others time too (readers time), here in the internet world we always think about saving others time.
  2. Writing Skills- This is one of the key factor that many bloggers quit blogging, even sometimes I felt my writing skills was not good but with time I have improved and I think any one can do it, you can learn each and everything from others those are doing extremely well just follow them and I am pretty sure you will become one of the top blogger.
  3. Discipline & Patience- This is most important, you have to make a schedule that you need to write at least one amazing article every day if possible, my schedule of writing is two blog posts in a week.
  4. Deciding Topics for Blog- When we start blog in that time we never know, in which topic we can do extremely well this thing will get only come from experience.

Okay, let me clear you that what you should write in your blog? In the beginning of blog, see if you are confused about topic you will cover in your blog then let me share with you one thing, that is what you should write?

Just write what you know?

Yes, later you can share things in which you have knowledge as well as in which you are interested to write.

How to Find Great Topics to Write in Your Blog-

This is one of the challenging task for any newbie bloggers, so my suggestion to you is that first create a blog which would be only for testing things and write there what you know?

That's why you can come to know what works and what is not?

And in the mean time find out what you can write for long time and in which you have interest that's why you can involve in it for long time.

Well, after long time of blogging, I found many great topics to blog which is having lot of potential and in future I am going to drive lot of traffic to my blogs.

But, there is a great tool which helps to know which keywords having how much potential traffic with proper statistics, that is keyword planner, I mean Google Keywords Planner, after seeing the benefit of Google Keywords Planner I have written a great full detail blog post, here is that-

Following and Get Success Concept-

See, I don't since how long you are reading my blog and I don't know even you know about me, if not then let me share with you, I am that guy who become college failure to College Topper and in M.Tech I got University position consecutively, later I will write a details blog post in it on my Government Jobs GATE blog.

May be you are thinking why am I sharing with you this?

Well, there is a strong reason behind of this, wait I will share with you why it happened, is there anything magic I found no, absolutely not.

Then what I got, that I have suddenly performing well and become topper again and again six times, that was just for amazing, even I got position in the University.

The reason is that I follow someone who did well in the University examinations, okay here I am going to share with you what I did, actually I have find out what are my weakness and compare with the guy who is doing extremely well in the examinations and after knowing it I have slowing improving my weakness and see it only takes few months, that means any one can do much better in their life.

That means noting is impossible, even if you will this word it says I am Possible.

Few Ideas for Writing Awesome Looking Blog Post in New Blog-

Here, I am going to share with you few amazing ideas those really helpful to write blog post in your new blog and people will love to read your blog posts-
  • The Comedian Method- May be you will wonder to know this that comedian always pick character of a celebrity that's why it will become easier for them to make people laugh and that's their job and I am sure they are doing it very nicely in the entire world.
  • Write Reviews- Writing reviews about any service which you have used may be it is soap even then you can write about it, but don't do time pass or don't try to write 10 blog posts in a day, have proper plan for blogging and stick to it, it will help you to get better result.
  • Invite Others for an Interview- I don't know who you are? and simple I mean to say I know nothing about you, but I do know you can become top blogger, do you why? I am so confident about it, because you are reading my blog. You can invite any one for an interview may be blogger- me and any one whose interview will be beneficial for others, I mean people those are living in the internet world.
  • Hire Friends for Writing- In the beginning of blogging, I have hired my friends to write blog posts for my blog at very cheap rate, well they wrote many blog posts but very cheap quality because I was paying cheap rate that's why later I have revised this concept I have hired expensive writer for my upcoming project and I am pretty sure this time they are writing just simply superb content, you can not imagine even, because I have checked its unique rate it is more than 96% and that's pretty good.
  • Look at Questions and Answers Portal- Questions and Answers portal are really helpful for bloggers, may be you don't have idea about these portal then let me share with you few popular portal like Yahoo Answers, Quora, Answers.com and there are many, just see there what people are looking for in the internet? And write your interested article with proper answers that's why people will love you from their heart and it is the really a good way to start successful blogging journey.
  • Read Other Blogs- I always motivate myself while reading other blogs and always get desire internally to write an amazing article that's why people will get help, I mean you will get help from my blog posts and you will love my blog posts because I am putting lot of time in my blog posts and you also need to do the same.
  • Google Trends for Top Topics- If you are interested to write top trending topics on your blog then you can look at trending topics on Google, these topics always drive amazing traffic.
  • Ujjwal Kumar Sen Research Method- Personally, I am not any guy who is belonging from any other planet, if you believe that I am doing well in blogging then believe me my dear you will become better me very soon and my dream to make popular bloggers than me. And I know someone of you will beat me in blogging in terms of ranking, if you have guts to take challenges then just take it and change your life.Well; I forget to tell what is research method well its a method to find something which is completely unexplored.

The Video to Make You Understand Writing Concept Much Better Way-

For the ease of you guys I have created this video in English Language because there are many of my blog readers those don't understand Hindi at all, I hope you will understand, if you will not understand about the video then let me know I will make it in Hindi language thanks.

Writing blog posts for beginner is not an easy task; I could remember when I have started blogging in that time I did not even unable to figure out what to write in blog but today I have written three e-books on amazon, even one of my e-book become famous in India in Amazon market place (Will Write a Blog Post on It soon) and there are several top blogs I have owned only because I have learnt many things in this entire five years of blogging journey and I am sure you can also do it.

Is there any other thing inspire you to write blog posts in your blog?