Handle Negative Comments, Commenting on Blog
Whenever you have started blogging, then definitely you will start receiving comments, may be some comments would be negative. May be some comments contain abusive language too, but you must not divert your mind from it, rather learn from it. And one more questions, may be arising in your mind that you should delete the comment or not.

According my point of view you should delete the comment if the comment contain abusive language. One more thing the negative commenters can become a life time visitor of your blog, if you will contact him for what he or she given this comments.

And don't get angry, because whenever you are getting negative comments then there is still something you need to improve in you.

Know the facts and go ahead, one more thing like I always tell you, don't stop learning and sharing, because it is called blogging.One more thing I would like to share with you, may be you have heard about this "Some Thing is Better Than Nothing".

If you are getting negative comments that means people are coming to your blog, may be they are not getting what they want right.Then it is the time to prove yourself and keep blogging and sharing in better way and smarter way.

If you are using too many negative comments then you may use comment moderator, which is really helpful.Even it is not look like unprofessional, because there are many professional blogger using this system, you may also use.

Use A Little Settings On Blogger-

Well, I usually got more than 20 comments everyday on this blog and only few those are really great and others are just I don't like, so I used a settings that is comment moderation, yes if anyone will comment on my blog first I will check it, if I will approve then it will publish otherwise it will not publish, well in this way I can reply to comments those really coming to my blog for getting information, believe me dear in this way I got hundred of loyal readers and that is just pretty good achievements for me.

Okay, may be you are looking for such settings, just go to blogger.com dashboard<settings<Posts and Comments<comment moderation<save settings that's it.

Use a Little Settings on WordPress-

Okay, may be you are using wordpress then let me tell you dear there are many plugins those you can used to keep your blog protect from spam comments like WPBruiser, this is a good plugin, you can use it, but like the same there are many you can use anyone of them.

Why Comment Moderation is Important-

These days there are thousands those don't understand the concept of blogging, they just try to write spam comments and think that their organic traffic will increase rapidly, but in actual practice that is not possible, if it will increase even it will not be for long time.

So, to be on safe side you have use it, otherwise may be your hard working ruin because of those spam comments, so always it and be safe from spam comments, here couple of reasons I found on this-
  1. To be safe from spammers
  2. To check and reply for all comments and in this way your readers will be happy because of your reply.
  3. Keep working on complete automation
  4. It will increase popularity and branding of your blog because it will help you a lot to make your blog to have ZERO percent spam comments & that is just awesome.

How to Get Loyal Reader Comments-

Okay, as I am writing this blog post at this time I can see my only one day blog got hit more than 1300 page views and almost all traffic come from search engines, I hope you know what is search engine?
Niche blog, more traffic to blog
Okay here is it, its a engine where we search for any query like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask too.

Why I told you that I am getting that much traffic to my one day old blog? Because I wanted to tell you the difference between loyal readers and just readers, see I am sure it is even difficult that even 1% readers will come back again to that blog, do you know why? I am saying this.

Because that blog is only about telling information about any product, that means I am not putting that much hard work to write that article, that's why it is really difficult to build loyal readers from such type of blog.

But, like mine this blog, everyday I am increasing my loyal readers list, because I am putting lot of effort in this blog and I am sure it the best way to increase popularity, fans, revenue, branding of any blog and the person behind the blog too.

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Okay, here I am going to share with you how I am doing all these things-
  • First of all you need invest of your time to write content and more than others 
  • Try something creative & don't except to become rich overnight
  • Stay away from music and all other disturbing things while writing articles, proofreading articles even thinking about the article.
  • First make a structure of the article, I mean here are steps to follow to make proper structures to save time, to improve look of the article and of course easy for readers to understand things easily
    • First write the post title [Take 10 minutes to think about it & on keyword research]
    • Write headings of the article [Take another 10 minutes]
    • Write bullet points under each headings [Take 20 minutes]
    • Write conclusion [Take minutes]
    • And at the last write body part under each headings and proof read the blog post.
    • Add image with proper SEO and click on publish button
    • Yet, your job is not done, you need to keep promoting your blog posts on regular basis.
  • Engage your readers and just try to implement what you are gaining everyday about blogging and of course about topics you are writing on your blog.
  • Choose specific niche to blog, which will comparatively easier to rank well and you will drive good organic traffic, means traffic from search engines.
You can not make happy all, but yes at least you must know how to satisfy people query because if you are writing anything then you must have knowledge in it otherwise writing on those topics may totally wastage of time and if you have knowledge then only you can satisfy.

So, always choose your well know topics and then write details article from yourself and see the growth level of your blog.