Blogger Must Invest, Write Awesome Pro Blog Post
The BIG questions; I always asked myself that how much I should invest to write a great awesome blog post for readers that's why they will enjoy, learn and of course find something amazing information in the blog post. See in blogging it’s all about your blog post, does not matter how much money you have invested for designing your blog templates if you will invest time to write pretty good article then I am sure it will be helpful for you to get good rank on search engine as well as readers will spend more time on your blog and which is really good for your blog existence in the internet world.

In this article; I am going to share with you step by step guide to write awesome blog post including time limit, well I read many top blogs those bloggers always share about their experience in blogging, let me share with you more time almost all top bloggers invest to write a single blog posts.

Minimum Time Need to Invest to Write Awesome Article-

At least five hours to write the article and then you need to invest about half an hour to proof read the article, deciding URL structure of the article and of course title of the article.

See, in blogging you have to invest lot of time to write an article and you need to promote the article, there are two ways for promotion, one of them is paid and another one is free, I always prefer to promote articlefor free, well there are many media to promote your article and will reach the article to many people.

Here, are few media those really helpful for me to promote my blog post- Feed Burner (Amazing service provided by Google to send subscribers an automatic mail, after knowing the benefits of Feed Burner I wanted to use its service but I really face problem when first time I wanted to use their service, but later after searching and solving problems to use their service, I have written a full guide about Feedburner to Use on Blog) other than feed burner there are other media those are really helpful like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, and there are many others.

 How to Write a Detail Article-

In this section of this blog post, I am going to share with you step by step guide to write detail article the main reason behind writing detail article that is ranking of the blog post on search engine would be much better, if you can do it then I am pretty sure your each and every blog post going to drive traffic to your blog and of course readers will be happy to read your blog.

So, here are steps to follow, first make an outline for the article you want to write I mean what introduction then headings, subheadings, images, videos and of course at the last you need to add conclusion.

Videos is my most recent experiment I did on this, previously I do not embedded any video to my blog, but later I did experiment on it and I have checked on Webmaster tool user’s spend time on my blog has been increased.

One of the thing you need to taking care that is you always host your videos on Youtube, because it will help you to drive traffic from Youtube also.

Why Details Article Always Important for Bloggers-

See, the thing is that if people will see that you have lot of effort to write the article because it will have quality, I mean it is obvious that if you put few hours at least four hours then automatically it will become lengthy detail content and like I shared always first make an outline for the article, because it is important.

Here are full top bloggers in the world those already the same thing, actually I usually read many blogs in different niche to be in touch with recent news as well as to understand more about the strategies for helping people through blog, okay let me share with you name of few top bloggers John Chow, Neil Patel, Jemery Shoemaker and there are many those are doing awesome in blogging.
That means it is hence proved that you can also do awesome in blogging but there is only promise you have to dedicate to your work, I mean about your blog.

How to Write Your Blog Post like Professional Writer-

This is one of the biggest challenge for any newbie bloggers, I mean if you will see there are 98% bloggers are not good in writing what does that means either they learn or hire someone to write article if they want to grow in blogging, see in this section I am not going to share with you how you can become better writer, see in blogging those become professional they are good in writing see I don’t think so in the beginning they were good writer but they become very good writer with time, see you can also do the same, but how you can do it?

Just one method, which I have followed that I have followed!

May be you are looking for that information, okay here is that, just read below.

I have followed top bloggers, writers on magazines style and their way of representation while writing if any how you can figure out this and follow them I am pretty sure you can also write good article that's why people will be willing to read the article.

Few Important Necessary Action to Take Before Going to Click Publish Button-

See, there are most important action you need to take before going to click on the publish button, see blogging is not easy if you will enjoy while writing and doing every activities which will improve your blog.

So, first you need to find out reason to blog and then just keep going you will definitely get success that is for sure.

Here, are those list of necessary actions to take before going to click on publish button-

Proof Read- I mean; read the article again but after sometime, if you have someone who can work with you then let that person read the article and correct all errors which is good for branding of your blog.

Add Image with Optimization- Adding image is most important, if you will add image then it become more beneficial for users to understand and it always increase engagement and which drives traffic and of course you must do SEO for that Image, which is really necessary.

Check URL of the Article- Checking URL of the article is most important and always use dash in between words in the URL, which is really good for getting good rank on search engines and it is also written in the Google SEO Beginners Guide.

Title of the Blog Post- Titles tell everything, I mean have you ever click on the search results page which is not good looking? Then how you can except that others will do so? So; you need to make your blog post title catchy that’s why people will like it and click on it.

What to Do After Click on Publish Button-
After clicking on Publish your job is not done yet, you need to do something that’s why people will land on the blog post as much as possible which will help you to get feedback because you think that you have written a great blog post for readers, it is always matter what people think about your content?

If they like it, if they don’t then you have to admit it that you did not write good content according to people but keep in mind you can not make happy all. After looking at the need of such type of blog post I have written a blog post that is about- What to Do After Writing the Blog post?
Must read this article

Its all about time and value you are giving in your blog post, today one of my client asked me, how did I give this much time to my blog, after asking question by her I got an idea to write my next blog post, I will definitely share with you about it.

Well, I hope you got something new from this blog post, if you need any other help regarding blogging then comment below.