Writing blog post is really amazing for blog, but the question is that how a newbie who is completely new to blogging world can write his or her first amazing blog post so in this article I am going to show you a video tutorial which will help you to understand all those things and I am pretty sure it will help you if you are newbie to blogging world.

But, I must say Congratulations !

Because you have choose one of the finest method to earn money online more important thing is that it is a way to earn passive income online remember that.

Well, I always tell my readers that if you wanna start a blog then you need to choose blogging platform and I have seen from last five years of blogging for any one who wanted to start blogging for him or her blogger is the best platform to start blogging.

Here are few benefits of knowing the way to write first blog post-
  • You will come to know about SEO
  • How to write blog post
  • Different options in the blogger writing dashboard
  • How to add image to blogger blog post
  • How to add video to blogger blog post
  • How to interlink with blog posts: SEO Benefits
  • How to put heading on blog posts and there are other several benefits you will come to know slowly.
Okay here is the video for you which will let you know how to write your first blog post on blogger-

Benefits of Starting Blogging on Blogger-

  1. Dedicated server
  2. You can add domain name to blogger
  3. Very good easy user interface
  4. Google Adsense integration 
  5. Google Adwards integration
  6. Millions of blog host on Blogger
  7. I have been blogging on this platform from last five years
Does not matter in which topic you will write on your blog, but keep writing that's why whenever people will come to your blog they will get something new, which will be useful to let them come to your blog again and again.

But, if you want to earn lot of money from your blog then start providing value on your blog post and of course you need to admit one thing that is every blog post is an opportunity for you.