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Facebook the largest social network in the world, may be you aware about this right, but in this article I will share with you, how can you use your Facebook profile to promote your blog.After reading this article definitely you will get some visitors to your blog, but how many visitors you will get, that is depend on, how many friends do you have.

Here is the simple tips to promote your blog on Facebook:-

  • Go to
  • Write some thing interesting about your blog, with url of your blog.
  • See the traffic coming to your blog from Facebook.
Why I am telling this because, definitely your all friends are active on Facebook right, then definitely they will become curious to know about your blog.This is the one of the best way to promote your blog, and one more important is that you will get life time visitors to your blog.

In this way you can get visitors to your  blog, but remember do not post daily about your blog, yes of course you can post daily on your wall about your article with URL.

This is one the new and working way to get traffic to your blog, may be you have heard about this people are getting traffic to their blog from Facebook page, but whenever you have started blogging in that time you are not going to get more Fans on your Facebook page, in this case your profile can play major role to get traffic to your blog.

Why Bloggers Need to Concentrate on Facebook-

These days you are having lots of sources to drive traffic to your blog, let me share with tips and tricks you can also use to drive traffic from flex advertisements like any cinema complex do when any new movie released.

But, that way required investment.

And Facebook

Yes, you also need to invest here but you need to invest time and of course you need to deliver something amazing, you can write in any topic and also you can do anything in which you enjoy much, in which you are passionate about.

Okay, why Facebook?

Here are couple of reasons-

  1. It is the largest network for people therefore for bloggers to attract qualified readers
  2. It can be very helpful for building relationship with other bloggers and also with readers, like I and there are many other bloggers do; so you also need to do for showing social presence and one another advice don't be silent & be active and also reply to each and every message you got on Facebook from your readers.
  3. There are million those are on Facebook
  4. You can create your own group to keep interacting with your readers
  5. Create a page, which is also important, if you are new to this world I mean to blogging world, then you need to create your Facebook page. [Step by Step Guide]
I was just checking Alexa statistics of top ranking blogs, let me share with you the exact statistics-

Blog Name
Alexa Ranking
Search Engines
Search Engine Land
Shout Me Loud
Quick Sprout

Well, this statistics for today and the time I am writing this blog posts, okay after looking at the statistics we can say the most popular blog is Mashable and whose world wide Alexa Ranking is 333 and see its 17.3% traffic come from Facebook only, now I hope you can under estimate about it.

This method can give you some quality visitors but it is upto you, what type of content you are sharing with people.