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For only readers of BloggerHowToSEOTips.com, do you know I am really happy today because today I have someone special for you, who did not earn that much money from Udemy, but yes he is having lot of things to share with you.

I always wanted to arrange interviews for successful people, especially those are successful in the internet world, because those are successful in physical world almost all of them don't know much about internet so it will not help you, but yes if I will arrange interviews for you those are successful internet entrepreneur then I am pretty sure it will help you as well as for me.

Well, like the same today I have managed to get Marc Isaacson, before this interview we have video chat on Facebook for little longer time I have asked lot of questions to him, the big reason to have him in this interview series because he make lot of mistakes in the beginning so I don't want any one of blog readers will create such mistakes while creating course or writing any e-book may be you want to start a blog for free so, here you have Marc Isaacson words ahead.

Tell Something About Yourself to Bloggerhowtoseotip.com Readers-

Marc Isaacson Interview, Udemy Instructor

Marc Isaacson has been self-employed in a number of different positions over the years. Most recently, he has been working as a freelance web developer since 2010. He specializes in using Drupal as a content management framework to build custom web applications for clients.

How Did You Come to Know About Udemy-

Marc found out about Udemy towards the end of 2014 through another Udemy instructor, as Marc was working on plans to create an online learning platform of his own. Marc quickly realized that Udemy would solve many of the problems he was facing in creating his own platform and decided to shift his focus to creating courses on Udemy.

To be successful on Udemy-

  1. Know who your ideal customer is.
  2. Know where your ideal customer hangs out.
  3. Hang out where your ideal customer hangs out.
  4. Build a relationship with your ideal customer, by being helpful and providing great value without asking for something in exchange.
  5. Create a course that solves a problem for your customer that is big enough that the customer is willing to pay for it.
  6. Ensure that your course is engaging and to the point.
  7. Promptly answer questions your students ask in the discussion board.
  8. Update your course based on feedback you get from your students.
  9. Continue to add content to your course so that your students can see that you are committed to providing them value.
  10. Create another course that ties in to your existing course and sell it to your existing students.
  11. Create courses on topics that you know and love. You must enjoy the process of creating the course. Include your personality in your course so that you stand out from other courses that cover the same topic.

How Anybody Can Create Course and earn Money from Udemy?

For my next course I am working on creating content marketing pieces that will allow me to build an audience and capture email addresses for my early bird discount to the course.

I am firmly committed to establishing a residual / passive income stream via the Internet, with my current focus being creating online courses.
Udemy Sells Screenshot

When I got my first $9 sale (which resulted in $4.50 going to me) I was thrilled. I took a screen shot of the earnings report and shared it with the Udemy Studio Facebook group.

It took me about nine months to earn my first $100. I was glad to finally reach that milestone and determined to do things better so that it wouldn't take me as long to earn the next $100.

I love to create courses on Udemy because it allows me to combine my passion for teaching with my love of being self-employed. Additionally, it gives me a way to earn residual/passive income and to stop trading my time for money.

His Course with Special Discount for BlogerHowToSEOTips.com Users, here is the screen shot of exact fee for taking the cost, the screen shot it given below-
Marc Isaacson, Personal Braning

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What are Your Biggest Strength and Weakness-

My biggest strength and my biggest weakness is my self-confidence. My self-confidence allows me to keep charging ahead with my dreams. It also causes me to think that I know more than I actually do, which results in me making some big mistakes.

Where You Live and What Are Interesting Places to Visit for Us (Me & My Readers)-

I live in the absolutely beautiful state of Colorado. I highly recommend that people visit Rocky Mountain National Park when they are here.