Mistakes in Blogging, SEO Mistakes
I have started blogging since last five years, I did many mistakes when I have started blogging, today I am going to share with you those mistakes, that's why you will not repeat. This post can change future of your blog ultimately yours, so read the article very carefully each and every mistakes I am going to share with you with proper solution.

1. Not Providing Open in New Window Link-

This is one of the biggest mistake in blogging, because it will kill your blog ranking, let me give you an example, if a visitor will come to your blog and the visitor will click on the link(for any reason) then the user will get redirect to that website, what will happen your blog will close.
That means visitors will stay on your blog for few time and how much time your visitors are staying on your blog is one of the great thing in blogging because if your visitors will stay on your blog more time then your blog ranking will increase and also your revenue will increase.

One more thing I would like to discuss with you, there are two types of links dofollow and nofollow, if you are providing link to other websites then do provide nofollow links and for internal blog linking provide dofollow links.

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Here is the step for blogspot bloggers suppose you wanna link any sentences of your post then you have do as I am giving an example, on the above article recommended for you, I have first write the title as I have written on my blogspot before, then first I have select the title then click on "Link", this option you can see on the title box, I have also given a screen shot on below-

Now a window will open, as I have given below screen shot, do as same as if you are providing link to other websites for better ranking of your blog.
Provide your desire url on the box just after "To what URL should this link go".

But do not do this steps if you are providing links to your own blog post, like internal link I have provided to my blog.

Do as the below screen shot telling you to do

At the last don't forget to click on OK, here one more point I would like to share with you, if you are providing link to any another page (Other website or blog) then don't forget to tick on the "Add 'rel=nofollow' attribute", this option you can see on the above screen shot too, which is a attribute used to tell search engine that search engine will not pass page rank to that link.

2. Not Giving Proper Title Name of the Blog Post-

In blogging almost title is every thing, if you wanna get massive traffic to your blog, of course as a blogger you want to drive traffic to your blog, because traffic equals money.

So here is the tips for you to think like a smart blogger and drive traffic, always think before writing a title that if you are the user then what would you search for getting the information you are providing in your article.

If you are getting little bit confusion then you may read this article- How Blogger can Use Google Trends to Get Massive Traffic to Blog

I am sure; if you are beginner then you are still getting problem to figure out how to select proper title for the blog post, here are baby steps to follow-
  • First go to Google and then find out what people are searching for finding content you are writing in the blog post
  • Use keyword research tool by Google
  • Simply with title, if you have written it little lengthy
  • Read twice before going to make decision that this would be the title of the blog post, practice for next few blog posts it will be habituate for you then you don't need think lot of time to decide title of the blog post.

3. Not Adding Image to Blog Post-

Do you know there are millions of people do image search then if you are not providing images to your blog post then you are missing some thing cream in blogging.
Here is the tips for you, how would you provide image to your blog post for attracting readers as well as getting traffic, always give name of the image as your title name of the post and see the traffic coming to your blog.

This is my personal experience because images play very important role for imagination and one more thing images are better than article even, some times.

For an example you can take Pinterest, the new age social network is attracting people only because of images are there.

Note:- A brand new experiment I did. i.e. I have started adding my blog post into my blog post images, which is really an amazing way to increase traffic as well as branding, for example you can see this blog post image, if you are thinking how I did it, then let me share with you all those steps-
  1. First open image with paint
  2. Then go to your blog and copy the Logo image
  3. Now you need to paste it to your image on paint then you can drop the logo any where on the image you want to, you can see my most images having my blog logo on the footer.

4. Not Using Keywords in the Blog Post-

See, if you wanna get more traffic to your blog then you have to concentrate on your topic and provide keywords on your blog post related to topic which can change the future of your blog.

This is really happening, use this tactics and see the visitors increasing for your blog, I am 100% sure you will get help from this.

I have written a complete guide on Keyword Search- Google Keywords Planner Guide, I will suggest you to read the complete article with an info-graphic then implement on your blog just for few days and you will see the amazing traffic increase on your blog, again you need to implement another tips and tricks, which has been used by pro bloggers and beginners just missed this and they put all eggs in the box, means they totally depend on Google, okay this is good that you are getting organic traffic, means traffic from search engines but you need to use E-mail marketing to keep those visitors for forever.

Here, I am going to share with you most important places to put keywords-
  • Your blog post title but try to make it catchy for readers
  • Put keywords in the headings
  • Put keywords in the subheadings
  • Put keywords in the bullets
  • Put keywords in the numbers 
  • Bold few most important keywords of the post

5. Write More and Provide Quality Contents-

In blogging "Content is King", SEO is good to get traffic, but if your traffic will not happy from your article then you are not going to achieve your target, so always try to write best thing you know and if you don't know then search on the search engines, learn then write, otherwise do not write any thing which will make unhappy to your users.

And why you must write more because short article means your visitors will stay short time on your blog, which will decrease your blog rank, always write more and informational article that's why your blog rank will improve day by day.

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But, there is always a way to write more content here is the way to do it-
  • Try to invest at least 8 hours per article; if you are writing competitive how-to articles
  • Make length of the content must be more than 2000 words
  • Your blog post must have a good image, SEO optimized and of course headings, sub-headings and of course bullets, numbers too.
  • Write case studies and advertise that on your social profiles, on your blog as showcase that's why people will come to know about it.
  • Let me share with you an example of it- Few years back we have used Paisalive.com for few dollars per month pocket money, so helping people to know about the network, I mean is it legit or scam, I have posted all Checks I got from Paisalive.com, Although I have earn about 6000 RS from Paisalive and at that time it was good for me. [You can do the same for your blog]
  • And one day one of my reader asked me about all those checks in a conversation; so that is the power of case study, it will improve authority, branding and what not?
No matter what will happen don't forget to provide quality content in a article, because we all said Content is King, I know it is really difficult to deliver quality content in each and every blog post, but not impossible.

You need to share in your blog, what you have experienced not just copy writing others experiments, I am not saying do not write others success stories but don't just directly try to make it interesting and make it more useful for your readers.

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Over time, I have learnt lot of about blogging, with time to time I will try to provide here my best sources of making money online.