Hello, friends as I told you that I am moving to a new world of blogging, its been long time I have been blogging and in this journey learn lot things and shared too in this blog, well in the last article I have shared with you an interview of Marc Isaacson who got more than 2024 students on Udemy. but today I have someone special who has crossed the mark that is $10,000 earning from internet [Udemy].

Is not this crazy, well I think so, okay may you have of lot of questions so here we have Jorge Escobar, to give you answers of all questions.okay lets read his answers for my questions.

Tell Something About Yourself to Bloggerhowtoseotip.com Readers-

Jorge Escobar

Hi! My name is Jorge Escobar and I'm the founder of FromZero.io, an educational project to teach students about web development. I know a lot of web development because I have been a technology developer and manager for 15 years in both small and large companies.

How Did You Come to Know About Udemy-

This whole journey started because I wanted to teach my brothers about web development. They were both working in graphic design, mostly in Flash programming, but they wanted to start learning web development which had a better future than Flash. The problem is that I live in the United States and they live in Panama. So I started researching about screen casting software and started doing small video lessons to send them.

But as I worked on this I thought that maybe other people could benefit from this material. So my first intention was to upload the videos in Youtube, but I had heard about MOOC's and thought that, maybe, I could make some money from it as well. So I started researching the most popular MOOC's I could use and Udemy came on top in terms of their audience and their tools. And thus I published my first course on Udemy in November of 2014.

Ten Important Points for Creating Amazing Course on Udemy-

  1. Do a lot of research before you choose a topic. Choose a topic where there aren't hundreds of other courses that will compete with yours.
  2. Know your topic very well. 
  3. Write down the course plan and review it several times before you start recording.
  4. Make sure you have the right recording equipment. Audio is more important than video, so invest in the best microphone you can get.
  5. You need to be able to speak with a clear, passionate voice and if you're speaking in your non-native language, make sure you are easily understood.
  6. The most important piece of content that you produce for your course is your promotional video. Make it less than a minute, explain what students will get out of the course and explain why you are the right person to teach the course.
  7. Once the course is published, your real work begins: marketing. Tell everyone you know, your social media followers, your facebook friends and your mailing list subscribers. If you don't have a pre-built audience, things will move slower, so be patient.
  8. If you don't have an audience, it's okay to offer free coupons to your first course, so that you can build an audience and show social proof to new students.
  9. Test with different titles and descriptions, measuring the SEO effectiveness using Google Analytics
  10. Build content that points to your course outside Udemy, using YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. It can be small lessons from your course that you offer for free and link back to your course with a discount.

How Anybody Can Create Course and earn Money from Udemy?-

Anybody can create a course as long as they're passionate about the topic and are willing to put the effort to explain that topic the best way they can. I am going to be working on a project this year to teach people how to earn money from Udemy and other online marketplaces. The name of that project is "NeoMerchants" and I will be putting out updates on the Twitter account https://twitter.com/neomerchants, so please follow so you can get notified when I start this project.

What is Your Planning for Creating Next Course?-

I am planning to do an advanced python course, which will be part 2 of the existing flask course.

What do You Think About Earn Money from Internet May be From Blogging, Creating Course, Writing E-books and So on-

It's an amazing feeling to create products that offer passive income. Usually I create a course and publish it and from that moment on, the course is generating income without me doing anything related to it. And the more courses you make, the bigger that income is.

I am Sure You Have been Amazed After Seeing Your First Sell on Udemy, Whom You Told Very First and Share About That Moment and of Course Share How you Felt After Reaching the Milestone that is $10,000-
How Jorge Escobar Earn Over $10000 from Udemy

The first sale is an amazing feeling, and from that point on you're forever addicted to doing more sales. Reaching thresholds, like the first $1,000 and now, with my first $10,000, you begin to just start focusing on the next target.

What Motivate You to Create Course on Udemy & What Are Course You Have Created-

Like I said above, my motivation is to help people learn and become better web developers thanks to my courses and I have created a Git course and a Python Flask course, both for beginners.

What are Your Biggest Strength and Weakness?-

I think my bigges strength is that I have 15 years of experience in the field, so I know what to teach and have a lot to teach. My weakness right now is the lack of time, as I still have a 9 to 5 job to maintain myself and my family. I would love to do this full time, but I plan to get there.

Where You Live and What Are Interesting Places to Visit for Us (Me & My Readers)-

I live in Brooklyn, one of the boroughs of New York City. I think New York City is a place anybody has to visit at least once in their lives, the energy and the things to see in the city are truly inspiring.

What Do You Think About Bloggerhowtoseotips.com-

I have become a big fan of the site and I thank the blog and Ujjwal Kumar Sen for this opportunity.

Thanks an let me know if you need anything else from me!
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