Seven Days Training in SEO for CSE Students, SEO Analyst
I was really enjoying these days in my day job, even I have choose this profession to enjoy my life and I am really happy that I have choose right profession, I mean interacting with youth and young minds really feel me amazed.

Let me share with you one important thing, I usually enjoy with the naughty students the most and I guess no one of my students reading this blog post, otherwise those are good in nature I mean innocent they also tried to do naughty things.

Well, in this blog post, I am going to share with many things those really going to help you because this is a case study did by me and I came to know lot of new things from this case study.

After All The End of the Semester of My Students-

I know the pain of professional graduates if they will not get job through campus placement but yes it is also sure that engineering students are not getting jobs these days especially through campus placement I am talking about the average statistics.

So, I was thinking why not to trained them that's why they will be capable to answer questions related to SEO and this is one of the emerging field in India especially after huge popularity of Digital India Campaign.

I Thought Why to Trained in Which I am Little Expert "SEO"-

Yes, I am good in SEO and I was pretty sure if I will trained them then it will be sure that they will be capable of getting job for SEO profile, the same thing exactly I did for them and it happened.

I have trained about 12 students for seven days and within seven days I have called a Chandigarh based company, they have also office in Australia the name of that company is WebTunix.

And they have four round for selection process as any MNC's have here are those round students gone through-
  1. First seminar deliver by the company person
  2. Technical/Aptitude test
  3. GD (Group Discussion)
  4. Technical Interview and
  5. HR Interview 
After completing all round, at last the company told me that there are only two students those get selected, yes there were another one student selected but she denied to go Chandigarh.

And it is one of my great achievement, it all happened because I have started blogging.

Started Providing Training Got Little Problem-

Well, Those, I have started providing training they knew nothing about SEO and all that, that's why they asked me few silly questions those usually asked by many my clients when they have started.

As; I have already share with you that I have been blogging from last five years and I am really good in it.

Here are few silly questions asked by the students-
  1. What is the full form of SEO, PPC, E-CPM, PPV and many more ?
  2. What is hosting ?
  3. What is keyword research ?
  4. What is Alexa and how it works ?
  5. How SEO works? and many more silly questions asked by them but I was happy do you know why?
Because they have putted interest in it, that's why they started asking me questions, I was happy for it and I knew they can do it, well I will continue this training because I want they must be pretty good in it.

But, I Wanted to Take This Challenge and Succeed-

Well, it was really challenging work I mean handling a tough work with your all curriculum. But yes I knew that I can do it and that's what I did. \

And I succeed.

I believe and I motivate myself also, here is the interesting thing for you, I mean I motivate myself, I see what I did in past to get success, I mean I become one of the University Topper after getting five supplies in first year of engineering.

And it was a great source for me to be a self motivator.

If you succeed in your life and then think about it how you did or handle situation in that time, I am pretty sure you will get the way to create your next success story.

Why "CSE" Engineering Students Should Get SEO Training From Any Bloggers-

I don't know what you are thinking about this heading but let me tell you the logic behind this, actually there are many confused, where should they go for getting training and work on live projects to understand the whole things properly.

I think there is only person who can trained you and make you do almost all things in SEO from telling you basics to optimizing websites/blog, may be you are thinking who is that guy "blogger".

And the answer for the question is that tell your college management to have someone on your college campus and provide training in it.

Training is something which will groom yourself and make you much better, polish your knowledge and of course it will make you better professional, that's why these days short term training courses becoming famous day by day, may be you also heard that someone of your known doing AutoCAD, ProE, VLSI, PLC, SCADA, .Net, Java, Web Designing and so on.

I think there are even many those don't do training, but according to me every one must learned one of these professional course because it can help you to shape your life and finally you can enjoy your life.

What do you think about this experiment: I mean training and placement all these?