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When comes to earning money sources for bloggers or publishers then there are many sources to earn money but yes for making money online especially from blog you need to have traffic because in the internet world traffic equals money, that’s fine but how many sources are there to earn money from blog, here are those ways-

You Can Put Ads on Your Blog- The first choice and tension free earning as royalty income like if your blog is having traffic then you will be keep earning money.

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Affiliate Marketing- There are several bloggers those are making ton of money from affiliate marketing but this is not going to work for beginners if you wanted to earn money from affiliate marketing then you have to have followers those listen to your recommendation

Having Your Own Product- This is also one of the big source for making money online for publishers but again you must have identity for the product, which product you are promoting, here are few ways to create your own product like writing any e-book and then publishing on Amazon Kindle or in any other place, personally I have experienced this and got huge success, of course My E-book is one of theTop Selling E-book on Amazon Market Place under title Earn Money Online in India. Other than this you can start providing your service which I have experienced and provided training to upcoming bloggers, you can also start your membership websites.

All these ways are really evergreen way to earn money from blog, but the first criteria or I must say the necessary things is traffic on your blog and one of the important thing is content, better content you have on your blog with good quantity then it is obvious that your blog must have good amount of traffic.

If you have all above, I mean you have good content, many articles even then you are not getting traffic then you need to think about why?

And keep searching about it, if you need help then let me know I will help you to solve your problem may be though articles, videos and of course through Facebook, if you wanted to get my pro training then let’s talk.

See, in these days I am giving pro training physically to a group of students, I will write a details article on this but first let me complete the project which project we are working on right now, after completing the project I will share with you about it.

See, in blogging its all about practice and keep going just you need to take care about one thing that you are putting your 100% effort, if you can give it then I am sure you will become another blogger even better than me, because you are reading my blog.

Okay, lets back to the topic, see if you are looking for best pop under pop ads networks then I have very good experienced in it, because personally I have earn more than $500 from such ads network, well may be this amount is small or big I don’t know about it.

But, yes for many $1 is dream when it comes to earn money from internet, because once you will come to know the right way to earn $1 from internet then it becomes easier for you to earn more money from it, by repeating the same steps again and again.

Recommended No.1

Popads Review

Well, I am not saying like this, that this is my No. 1 recommended ads network, I am saying this because I have experienced this ads network from long time and personally I have written a complete review aboutPopads for Publishers and Advertisers too.

Notable Points About

  • Very fast approval process
  • Paid every day the best in the industry I am telling this from my personal experience
  • Minimum balance required to withdraw is only $5
  • Almost all websites/blogs get approval
  • E-cpm rate is quite higher than traditional ads network its about $4 for traffic from USA
  • I used Paypal to withdraw all my earning, but they also offered other methods too.
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Recommended No.2

Popcash review

Well, after long time using to my blog, I have switch to another network for just testing and I found it is also one of the great ads network for earning more revenue with same traffic.

Notable Points About

  • Approval of websites/blogs is pretty fast
  • Minimum balance required to withdraw amount is only $10
  • E-cpm rate is pretty good even much better than PPC ads network
  • I used Paypal to withdraw earning
  • After balancing withdraw amount I usually got paid within two days and that’s really good if you will see other networks policy
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Recommended No.3

Popmyads Review

This ads network is recommended by one of my blog readers, then I have checked this ads network on my blogs and seen it is also working good for my blog.
Notable Points About

Few Notable Points About Popmyads-

  • Worldwide ranking of Popmyads is 1388 [according to Alexa]
  • Approval process of this network is comparatively faster
  • User interface is also pretty good
  • You can received payment within 10 days after placing request.
  • Minimum balance you need to have for placing order is $5

Recommended No.4

Propellerads Review, Pop Up Ads Review

  • Properllerads network also recommended by one of my blog readers, one day I have opened my Facebook account and got message from his, that try this networks and I did it, after the advantages of this ads network I have also written a review about Propellerads network.

Few Notable Points About Propellerads-

  • Worldwide ranking of Propellerads is 5700 [according to Alexa]
  • User interface is pretty amazing
  • You can easily earn good revenue from propellerads in short time
  • They are offering special offer of giving $50 bonus with a payment gateway but this is a limited time offer.

SEO Effects of Using Pop Under Pop Ads Networks on Blog-

If you are asking about your blog posts ranking will decrease or not, then I must say it will effect but yes may be your readers will irritate from lot of pop up ads, but there is a solution to it, you must use frequency for showing ads, if you will use it then your problem will be solved, I have been using these ads on my blogs from years and I did not see any SEO effect because of these ads networks.

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If you wanted to increase your income rapidly then Pop under Pop ads networks really good, because you don’t need to take care about readers clicking on ads or not, just a visitor will come to your blog and it is for sure you will earn money from each and every readers.

If you have owned high traffic blog or websites then just give a try and I am 100% sure your earning will be skyrocket, I think you must try these networks. Or contact me for monetize your blog.