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Blogging really need good tips for becoming a successful blogger, if you will get those tips, when you have started blogging, then I must say that is the best thing for become a successful blogger, see there is nothing like any special tips to become a popular blogger but there are tips those really work, even those tips are working for me, to take my blog to the next level.

Update 2020-
I am updating this article, because in this duration I have done many things to become professional blogger based in India, I must say I am a professional digital marketer.

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May be you are interesting to know about blogging tips, so in this article I will tell you step by step my proven ways to make your blog to the next level, next level means make money blogging(decent), it is up to you and your country how much money is decent for you.

But to make money, first have to write great article that's people will like your blog for forever, this concept you should use while writing a blog post, don't be lazy while writing a blog post, write a blog post at least 600 words that's why you will also get good rank on search engines, also people will spend more time on your blog.

They will like your content, if you are sharing a great information from beginning to the end, see this skill you can not get in a day not even in a month, but one day you will get just you have to keep blogging for at least one year, then see where are you?

So, let's get into those tips, those tips will make you successful blogger-

1) SEO(Search Engine Optimizations)

I think in blogging, you first know what is SEO?, how you can use this to make your blog popular, see if you are writing great content but your blog is not having no readers, then there is some thing really missing that is SEO, you can also write SEO article to get on the top on search engines, but all these things will go on favor of your blog, only when you will write helpful as well as useful contents for your readers, see if you are new to online, may be you thinking, if I will copy some one content may be mine one, then it would be easy for me to create a blog post.

Then you are just spoiling your blogging future, because this is not a offline business this is online, people know things faster than even speed of air, so try not to be over smart in blogging, just simply keep blogging, you will become a successful blogger, what I believe, if you are having any problem in blogging then let me know, I will help you for FREE!

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2) Content and Length

Content can really change future of any blog, it is really depend on your content and length, because search engines don't like short articles, so here you don't have  any shortcut option to create a blog posts easily, you have to give more and more time to create a blog post.

Let me tell you one interesting thing, which I got today while reading an article on news paper, it was about examinations, the length of the article was about 2000 words, so I have spend time about 10 minutes to read the whole article properly.

So, if you will write the article on 2000 words in your blog then definitely people will spend more and more time on your blog(make sure you are writing great content then only people will give interest to read your blog article other wise a negative impact from search engines as well as from people "the king of your blog").

Start explaining your blog post from beginning to the end, if any article don't have that much content to write then research in internet, what other people are talking about that topic, then understand about the topic, then write the article, if even then you have not find any thing important, then you may write little bit beyond the article, but should be related to the article.

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3) Image to Blog Post

I have seen many blog post those don't have image, that's why they are missing visitors to their blog, because people also do search images on search engines, then if you are not adding images to your blog post, then you are missing those visitors to your blog.

Now the tips for you, to optimize your blog post for search engines

4) Take Care of People

Some times I said this "Write for People not for Search Engines", so if you are writing for people then you have to take care for people, may be you are thinking, how would you take care for people? Actually there are many ways, I am going to tell you two effective ways, writing great content and another one is replies to comments.

5) Be Unique for Every Thing

Unique always work to take a thing to the next level, the same here in blogging, if you are sharing things with people in different way then probably you are doing better than others, but remember every time that unique thing will improve user experience of your blog.

Now come the most important part of this blog post, that is marketing of your blog, marketing plays really most important to reach your product to the customers, but in blogging your articles are your products, so first you have make your article more informational, secondly promotion of your blog post, now I am going to tell you big thing in blogging, that is use email marketing for your blog to increase your blog visitors, specially to your new post.

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Aha This is Most Important for Beginner & for You Also-

Actually, these days I am working hard and hard to find out the more and more reasons for you guys to get success in blogging world, so what I find out is that there are more than 95% bloggers failed because they unable to find out the reason to blog.

Until or Unless you will not find out a reason to blog till that time, at least I have seen bloggers failed, may be you are thinking how am I so sure about it, because in my first one year of blogging I have earned almost nothing, other than about 908 RS Earning from Paisalive, the time I have invested about 3 hours on an average everyday and of course I have hired few of my friends to work on my blog and I have hired my room partner too for working on my blog.

Well, money I have invested I got good ROI from that blog and of course I have learnt a lot in that duration, that's why I always keep on investing to find out new in this space, currently I am working on a BIG project if it will work even 1% as I am thinking then I am going to get 200% ROI and that's really possible.

If it will become successful then I will share with you, because its really a BAD idea to share with you my un-successful business, because the idea I have putted in the project that is sure shot successful business I am sure.

So, I don't need to share with you any failure business, okay still I did not share with you the main reason that's why people fail in blogging that is MONEY.

If I say there are more than 95 beginners [those even do not start blogging] they asked how much I am going to earn from blogging.

Then I reply; have you ever asked your school teacher that how much I am going to earn after completing schooling I don't think so you have asked [99.9% don't ask] and that's exceptional who asked.

I mean, if you find out a reason that is MONEY to start blog, then there is no wrong with it, even I wanted to earn few dollars per month pocket money and I am earning more than my day job, but still I am doing it.

Do you know why?

Because; I love it, I am not working in any company, not even in any agency, I am working as a Assistant Professor in an Engineering College and that's a real space for me to learn and of course interact with others too (Lots of students, teachers, management, parents), one of the achievement is I have provided SEO training to CSE Engineering students for seven days and two students got placed in a Chandigarh based company, that's really feel me much better and see I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession.

One of the most important thing, I found bloggers do, they write 2 to maximum 10 articles and then they try to add ad network code like Google Adsense, Bidvertiser [I have earn $]400, Infolinks and so on and wait for money comes in and that's the foolish one, see if you really wanted to earn money from blogging then keep writing superb content and that is the on going process, you have to keep on doing that's why blogging is most popular to earn money online, because everybody having same opportunity to takeover the attention of readers to own blog.

It's your time.

Blogging is the good way to make money online, but always remember if you want to become a professional blogger then you have to solve real problems of people, then only you will become a successful bloggers.

Remember this! Keep blogging, don't stop, change any thing, what you want to change?