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Actually, I was trying to find out some tactics which will really increase page views of my blog, some tips work for me and some not. In this article, I will share with you about those tips, those really work for me to get very good page views of my blog. See in blogging its all about writing amazing articles and if you can do it, of course you can do it my dear but you need to keep doing it then you will be just another popular blogger.

Here are things I did:-

I Have Started Writing Daily one Article-

In blogging often writing article is everything, yes if you are not writing often then believe me your blog rank will goes down and down every day.

If you want proof then visit anyone popular blog, they write their blog post almost every day and also you have to maintain quality.

But, I am not writing daily one article for this blog, because it will decrease quality of my blog posts, so I have started writing in depth articles for this blog and for others blog too because if I will write in depth articles then it will bring me traffic for long time and there are many other factors will be effected for this and I will suggest you to do the same if you want to get success in blogging, here are important factors you need to consider for writing any article, which will rank well, drive traffic and hence increase revenue for long time-
  • Make first outlines of your post before going to write it, it will save time
  • Write articles but don't forget to include headings, sub-headings, bullets, numbers and of course bold most important keywords in the blog post
  • Write in details depth content that's why even beginner can understand the article.
  • Add just amazing attractive image to each of your blog post

Read the Article First  Before Publishing-

This is must for every blogger, because you are only one who maintain your blog that's why? You have to read the blog post before publishing.

Because after all, we are human beings then what does that means? we do mistakes, if you want to check this from yourself then just read your blog article.

I am sure you will get some mistakes, after finding mistakes just correct that immediately, as well as you need a good platform like for selling your digital goods Podia is good check Podia Discount 2020.

It is called proof reading, this is one of the most important tool to make your blog for readers like pro because when beginners enter into blogging world they just wanted to write as much they can but they forget about one most important thing that if someone will find any error in the article what will happen, what readers will think the same as you think  about it when you find out any error in your book, okay here are few amazing benefits of proof reading-
  • You can correct wrong sentences
  • Readers will be happy because they will be reading error free articles.
  • It is increase branding of your blog in the blogging world; most important thing is that in which niche you are blogging.
  • You can come to know where you are making mistakes, so my suggestion to you is when you are writing any article stay away from any destruction because it will lead to leave more errors in the article and which is not good at all for your blogging carrier
  • Invest time at least 15 minutes for 1500 words article because you can not proof read any article in 5 minutes, if you are doing it then it means you are leaving space for readers to think bad about your blog

Submit Blog Post to

Now I did one more thing I submit my blog post to, to attract some Indian visitors to my blog. Actually my blog is providing great tips to become a professional blogger, that's why most of the people love to read this blog.

I give some hidden information about blogging in my every blog post, this is the main secret of my blogging.

Well, let me tell you my dear friend Indiblogger is one of the amazing blog directory because almost all bloggers are united through this blog directory, manual submission of each blog posts and what not, if you want to know more about

Here are few most important things about Indiblogger-
  • It is one of the top most preferred blog directory
  • You have to submit your blog post manually it will be index in Google and that is the major benefits of this blog directory, this is my personal experience
  • They organized different events in different place which is just an amazing way to meet popular bloggers and inspired to become like them.
  • Alexa world wide rank is 7000 and in India its rank is 568
  • About 5000 websites/blog link to indiblogger and which is just amazing achievement for

Submit Blog Post to StumbleUpon-

This is one of the best source to get ton of traffic for newbie blogger, even you can attract ton of visitors to your first blog post. Get 200 Visitors to Your First Blog Post for Free

But; you have to give real tips for people those really going to work for people, in blogging you must think, how your blog is going to help people.

Other than Stumble Upon you can also promote your blog posts on other few places those having amazing ability to let you drive thousand of traffic to your blog post, but for this you need to write just superb articles, here are those list-
  1. Pinterest
  4. Reddit

Submit Blog Post to Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook Page-

This is really must for maintaining visitors to blog, because now a days people living in the internet and these are sources people be live.

Then if you want to get ton of visitors, then you have to promote your blog post to these websites after publishing every blog post and keep promoting.

If you don't want to do this thing then you may do one thing just use Google Feed Burner because it's free and more important thing is that they will notify your subscribers for free after publishing each post.

But they send notification to subscribers once in a day!!

Hopefully this article will help you to get good visitors to your blog, if you have any question then you may notify by giving comments.