Engineering Students are Not Getting Jobs
Hello, my dear I am pretty sure either you are
  • Doing Engineering or
  • Did Engineering or
  • May be you are one of the engineering aspirants or
May be you want to send someone to this field for getting education bachelor degree in technical education, then let me share with you the exact scenario and there is a GOOD alternative still exist for engineering graduates, like thousands already choose and doing very well in that, that means that is a proven method, so you can also choose it.

There are many things you have to do in life, there is not only job but yes doing job can help you to increase your patience level and there are many other things will improve in itself, well I have been associated with many educational institutes and all those institutes also deals with engineering courses (Bachelor Degree and Master Degree), so I have many reasons why engineering students do not get job.

Here are those reasons-

Engineering Students Knowledge Does not meet the Requirements of Company-

Actually, I have been involved with many HR (Human Resource) of companies they told me that they are decreasing their standards to hire fresher because those are fresher they don’t want to do hard work in average even there are many those are working I must say this thing, but yes in average they don’t want to do hard work, even right now I have involved in training and placement cell of an engineering college, personally I trained them to become SEO experts but there are still many those are not giving that much interest.

So, I hope after reading this article, you will start putting concentration on your study and start thinking about yourself, I mean what you are doing, are you doing right thing for you.
I mean,  are you giving your 100% to make your future bright? Just think about it, it can change your life, if you will think in positive way.

Market has been exhausted with Huge Number of Less Skilled Engineering Students-

Yes, it is true that in the market, if any company wanted to hire good fresher professional then it is really difficult.

So, the reason is simple, only few those are giving proper time to study and others are just believe in study at last night and forget after examination.

There are Less Projects Running As Need for Creating More Vacancies-

Projects, there are very less projects on going in almost every field, that’s why the requirement of engineering graduates is less, so what you can do for getting rid of it, you just need to start your own business, yes may be you don’t have experience in it, then do hard work and later start your own venture, it will help you a lot.

The Time Changed: Now Recruiters seeing Study Vs Skills-

Though, the market has been exhausted that’s why there are some professional courses really playing important for getting good job and of course for boosting your career growth.

Okay, let me share with you few examples if any computer science and engineering graduates do professional course like PHP, Java, .Net, may be SEO, web designing and there are many then it will be fruitful for them, because it will definitely a advantage for him or her.

What is the Best Alternative for you?

It’s Blogging!

Yes, may be you heard this term first time don’t worry, even I have heard this term first five years ago from one of my friend told me, when I was thinking about earning money online.

But, in that time very less resources exist but today there are many, if you will search about anything about blogging you will get tons of result on Google and even there are many experts those are writing about blogging topics.

Can you guess? What is the reason behind this?

Okay, I don’t know you are guessing or not, but yes I can tell you the reason that is number of people coming forward to start their own business and even many well established business wanted to come online for expanding their business and for this blogging is one of the best media.

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I mean you can do it.

Here is the most amazing free course for you, to learn howto start blogging for free.

I will suggest you to go through the whole tutorial, don’t jump here and there just read all tutorials and see what you are getting and I am sure you will create your own amazing blog, if you will follow the tutorial, I am sure about it. Because there are thousand those already did it.

And if you wanted to do something in your life and you really wanted to help others, then I must say blogging is the best ever tool for you.

Is there any other question you think about future of engineering graduates?