Review 2018, shorten URL to earn money

Well, has started its journey to helps people or I must say web masters to earn money by shorten their links may be inbound links or may be outbound links whose CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Co-founder is Kornel Szwaja, the same reason I am writing review about

See, this network really make it possible for bloggers to earn money from all around ways like from entering or landing the readers on your blog to leaving readers from your blog, that is the main reason this network is growing pretty fast. In this article you are going to get lot of information about so stay tuned and keep getting more and more information.
What is and How It is Beneficial for You-
Well, in simple language as I said earlier; this is going to help you earn money from your online business through advertisements but its concept is really amazing which is not providing by traditional ads networks or concept like ECPM or PPC.

If you will ask me the next question that how this network is going to  be beneficial for you, then I must say this network is not only going to be beneficial for you but also it will help you to generate lot of revenue from your blog.

Here is the screen shot which is really going to help you to know the real benefits of review, earn money from blogging

I think you got lot of information about the benefits of using, well but all benefits will utilized properly if you will work hard and get lot of traffic to your blog, then you can really enjoy the moment of earning money from

How to Get Started with

Signup, apply for
I mean how you can get started with it, means how you can earn money from this network then for the answer to this question- I must say one simple step to do that is Sign Up for this network, here are very simple steps to follow to getting starting with
  • First of all you need to click here
  • Then you will be landing on the official page of
  • There you will see option as I have given a screen shot on the above, now you need to get registered either by manual or with Facebook
  • After registration you will be on the home page of, there you will find out option that is website monetization under TOOLS, just click there and then there you go to get unlimited opportunity to earn money online.

How to Earn Maximum Money from

If I will say there is not secret to earn money, there is only one truth that is hard work which all can not do, that's why there are only few successful blogger exist and I must say only few people are successful.

Well, even then there are few tips and tricks those are really useful here are those-
  • Use the most of website monetization tool
  • Use social media to promote monetized links that's why more people will clicked on your monetized links and literally you are going to make more money
  • If possible try to make highly searchable keywords, useful videos and then leave a link to another most amazing related things then people will click on that link and your earning will sky rocket
  • You must utilized exit monetization method to make more money and its really an amazing way

What Are Most Useful Tools Provided by

There are many tools are provided by but there are few those are most important all tools are important but according to me there are few tools are most important, those are given below one by one-

Website Monetization- The process I ever seen to monetize website or blog, I just amazed after looking at the options they are providing to monetize your blog or website, I mean what should I tell you dear its just amazing I mean I have used more than 20 ads networks, affiliate marketing, sold books on Amazon.

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Instamojo and what not in the five years of blogging, here are those methods they are providing for you to monetize your online business, see it is not matter that you have blog or you have website but you must start making money with, well let me share with you all those monetization method-
  • Links 
  • Entries
  • Exits And
  • Pop Ads
These are all four ways to monetize your blog, but in all these four options have different ways to monetized your blog.

Like in Links there are two ways like links include or exclude, well may be you don't understand the meaning of it, so like this may be you there are several questions arising in your mind, because there are many those already thought about it like here are few FAQ with answers already have in website, you will find it then you will go to Tools and then click on website monetization there you will find all FAQ & Answers
  • Developers API
  • Mass Shrinker
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Earn on BlogSpot Comments
  • Social Share Widget
Other than these are few other tools those are provided by here are those- Quick Link, integration, integration

Important Statistics of You Must Know-

Well, this is becoming day by day popular actually; I have started providing this sub heading in my each blog posts and I found there are many of my blog readers start reading about it and they are getting lot of benefits even that's why I have started investing lot of time to make this list and I am sure it will become much better, okay here is the list of amazing facts about
  1. Minimum balance required to withdraw is $5 through Paypal and Web Money if you are looking to withdraw through Payoneer then you have to earn at least $20.
  2. Alexa world wide ranking is 4950
  3. Total number of users 4,38,744
  4. Highest rate per thousand views is $14.90 that is in USA and in India about $2.22
  5. As I am writing this blog post right now today there are about 5 million links clicked now think about it about the popularity of this network
  6. Most amazing and easy user interface
  7. Pretty good customer support
  8. Real time statistics
  9. CEO and Co-founder of is Kornel Szwaja

How to Withdraw Money from

There are three ways to withdraw money from, here are those ways Paypal, Payoneer & WebMoney but you need to have minimum earning in order to withdraw money well it is depend on the way you will choose, just like if you will choose Paypal or Web Money to withdraw money then minimum balance required is $5.

But, if you will choose Payoneer then you need to earn minimum $20 in order to withdraw money from your account and then you will get paid 10th day of every month.