Hello, guys how are you? So you wanted to know top paying CPM ad networks in India, okay go ahead I have shared my whole experience about monetizing a blog.

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I hope you are doing awesome today, because today I am going to share with you list of ad networks those are paying quite fantastic revenue. I have earn pretty good amount that's why I am sharing with you. Okay that's fine let me share with what others type of networks are good for you in order to earn money from blog.

Its been long time, I have linked my Facebook profile with my about me page, that's why there are several questions asked by my readers on Facebook and its been really busy schedule going on so this blog post published in little delay, okay in this blog post you are going to learn lot of information about CPM ad networks especially for Indian Publishers.

Okay, then lets get started learning lot of things including best CPM networks for you-

What is CPM Ad Networks?

The full form of eCPM is Effective Cost Per Mile, sometimes we know CPM as Ecpm, because we are using effective before cost per mile. actually it is one of the type of ad networks, this type of ad networks paid not per click but per impression.

CPM, means how much money or I must say revenue you will generate for thousand views on that ad which is showing on your blog. Actually when I have started blogging I got first payment from PPC Network.

Which is one of the promising Google Adsense Alternatives for Indian Publishers and of course it is now even more, there are thousands those are generating good revenue from that network, even I have earn over $1200 from that network, I know you want to know the name of that network, okay here is the name and one of the most amazing review about that network- Bivdertiser Review 2021 with Payment Proof.

When to Apply for CPM Ad Networks As a Newbie in Blogging?

There are thousands started blogging because of this blog and it really feels me good because at least because of me & this blog, there are thousands more will start blog in the new year 2017, this is my mission to help more than 10000 people to start blogging and earn money from blog.

So, all new bloggers, or people those wanted to started blogging, either they saw earning of top bloggers in India or may be the person who is belonging from any other countries, like I know John Chow is a Professional Amazing Blogger, Shoe Money- Jemery Schoemaker, well may be you are looking for the answers that is when you will apply for CPM networks to generate revenue.

According to me, there are million of bloggers quit blogging because they don't think about the root for earning money online that is traffic and you know more traffic means more earning, may be you will go for PPC, may be CPM, may be to affiliate marketing.

But, dear the root cause still in dark, if you want to drive traffic then you need to write good quality articles, here almost all newbies fails because it takes lot of effort, hard work, that's why they don't work here, just looking for earning, I know it is really difficult to work for anyone without money is really make people frustrating, but sometimes we work for free right, do you know why?

Because there is a cause of helping, so I will suggest you to find out the reason to blog, then I am sure you can blog for long time and if you will keep writing for six months at least one blog post per day then I am sure you will be next successful blogger.

What Are Top Small Publishers Choice CPM Ad Networks-

If you wanted to know list then I must say its totally wastage of time, as I have shared with my couple of blog posts that I have been blogging from last five years so I do have pretty good experience with one of the most promising CPM networks and another two networks those are really going awesome these days, I will share with you all these three networks.

See, I could share with top 10 CPM networks but I think what's why use of it by knowing ten networks, because at the last maximum you are going to use two networks on your blog, so here in this section of this blog post, I am going to share with you top three networks I will suggest you to use these networks one by one and see the changes in revenue of your blog.

Here is the most list of most promising CPM networks for small publishers/bloggers-

AdPushup - Average 33% revenue uplift for their publishing partners 
Increase ads revenue, adoushup
For publishers looking to grow their ad revenue, AdPushup is a hybrid ad network with advanced revenue optimization features such as ad layout optimization, automated A/B testing, header bidding implementation, AMP converter, and adblock recovery.

It’s a managed service, i.e., publishers don’t have to do the heavy lifting of managing their ad operations—the ad ops team at AdPushup will take care of that.

Here are few important things about AdPushup:
  1. They offer both CPC and CPM models.
  2. Their setup is quick and onboarding is easy.
  3. It's a comprehensive suite of revenue optimization tools.
  4. They are partners with with top ad networks and exchanges like Google AdX, AppNexus, Rubicon, and Criteo, among others.
  5. They are well-known for assigning a dedicated account manager and after sales support.
These are the ideal points publishers are looking. Want to know more, you can request for a demo here.

Infolinks- Maximum CPM Rate I have Seen is Over $7-
Infolinks review, cpm network for small publishers
When I have started blogging in 2010 in that time I knew bloggers like John Chow, Darren Rowse, Jemery Schoemaker and there were only few those talk about blogging.

But, I have seen John Chow personally used Infolinks to monetize his blog, well he also used affiliate marketing too, because affiliate marketing is really cool to earn lot of money from blogging.

Here are few important things about Infolinks may be you don't know-
  1. Minimum balanced to withdraw from Infolinks as a publisher is $50
  2. Different ways to withdraw but I prefer Paypal
  3. There are more than 1,25000 websites monetized with infolinks
  4. Third largest ad market place in the world
  5. 2.5 billion monthly ad views
I am sure many of these points you did not heard about Infolinks, may be you want to join infolinks, right okay then click here to join Infolinks

Popcash.net- Pop Under Ad Networks But Working Too Good for Blogger-
cpm network, popcash review 2017
This is one of the top Pop under pop ad network, because personally I have earned a good money from Popcash.net after monetizing one of my blog with this ad network, & after seeing the benefits of this ad network I have written a blog post that is Popcash.net review 2021 even I have written another blog post that is Popads.net Vs Popcash.net Great Comparison between them from my last four years experience of using these two networks.

Here are most important noticeable points about Popcash.net-
  1. Approval process is pretty fast and almost all websites get approval
  2. Minimum balance required to withdraw payment for publishers is $10
  3. Within two days after placing withdraw request I got paid through Paypal
  4. Good CPM rates
Payment proof of Popcash.net in 2016-
Recently, I have received payment from Popcash.net, I have received payment through Paypal, here is the screen shot of it-
popcash payment proof 2017

May be and why not?

You wanted to join this network, right. If you are confused then I will suggest you to try this network alone on your blog and then see the improvement in revenue, okay enough talking its time to take action click here to join now and start earning.

Shorte.st- My Recommended & Cutting Edge Technology Ad Network-

shorte.st review 2017, cpm networks for small publishers

Well, its not for a long time I am using it, even I have written a review about this network under title Shorte.st Review 2021, actually I have seen features of this network those are innovative and providing great cutting edge technology and I hope you have not seen such time of technology using any network.

Here are most important noticeable things about Shorte.st-
  • Shorte.st is using cutting edge technology to provide great source for publishers to generate good revenue.
  • Very good CPM rates for US traffic about $14
  • Approval process is quite good
  • Real time statistics
Well, other things you can come to know about this network, if you will read my review; I will recommend you to join this network @ Click here to Join Now

Most Important Blog Posts to Monetize Your Blog-

Actually, I have couple of blog posts those are really awesome for you to monetize your blog and which will let you earn lot of money from your blog, here are those list of blog posts-

What Others Recommended Sources to Earn Money for Publishers?

If you are a publishers then I must say you are having lot of opportunities to earn money from your blog but there is one BIG promise you need to do to yourself that you will create great content with time that's why your market value in your own niche will keep on increasing but yes remember it will take time may be years if you are interested in a niche in which competition is already there.

Recommended Hosting- SmaterASP.net Promo Code

So, here are few sources for you to earn more money from blogging-
1. Start Doing Affiliate Marketing, which source link I have already share with you.
2. Create your own informational product may be any e-book like I have written couple of e-books and all of them I have published in Amazon Kindle, also one of my e-book become top seller on Amazon and that was one of my big achievement.
3. You can create a video course and sell on Udemy, this is a pretty good platform for publishers to earn more because it is one of the fastest growing MOOC's in the internet.

Recommended for You- I have interviewed Couple of Udemy Successful Instructors; I will do many more; here is the cool list of interviews for you, including the person earn over $10,000 from Udemy-

Why Small Publishers Failed to Earn Money Consistently?

Hey, I know you are blogging because of money.

So, it is quite obvious that you will not invest that much money in your blog, which will lead you to not earn money from blog consistently.

What I have seen with many bloggers & finally do you know what they do?

And I don't want that, that's why I don't put ad on this blog, if I will put I could generate another couple of hundred dollars from this blog every month, but I don't want that.

Here are couple of points you need to notice-
  1. Don't go behind money, so what to do? May be you are thinking then I will suggest you to go behind content and then promoting your content in the internet
  2. Don't show off just try to put genuine effort which will make readers of your blog feel better and happier.
  3. Focus on readers happiness and what they are getting from your blog
  4. Don't put too much ad for generating short time revenue rather sell any e-book or you may join affiliate marketing which is much better than ad networks in terms of earning as well as readers satisfaction
  5. If possible hire someone for writing content and pay how much you are earning and start reinvesting if you want to grow faster, but be careful while hiring someone.

Three Most Important Advices for Small Publishers-

Advice always works; if it will implement proper way, because I said ideas are worthless until or unless you will not implement, because idea is just an imagination and imagination means imaginary to see it in real we need to work on it and then we will come to know it is possible or impossible although may be you have seen if we will split impossible then itself it said I am Possible.

But, real life there are something those are really impossible, okay here let me share with you those three most important tips which will help you to become one of the big publishers means attracting at least million visitors per month.
  • Think about readers that what you are providing; is it going to put value in their life at least for what they are reading your blog
  • At the beginning only think about traffic (writing articles and promotion on social media) that means you need to forget about earning
  • Leverage your articles as you can to attract traffic all around the web.
I am sure there are few big sites those still prefer CPM networks to monetize their blog, because they don't need to think about user's clicks on the ad.

Here, I also recommend that you must try such type of networks too on your blog to see the best result, although you can say this is one of the experiment you need to do to find out the best way to get good revenue from your blog.