Hello, most amazing people, I hope you are doing well today. I am here to share with you one of the another interview with you. Actually, I wanted to share with you most important facts about earning money online, I talk a lot about blogging in this blog and I am doing it, because its a never ending topic so with the same time I have started doing another thing that is conducting interview of successful instructors those are selling their products online on Udemy and they are making lot of money and I am sure blogger can do it too.

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Okay, lets welcome Ajay R Warrier for this exclusive interview-

Tell Something about Yourself to Bloggerhowtoseotip.com Readers-

Successful Udemy Instructor, Indian Instructor on Udemy

Hi! My name is Ajay R Warrier. I am an Engineering Student, Freelancer and an Udemy Instructor. I teach programming languages to students all over the world with help of Udemy.

How Did You Come to Know About Udemy-

It all started a year back when one of my friend wanted to learn android Development, I was looking around the web for potential websites to recommend to him. I stumbled up on Udemy and my life changed in more ways than I can imagine. I started by taking free courses on Udemy for fun. It didn’t take me long to realize that Udemy is an amazing platform to teach. Back then I had thorough knowledge of C++ and Python. I quickly decided to make a C++ course and try out the platform myself. That is how everything began. I launched my very first course on August 15, 2015.

Ten Important Points for Creating Amazing Course on Udemy-

  1. Teach something you already know. Most people start of by searching and finding hot topics. But that is not how to start. Making a course is a very overwhelming process if you are doing it for the very first time. You first course should be short and simple and it should be on a topic that you have sufficient knowledge.
  2. Understanding Udemy Platform is very important for any instructor. Udemy promotes your courses with discount offers every month. It is important to stay aware of these promotions and adjust the course prices according to these promotions. 
  3. Ranking your course in the market is very important. Using proper SEO, optimizing course title, summary, image, promo video to rank high in the market place. You always want your course to be in first page of topic search.
  4. Start small. It’s always better to start with a small 2 hour course than a huge 100 hour course. You’ll learn a lot about course creation and marketing from your first course. 
  5. Use good quality equipment’s. Find the best affordable microphone and camera for your course. Bad audio and video is always a turn off for the students so make sure the audio and video quality are of high standard.
  6. Find the right software. You don’t always have to pay for licences of high end software’s. There are many free tools that get the job done. Make sure to edit the videos and remove the pauses and umm... sounds in your recording.
  7. Spread tons of free coupons especially if you don’t have a social presence. You want people to know about your course. Free coupons will bring in a few reviews and give you enough social proof.
  8. Build up a mail list and social media presence. A mail list and active social media followers will help you market your course to larger audience. If you don’t have one start building one from scratch.
  9. Update your course in regular intervals and answer student’s discussions as fast as possible. Students have paid for your course so it is your responsibility to provide maximum value to them.
  10. Never give up. There are high chances that your first course crash and burn earning very little. It’s important to get back up and try again because you never know when you’ll succeed.  Like they say, if the first you don’t succeed try try again.

How Anybody Can Create Course and earn Money from Udemy?-

Now to answer this question. I was 17 years old when I created my first course and had no social presence... Now I'm 18. Take a look at the earnings proof. Need I say more? Anyone can teach on Udemy.

What is Your Planning for Creating Next Course?

I am currently working on a Java course and then plan on making a huge game development course. There is a lot of interesting topics that I would like to teach.

What do You Think About Earn Money from Internet May be From Blogging, Creating Course, Writing E-books and So on-

My dream is to become a digital nomad. Technology has given us freedom to work from anywhere we want. We are no longer tied to boring 9am to 5pm jobs like our fathers and grandfathers were. There is a lot of potential in the internet. Passive income sources like blogging, courses, and eBooks can give you the freedom to the live life in your own terms.

I am sure you have been amazed after Seeing Your First Sell on Udemy, Whom You Told Very First and Share about That Moment and of Course Share how you Felt after Reaching the Milestone that is $1000-
Indian Earn on Udemy
Launching my very first course was a very special experience as I had never done anything remotely similar. To be able to make something and for people from all parts of the world to see it and learn from it. To change the life of thousands of students around the world is one heck of an experience. My mother was the first person I told.

Hitting 1000$ was completely unexpected when I launched my first course. But after a few months on Udemy I got a more clear view of the potential it offers. It was fulfilling to reach 4 figures. Can’t wait to work harder and hit 5 figures.

What Motivate You to Create Course on Udemy & What Are Course You Have Created-

Staying motivated while creating a course is really difficult. You start to doubt yourself if you can actually make it through. Like any other event in life it is a struggle and we must get through it and it is well worth it. Udemy Studio Facebook group is a good place for inspiration you see a lot of people posting their success stories. Believing that you will succeed will definitely take you places.
I have made three courses so far.
  1. C++ in 2 hours: C++ Programming Tutorial For Beginners:- Click Here to Garb it With Discount
  2. Powerpoint in 2 Hours: PowerPoint Training for Beginners
  3. Python in 3 hours: Python Programming Tutorial For Beginners

What are Your Biggest Strength and Weakness?

Pure hard work. Once I get started I don’t stop till I have delivered everything I can. I get obsessed with the work I do for better or worse. I am good at video production so my promo videos are always fancy.

I don’t do much of self-promotion. All of my sales have been from Udemy Organic and affiliates. That is probably my weak point. Hope to fix that this year as I intend on experimenting with Facebook ads.

Where You Live and What Are Interesting Places to Visit for Us (Me & My Readers)-

I am from Thrissur city famous for Thrissur Pooram in Kerala (India). Thrissur Pooram is one of the visuals every person should witness. I also believe Kerala is a must place to visit. Its beauty and serenity will blow your mind. It’s called God’s own country for a reason.

Ujjwal Kumar Sen- I am coming buddy to meet you very soon!

What Do You Think About Bloggerhowtoseotips.com-

I think it’s a very cool website. There is tons of useful information. Well impressed by the website.
This is the first interview of my life. I would like to thank the blog and Ujjwal Kumar Sen for this wonderful opportunity.

Aj Out.