Add Favicon, Blogger Favicon
I have created this blog just few days ago on but I was searching on the internet how to change it's favicon which can change the look of your blog.

But; I was searching on the net and I got many links but Even one I did not get which is exactly working.

Always I was getting the same message "Not a square image".

I was also try square image even then I was getting the the same message then I ask to my colleague about this problem he told me to create 16 by 16 pixels favicon then upload it.

I did the same and it works.

So here I am going to share with the tips step by step-

First as every where you can get that same I am telling too- go to

Then click on the blog, in which blog you wanna put favicon as I have given screen above.

Now your blog dashboard will open, click on the "Layout", this option you can get on left bottom of left hand side your page.

Then you will see on the left side on the top as I have given screen shot on the above, now click on "Edit"

Now a new pop window will open as I have given above it's screen shot.

Now choose your favicon you have created 16 by 16 by click on "Choose File".

Then wait for till the window will look like as I have given screen shot above.

Now do the final step click on "Save".

May be your favicon will not show at a time because it takes time may be about 24 hours then your will favicon will show.

If you have any problem then ask me by giving comment.

Benefits of Adding Favicon to Blogger-

Actually, these days one thing is pretty clear that is you need to show your product much better, better you will represent your product much better exposure you are going to get from internet world and of course from physical world too, so here you are going to learn couple of benefits of adding Favicon to blogger-
  • Definitely it is a sign of branding
  • People will remember the blog with favicon [this is also possible]
  • It will help to increase your loyal readerships
  • If all these things will be done then automatically, it will helps to increase revenue of the blog

What Other Things Necessary for Better Representation of Your Blog-

There are couple of few other things necessary in blogging to represent your blog much better way for readers, that's why once they will read your blog post, they will feel awesome and I am sure it will be fruitful for your and of course for your blogging carrier. So, here I am about to share with you what other things you must concentrate on your blog to represent much better way.

Here is the list of things you need to have-
  • First you need to improve your writing, just read couple of times before publishing it
  • Hire someone to get better look, SEO friendly, responsive template & its one time investment, so you must invest in your blog, At least I will suggest if you unable to find out someone or may be you are thinking that it is costly then contact me I will help you to get a premium template in very cheap price.
  • Add image to your blog post
  • Write details blog post and always write from your experience
  • Must use customize logo, if you don't want to invest then try it yourself by using online tools like
  • Don't only write but also write inside contents
See of course there are certain benefits of adding Favicon to blogger, don't just only add favicon first think and then designed it as I have shared with you the process, then you can add it.

You need to follow proper steps for it to make it useful, great thing is that you are still reading, okay dear this blog post finish here, happy reading.