Paid E-mail Marketing VS Free E-mail Marketing
I am sure that you are involved in internet marketing, may be you are a blogger, may be you are an affiliate marketer or may be you want to start your own business, does not matter who you are?

But, matter is what you are going to learn from this blog post, well in this blog post I am going to share with you my five years experience with e-mail marketing, well there are thousand of companies those are using e-mail marketing even they are getting lot of benefits from this, it is obvious they are getting benefits that's why they are using it.

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So, lets get started with it.

What is an E-mail Marketing-

E-mail marketing is nothing but yes you can get connected with your readers, customers to increase visibility of your blog and of course you can get sells from it, that the same affiliate marketers are doing, may be you don't know about affiliate marketing, but you can read about it from my blog because I have written Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

If I say e-mail marketing in simple language then it is the way to send e-mails to your readers or may be your customers to earn more profit, to let them know about the launching of new products or may be you wanted to promote the product to get sells.

I have noticed there are many companies in India those are doing it and even there are many those are using mobile phone SMS marketing and I am sure they are getting lot of benefits from it.

I mean it is one of the best way to get connected with your readers.

How E-mail Marketing is Beneficial For Internet Marketers, Bloggers-

E-mail marketing is just amazing because it helps to get connected with readers but how it is going to help as I have stated names on the title, those are Internet Marketers, Bloggers, I must say those wanted to get more profit from internet marketing then they have to associate with e-mail marketing because it is one of the BIG tool to get more sells.

Actually there are many ways to get benefits from e-mail marketing, let me share with you all those things, that's why you can implement properly-
  1. You can send e-mails about your new product launch to get buzz in the internet market
  2. You can send sells letter to get sells
  3. You can send everything and anything about your brand
  4. You can send wishes in different occasion to build strong relationship which will help to increase trust of your brand.

List of Paid E-mail Marketing I Recommend-

There are many paid e-mail marketing those are given below one by one, well I have written also a blog post which tells about Get Response VS Constant Contact Vs Mail Chimp, must read this article to get lot of information about these three e-mail marketing networks.

Other than these three there are many others those provide very good professional e-mail marketing service-
  • Aweber
  • Mad Mimi
  • iContact and so on
If you are looking for my recommendation, then I will suggest you to use Aweber [Click Here and Get Discount], which is used by many professional bloggers in India as well as outside Indian, like one of the well known professional blogger he is John Chow

Benefits of Getting Paid E-mail Marketing for Bloggers, Internet Martketers-
  1. You can customize the e-mail according to your desire
  2. You can add video, image and of course text to your e-mail
  3. You can send according to your desire e-mail but some rules and regulation is there, that is depend on service providers.
  4. Detail analytic you can see [How many people opened the mail, how many read the e-mail, how many clicked on the e-mail and so on]
  5. You can also see conversion rate
  6. Comparatively easy to use and you will get dedicated support team, if you will face any problem to use there service
  7. Most important- You can do A/B test for your campaign
  8. You can create landing page to grab most active readers or customers of your service

Free E-mail Marketing FeedBurner-

I know there are many those don't want to invest money if they are getting anything for free, the same here I have something for free, that is free e-mail marketing, but it is having some disadvantages like you can not send e-mail separately, it will send e-mail to your readers if you will add a blog post or any new post to your blog, I mean you can not send directly you need to write something on your blog first in order to reach to customers/readers.

Well, I have written a detail blog post about Feed Burner- Definite Guide to Use Feed Burner on Blog

Of course there are few benefits of using Feed Burner-
  1. First of all I must say this- its service is free
  2. You can customized your capturing gadget just I did to get more subscribers
  3. Automatically handled service including few pro features just like smart cast, link splicer and there are many.

How to Make Free E-mail Marketing Effectively-

May be you are thinking about it, I too thought about it when I have started using e-mail marketing service of Feed Burner, after using long time I did not able to get more readers for my blog, after then I have implemented few tips and tricks to get more subscribers in short period of time, here are few things I did to get more subscribers-
  • I changed words in the gadget [Subscription rate changed by 10%]
  • Changed colour of the subscription widget [Subscription rate changed by 20%
  • Changed position of the widget [Subscription rate changed by 30%]
  • Changed the way to show the widget I have used pop up box even now a days I am using it [Subscription rate changed by 200%]
Here, what I did and how much time I have spent to create and make it happened, I knew it if I have to get the best one then I need to invest lot of time and at the end I found the way to capture amazing number of readers for my blog and that is one of my great achievement from blogging after putting a month to find out the best one and I am happy to say that I found it.

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Marketing is the great tool to increase visibility of your brand, but before going to launch your product on market your product must have massive value that's why it can hit the market, otherwise your marketing effort is not going to work right way.

See, Marketing is good.

But, marketing a right product according to market situation can become the Best, suppose that this is a winter season going on in India, if I will market T-shirt then it will have worst conversion rate, but yes if I will market jackets then it will have great conversion rate and for doing it an effective method is e-mail marketing.

Is there any other e-mail marketing service you prefer the most?