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Hello, friends this is Ujjwal Kumar Sen, today I am going to share with you all FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) by super excited people those wanted to start blogging.Actually about a week ago a Person his name is Prakash Kumar Sinha he is belonging from Bihar and asked me questions related to blogging, he is complete newbie to this field and while seeing all those questions I decided to create a blog post- which post have all those questions with all answers that's why it will become easier for all others those usually asked me and of course other bloggers to start blog and earn money from blogging.

Below All FAQ by a Person Who Wants to Start a Blog (Prakash Kumar Sinha)-

Greetings of the day ! Recently I have subscribed your blog and read
updates. Its amazing. I am very newbie’s in blogging.  Please reply the
following queries related to blogging --

1. Kindly tell me few top ranking blogs on the internet which teaches
about how to make a blog or website and earn online money?

You can read my blog, Bufferapp blog, Hubspot blog, Quicksprout, searchenginejournal these are just amazing.

2. How much minimum (lowest - at very least) money is essential for start a blogging business?
If you want to start a blog on blogger then I will suggest you at least invest money to buy a domain name for your blog.

3. I want to read full history and success story about your online money earning works.

Okay, read about me page.

4. How much minimum time will take a blog to leading at the stage of getting first cheque of Google Adsense?
Once you will reach $100 you will get cheque from them but now a days in India you can get paid through account that is also own as EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)

5. Can I earn online money through a blog without any investment of a single penny?

Yes, just start a blogspot blog, but don’t recommend

6. Can you suggest me any home based freelance content writing job to 
earn money?
I don’t know, but most of them are not trusted.

7. Is there any software or tool available on the internet through which one can know about traffic statistics details of any website or blog?
Alexa is there but not that much accurate

8. Tell me name of any printed book which teaches about blogging and earn online money?
I don’t know

9. Tell me name of any e-books which teaches about blogging and earn online money?
I don’t know, but yes you can get step by step guide to start blogging from my blog

10.Is there any registration fee required to get approval of Google Adsense or any affiliate marketing programme?
For Google Adsense no investment required but for affiliate marketing sometimes but not for all.

11. How to learn blogging?
You can read my blog and other blogs too but you need to have patience to discover things by itself.

12. How to start and make a blog for earning money?
Well, in below questions I have shared the way to start blog and earn money.

13. Is there any online job work which can start without any investment?
Yes, you can start with Microwrokers, Paisalive and of course start blogging on blogger.

14. Can one guess about earning of website owner?
You can guess but you can predict exact earning

15. Kindly tell me all of website name and URL which you own so that I can subscribe and read.
This blog is for all, other than this blog post I am running couple of blogs but those are not for everyone that’s why I don’t share here, by the way if someone is preparing for GATE then this is my another blog

16. Is it possible to earn some money working part time only two hours on a blog?

Yes, that’s possible but it will take time to give you result

17.How much minimum daily page view is essential to approve Google A
At least 100 to 150 page views per day is necessary

18. How to find freelance and part time jobs on Odesk?
Its little difficult to find out part time jobs on Odesk if you are not familiar with it, but once you will become familiar you can do better.

19. What is your facebook URL?
Here is my Facebook URL-

20. How can one know traffic statistics of any other's website without access of their analytics account?
You can not get exact statistics but yes you can get about statistics by using Alexa Tool

21. What is difference between visit and page view of a website?
Visit means person visit your blog and it will count as one visit, but how many blog post views by that person is page views.

22. How much minimum monthly visit and page view is essential for earning 100 dollar per month from Google Adsense?
According to my own experience you have to get traffic about 2000 per day

23. How can I know about earning of a website owner?
There is no certain way to know the exact amount

24. What are initial essential steps to start a blog to make money?
There are few steps to start your blog- Get Here Step by Step Guide to Start Your Blog

25. How many minimum number of posts (articles) is essential on a blog to approve Adsense?
It’s not fixed but yes at least have 100 posts and if you want to get approval from Adsense then you have to satisfy them through your blog content, design and also few important pages like contact me, privacy policy and disclaimer

26. Which type of online jobs do you do and earn money?
I do blogging, affiliate marketing, selling my own products, soon going to launch another product which is going to help beginners to start blogging right way with step by step guide.

27. May I  know your blog's traffic and earning?
Traffic overall about 100000 per month for my all blogs but it was about 300000 per month because of updates by Google one of my blog traffic drop drastically, revenue I don’t share but yes I am doing what I love? What I like? And what I passionate about?

Most Important Sources for Bloggers-

Okay, all questions are good but let me share with you couple of blog posts those are just amazing and every beginner bloggers must read, because those blog posts solved obstacles of beginner bloggers-
Although all these questions are basic and most important for every bloggers who is new or may be who has just started blogging. That's why I have also included another section to make it much better for every one who wants to start blog and more important thing is that will start earning from blog.

Of course there are 27 questions, but may be the person missed question which you have then don't forget to share in the comment section.