How to Get Payment from Google Adsense SWIFT BIC Code of SBI Bank is not Available, I know there are many those facing the same problem, well let me share with you one interesting thing in a story & don't worry about SWIFT BIC code, you will get proper solution for it.

What is the Out Come of "How to Get Payment from Google Adsense SWIFT BIC Code of SBI Bank is not Available " blog post-

Well, after reading this blog post you will come to know the SWIFT BIC code of SBI and related to adding this code to your Google Adsense account will be solved.

What is by Default SWIFT BIC Code of SBI-

Let me share with you the detail story, I have started my own Youtube channel [10,000 views of Google Adsense Ad Units] and it is growing just like amazing and I will improve it more with time to time, of course I am going to make it a most popular destination for mechanical engineers in India at least.

Okay, I will share with you a separate story guys on this topic because it will be a full length blog post [Good for SEO] at least 2000 words, okay let me share with you the thing and reason for this blog posts.

Okay, here is the story begin-
I have received a PIN from Google Adsense [I will published another blog post regarding getting PIN from Google Adsense] and then I have gone all steps according to Adsense requirement, so at the point I have stopped because I have not heard about such code probably because of that you have landed in this blog post.

So, here what I did to get code-
  1. First I have search about it on search engine, but it was not available, I was thinking like it would be same as IFSC
  2. So, I went to branch but Manager was not there and other officials unable to answer this question well this is not their fault because that Branch is not a SWIFT BIC able branch [After lot of research on it I found the answer]
  3. So, after lot of effort I contact customer support of SBI they also unable to give me proper direction, but he told me to contact branch manager 
  4. Okay, now next step I did, I have gone to official website of SBI and there I found the the information and for the conformation I have contact SBI official and I am really happy that I got positive reply from them, here is the screenshot of it-
So, finally I have filled that form and feeling happy because I have solved this problem, so if your SBI bank is not SWIFT BIC code able branch then you can use SWIFT BIC code as- SBININBBFXD

What is SWIFT BIC & Why it is Needed?

Basically, if you want to receive payment from overseas and you want to get money in your bank account in your own country currency then SWIFT BIC code is required.

Why I have written This Blog Post-

Actually, I usually write blog post those are going to solve beginners problem, well from beginning of blogging, I have used multiple ad networks to earn money and I have earn pretty good amount from them and this year I am going to earn much more, because of experience I got from it, see in blogging you have to do hard work and you will see slowly you will become a smart worker and the major reasons behind this blog post to help beginners.

Hard work is really required in internet business to get success, here are reasons behind this blog post-
  • It will help lot of newbies those are searching on this topic and believe me, there is not even a single blog post in the blogging world which is talking about SBI bank SWIFT BIC code for bloggers in right way, of course it will be pretty helpful for me to get good rank, hence more traffic and hence more exposure in the internet world.
  • I don't need to answer newbies on my FB profile for this question, because now a days I am getting over 20 messages on my FB profile regarding blogging.
I hope you got the answer for your questions, right. But may be you have account in any other branch, then let me know I will help you to get your bank SWIFT BIC code, this is SWIFT BIC code is necessary to get payment from Google Adsense through EFT mode.