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I know there are many of my blog readers those read my blog posts randomly I mean they don’t come to my blog from any other sources like search engines, social media and may be through back links there are many those come through these sources but there are many even those come to my blog directly, because they know me & my blog too.

Because these days and of course from beginning of my blog, I have started sharing lot of great content that’s why you people can do much better in blogging, like I and there are many doing so. This blog post is going to little lengthy as well as you will learn lot of things about niche blogging because I wanted to make it super simple for you to understand and implement that’s why you can start your niche blog from today only.

Okay, sounds good statement bold statement, then let’s get started-

What is Niche?

In simple language; I can say this is like topic selection, in which topic you are going to write blog posts, if you know all these probably you laugh on me, but let me tell you dear there are many those don’t know the meaning of niche, that’s why I have putted this heading in this blog post.
I hope you understand the meaning of niche.

How it Works Like Just Amazing for Driving Traffic & Earning Money Too-

Okay may be are interested to know why it is really helpful, actually that’s because of search engine rules, actually search engine give more preference to niche blog those follow few rules, I mean your blog only dedicated to single topic.

Okay let me share with you an example of Niche Blog-
See, if you want to start a niche blog then you need to understand it properly with an example that’s why I am sharing with you.

Suppose that you want to start a niche blog, now you will look around various topics, what you are going to do is- you are going choose a topic which is having no meaning in actual world like, like I did a mistake in the beginning of starting this blog then I have chosen this domain because this is really a SEO friendly domain name.

Because it is having three main keywords-
  1. Blogger
  2. SEO &
  3. Tips
That means if I will write any article whose header will match any of these three keywords then it would be just fantastic for ranking the blog post on top five.

Based on this concept I have pretty good example if you will search on Google the term “SEO Tips for Indian StartUPs” then you will see the pretty first result  is from my blog post.

Okay there are few reasons behind of it-
  1. First Reason- I have used two most important keywords those are seo & tips both of these keywords are in my domain name
  2. Second Reason- I have promoted this blog post in a blogdirectory, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,
  3. Third Reason- It’s a full details blog post
  4. Fourth Reason- Many of my blog page having pretty good rank on Google so I have pretty good domain authority & page authority too.
  5. Fifth Reason- I have many followers from all around the world that’s why its easy for me to get natural back links from them for my each blog post.
I found all these reasons are most important for getting good rank in search engine results pages [SERP]. In case of niche blogging you need to choose a domain name in which topic you are going to write a blog post, suppose if I have choose my domain name for his blog as, then probably it drives me more traffic than now.

But, even then it’s a good domain name, so don’t do such mistakes. I mean don’t have few words in your domain name like- is, am, are, what, where, how, can, of and there are others few if you are going to get a domain name for your niche blog then contact me on Facebook, I will tell you the SEO friendly domain name for you or you can also comment here I will help you.

I will discussion more on this topic in this blog post only, so stay tuned and keep reading, if you are feeling little stress then drink little water and then keep reading.

My Recommendation for Niche Selection for Adsense Earning

See, I have a strong reason behind putting all these headings & in this blog post this is one of the most important heading to grab the concept of niche blogging properly.

So, you need to pay attention and keep reading my words and understand it properly, see if you want to choose a niche to blog and which will give high return then do one thing.

Stay away from crowd-
First learn Google Keywords Planner and then go for it, I know as a beginner it is difficult to understand the conceptof keyword planner, so here I am to tell you the real concept of keyword planner. Oh I am sorry there is an article to read, just read that article and then come back to this blog post. 

Okay, I hope you have read that blog post, right.

Then just continue reading this blog post.

How to Find Best Niche for Adsense?

Well, I know you are looking for the best niche for your blog, then let me share with you a tip that’s why you will get the right thing.

Actually there are two ways to choose right niche-
  1. Event based- Means you want to drive traffic for that particular event; like if you want to create a blog on happy New Year event to attract traffic to your blog.
  2. Evergreen topic- like losing weight, getting six pack abs, preparation guide for ssc, insurance guide for vehicle, very hot topic: start up registration in India.
For choosing right topic you need to invest more time and remember more time you will invest better niche you will select for your niche blog.

Top Niches to Start Your Niche Blog to Earn Passive Income Online-

Oh my God.

Finally you are here to get all niches to earn passive income online from niche blogs-
  • Target Any Education Niche- Specific Job Notification, Specific Competitive examination, about specific board like CBSE, specific branch in engineering.
  • Health Niche- Try to help people for overcoming any specific health problem
  • Popular Skills Development Course Niche- Like blogging, web designing, any specific language, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, searchengine guide.
  • Specific Insurance- Like car, two wheeler, home and others too
  • About any Popular Tourist Destination- Like Shimla, Jaipur, Udaipur, Khandala, Puri, Manali
  • Messages, Short Videos, Quotes- But try to do different what people like, take survey what is missing in the current websites those providing such type of things
If you are curious to earn money and you are ready to put effort to make difference in people life, share, write and keep doing it for long time then let me share with you few niches those are just amazing to earn lot of money, but again you need to be specific and of course you need to provide something specific amazing that’s why people will be loving it and they will buy something, but again don’t recommend anything only for money, of course recommend what you used and you find that is good for others then do it.
  1. Online Marketing Niche- But first learn and then teach
  2. Education Niche- Any class, any branch anything but must be different from others.
Note- All type of niches having lot of traffic so, you can choose any niche but few niches having more PPC (Pay Per Click) rate for more information you can check Guide to GoogleKeywords Planner its free.

How to Choose Blogging Platform: Blogger or WordPress-

Actually, it is up to you if you want to have your own space which will have only your control then get wordpress hosting with amazingdiscount, I will share more on this, but if you want to get free one then try blogger to create your blog.

If you want to get hosting plan for you then I will suggest you to buy only from any one of these two hosting providers, later I will write a full length details blog post on this because I got something new and amazing from one of the professional who is handling over 100 websites in last 10 years.

Okay, let me share with you the most important fact which is right now you need the most. He said to me if you are looking for WordPress hosting then just do one thing go for Hostgator or BlueHost if you are planning to get Word Press blog.

Later on a blog post I will share with you guys the detail conversation with that guy.

Question Number 1. Me- Hello, this is Ujjwal Kumar Sen, we want to create a blog on Word Press
Answer by Mr. X- Okay, we will provide you hosting

Question Number 1. Me- How much cost for it, but I want pretty good speed because it will be a event based blog, & it was the time when I was providing SEO training to my students.
Answer by Mr. X- Okay, then try to get hosting from any other company

Question Number 1. Me- Which one is the best according to you, because you have been working in this space from last ten years.
Answer by Mr. X- He said suggest me to get Hostgator or BlueHost, you can get from any one of these two.

So, I have choose hostgator for one of niche blog and then choose BlueHost for another blog that’s why I can come to know the real difference between these two hosting providers, because later on I am going to provide you the real insight about these two hosting providers, although I have already written pretty good review about review about BlueHost, must read if you want to get real inside about this hosting prodiver.

Starting any niche blog is the tremendous way to get success in blogging because as a beginner blogger; if you will cover wide range of topics in your blog then probably reader’s acquisition for your blog will become tough but if you are concentrating on a topic in which topic you will writeblog posts then it become easier for you as well as for readers to remember the blog and which is the pretty first step to make your niche blog famous.

So, if you want to start a blog then try for niche blog and before going to start blog learn at least basic SEO, which is must for every blogger because it increase the probability of getting success in blogging.