SEO Tips for Indian StartUp, online business promotion, search engine marketing for startups
Indian market is having lot of start ups and it is increasing day by day because the unexplored things in India, well I think it is really good for Indian economy which helps to improve people life as well as you can see in future pretty good working environment and growth of human beings will increase.Well I am Ujjwal Kumar Sen and I have been blogging from last five years.

Even I have driven more than 2 million page views to my first blog within just two years of blogging right now I am working on a new project and have plan to drive more than 12 million page views in just twelve months and lets see what I can do in it.

Well, in this blog post I will share with you 14 SEO tips, but if you are just a statup then I will suggest you to choose a hosting company wisely for Indian, I will suggest you to go for BlueHost India, I have been using their platform and sure it will be easier for you.

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Actually, I am giving some discount also on this product, here is it WiredTree Hybrid Coupon Code that's why you can do better in online marketing, well there are many start ups making mistakes here and most of the Indian start ups are based on IT Solutions.

I mean if a company is providing service in IT sector and they unable to reach online potential customer then it is really worst condition for them because they are loosing a great potential customer and of course its cost almost half than physical promotion of any product just remember it. Okay here are those SEO Tips and I will also share with you three amazing SEO tools those really help you to reach certain height in online marketing.

Here are Those SEO Tips and Tricks for You-

  • Meta Tags- Well, this is really important for branding of your blog, suppose that I have worked for an education organization, I did something like this- I have put short name of the institute first and then I have put best institute in ........ in the dash I have mention particular region in which region I wanted to target students.

Well, if you are dealing with bakery food then you can make your meta tag, actually there are two important tags those are really important for any website to rank higher for the business, those are-
  1. Title Tag And
  2. Description Tag
Well, in the Title tag, if you are selling bakery products in Delhi Area then your title looks cool, if you will set like this- "XYZ Bakery Food: Best Bakery Food in Delhi".
  • Proper Navigation of the Website- Proper navigation is really important for any website, so always invest money for designing your website and try to get pretty good professional who is having very good background in this field and of course if you are having little technical knowledge about web designing and try to use less Java Script in your code, it will be helpful for getting better rank in search engines.
  • Loading Time of the Website- Loading time of the website also matter because it is hence proved that which website loading time more that website users leave the website soon, so make it responsive that's why it will load faster.
  • Mobile Friendly (Responsive is Better)- Well, may be you know that for mobile search results Google start giving preference to mobile friendly websites/blog.
  • Social Media Integration- See, I have been blogging from last five years, when I have started blogging in that time social media integration was not that much matter but with time it has become one of the great tool for driving traffic to your blog, that's why I have also created a Social Media Sharing Button for Bloggers.
  • Start a Blog for Your Business- There are many BIG business grown pretty well because they have started bloging, let me give you an example of a multi millionaire his name is Neil Patel- I have learnt lot of things from him, he also admit that blogging is one of the best tool to promote any business in the internet and also to get customer for the business in very fast pace.
  • Submit Your Blog to Directories- Yes, this is one of the big opportunity to get traffic as well as to get quality back links, but you must know list of blog directories to submit blog that's why you can get benefits of both.
  • Use Give and Take Promotion- Give and take promotion is a simple concept, just create something valuable and promote it on your blog and ask users to share about it on social media in order to download the information, you can create e-book for this, I did it and I used Instamojo selling and collecting money platform for doing it.
  • Promote E-books on Amazon- Amazon is one of the BIG platform to promote your business related e-book for free and get authority customer from worldwide, I use Amazon to sell my e-books and its been great result I have seen from it.
  • Write Articles on Popular Blogs- There are many popular blogs, but you need to write articles only for those blogs, those are writing topics related to your business, suppose that if you are providing hosting service then my blog is about perfect to promote.

Three Amazing SEO Tools for Start Ups-

Well, as I have shared with you that I am going to share with you three amazing SEO Tools that's why you can do much better in SEO, well I must say I have been using these tools from couple of years now, and yes I am really happy because of it because it really helps me, that's why I am sharing with you.
  • Google Analytics- Although these three tools are just amazing but here are couple of things I wanted to share with you about this tool, actually previously there were no paid service offered by Google but now you can subscribe for paid service know more about Google Analytics
  • Google Keywords Planner- This is one of the most amazing tool for every one those wanted to do marketing their products in the internet that may be through website, blogging, video blogging too, after looking at the need of guide about Google Keywords Planner I have written a detail blog post about this tool.
  • Google Webmaster Tool- This is also one of the most important tool, if you are interested to know more insight about your website then you must use this tool, there are several things to know by using this tool, here are important features of Google Webmaster Tool- you can come to know about internal linking, links provided to your blog, adding sitemap to Google, craw error etc.
StartUp's really make mistakes in the beginning of business, because they unable to leverage their reach to much people, that means they have less things to do in the beginning and in any business if you will start with wrong concept then you need to shut down your business soon and I don't want that.

So, if you have started your own venture or you will start your own venture then take online is the best tool to promote your product if you wanted to see hike in profit, that is my personal experience that's why I am sharing with you.