Hello, dear how are you? I am today super excited because today you are going to get free course through this article whose cost is $24 on Udemy you can check it out too.

Well, if you are following my blog posts from couple of weeks then probably you have seen that I am inviting top notch instructor on Udemy to share their views that's why you can get more inside information to create your own course in the internet for getting more sells, more revenue, more revenues and what's not, that's why in the earlier I have invited Jorge Escobar [ Who Earn over $10000 from Udemy] and Marc Isaacson who has able to attract over 2000 students to his course on Udemy, so today I have someone especial who has able to attract over 15000 students and he is oh already read "Scott Paton"

Tell Something About Yourself to Bloggerhowtoseotip.com Readers-

Scott Paton udemy interview
I have been teaching people how to podcast for ten years. I love helping people and to travel. In 2014 i went to South America and saw Machu Picchu. It was a thrill of a lifetime. I have two sons in their twenties and feel I have the freedom now to travel and explore this amazing world we live.

How Did You Come to Know About Udemy-

Learned about Udemy  year before I thought of making a course. A friend told me it was an great site. Now I wished I had started making courses then, instead of waiting a year!

Six Important Points for Creating Amazing Course on Udemy-

  • Know your topic
  • Practise speaking and presenting
  • Answer student question immediately
  • Use different teaching tools, like PDF’s, Quizzes and Activities
  • Get a good microphone
  • Watch and model other courses

How Anybody Can Create Course and earn Money from Udemy?-

You have to build a following. Udemy won’t promote courses with 2 students. You have to get the ball rolling, then Udemy keeps it going

What is Your Planning for Creating Next Course?

How to Podcast for Realtors.

What do You Think About Earn Money from Internet May be From Blogging, Creating Course, Writing E-books and So on-

scott paton udemy instructor interview

I think writing a book and creating an online video course are powerful methods for building a profitable online business. And it is just starting!

I am Sure You Have been Amazed After Seeing Your First Sell on Umedy, Whom You Told Very First and Share About That Moment and of Course Share How you Felt After Reaching the Milestone that is 14777 students on Udemy

Once the first student joined, I knew I could get many more. It gave me a lot of confidence.
After I passed 15,000 students I felt honoured and a great responsibility for giving them all the best learning experience I could.

What Motivates You to Create Course on Udemy & What Are Course You Have Created-

You can see all my 35 courses on my profile page: https://www.udemy.com/user/scottpaton/
I love teaching and I love learning. I do both by working with co-instructors.

Podcast For Free Udemy Course only for Blogger How to SEO Tips Readers: Grab the Course now here is that Podcast For Free

Can You Recommend Few Blogs for Beginners to Start Making Money Online-


What are Your Biggest Strength and Weakness?

Where You Live and What Are Interesting Places to Visit for Us (Me & My Readers)-

I live outside Vancouver, BC, Canada. It is a beautiful city with massive mountains and ocean meeting. There are spectacular mountain highways to drive.

What Do You Think About Bloggerhowtoseotips.com-

Really enjoy the articles at Bloggerhowtoseotips.com. Lots of great tips and information.

Thanks to Scot Paton to have with us, if you got any question regarding this whole interview or even any other thing then just comment below.