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It was 2010; when I have started blogging, in that time I was totally confusing I barely find out answer of any questions regarding blogging, I barely find out any premium templates for my blog and barely find out information to monetize my blog, but yes it have changing now a days you can get several result; if you will search and I am happy that internet is growing pretty fast, if I see increase in  internet users of India alone then according to survey it will increase by 100 million by the end of this year alone, now think about it, if you can get attention of .001% user's through your blog then your job done. But that's even huge for beginners, because it required several things like-
  1. Desire to transform something in this world
  2. Patience to be high
  3. Always ready for hard work [I asked several successful people those get success from scratch all of them told me that they just keep behind it and got success so just follow this concept- In short we say it as EXPERIENCE]
  4. Be ready for revolution it will take time but surely you will succeed
  5. Think BIG, Invest much time and do Big and become Biggest.
  6. Be helpful it will add something in you too [Just Think About Newton's Third Law]
  7. Don't try to hide yourself from blog, just told others at least in virtual world that this is your blog, it will increase trust authority and of course branding.
  8. Have faith and get motivation to work for long time.
  9. Always set a short term goal and try to achieve it before time.
Update- 2020
Originally this post was written in 2016 that's why I was thinking in this duration I got lot of information regarding both the things, many of them make me tremendous success which help me to quit job and finally live dream life.

That is, laptop lifestyle.

Yes, I am not doing any job for anybody from about last three years and I am really happy because of that.

Okay coming to the point.

Which is about your benefits?

Affiliate marketing is the best but you need to make it right way, means you need to write blog post right way that will be great way to get success in blogging.

I mean just look at all the professional bloggers, those guys are not using any ads network.

Do you know?


Because of affiliate marketing.

Almost all professional bloggers sell affiliate products and of course they have their own products, I have lot of my products from education to digital marketing, like recently we have launched Vizag Steel MT Test Series for Paper 1 and of course Vizag Steel Mechanical Test Series also.

Because previously we have got lot of sales from GATE Mechanical Engineering 2021 Online Test Series for paper-1 that is why we have launched Vizag steel test series also.

But, if you are beginner I will not suggest you to create your own product now you can do affiliate marketing.

I am still doing it because it is very much profitable because you don't required anything like-
  1. Product website
  2. Product creation
  3. Hosting for membership website 
  4. Customer support and lot more.
Even then you can earn up-to even 80% commission which is pretty cool is not it, but again it takes time to get success in affiliate marketing.

But, you need to first start.

It is easier to get sales of Amazon products but commission is narrow, even then you can earn some money, which is pretty much possible?

Because everybody like Amazon so you just need to connect people need with the product then you can easily earn money, again for this you need to write amazing articles as well as real information for getting sales.

List of Good Advertisement Networks-

  • Google Adsense- [The best; no doubt but take time to get approval in India but there are many those got approval before 6 months of blogging and those are belonging from India too, here is the guide for Google Adsense]
  • Bidvertiser- There are two ad networks, those I can not forget because today I am blogging because of them and one of them is Bidvertiser. Here is the story begin when I got my first payment from Bidvertiser Through Paypal in India and it was aha moment for me, till date I have earn over $340 from Bidvertiser as blogger and I will update soon]
  • Infolinks- well, it was first time when I got offer from someone to join this network I could not remember about that person and it was amazing experience for me, because I have seen ECPM more than $7 and that's just awesome.
  • Chitika- From this network I got paid couple of times, but because I was moving to different ad networks time to time to test and write on blog so I did not use this ad network on my blog for long time, but still I have earn about $40 from this network, if you want to read Chitika Review & Payment Proof then you can get details information about it.
  • Popads- Probably you have read while reading Bidvertiser section that only two ad networks motivate me to keep blogging and make me money in the earlier days when I was depend on ad networks, so Popads is the another one, recently I am going to update a BIG earning, I have earn about $500 from Popads and I am going update it soon when I will get time, but now I have update about up to $400 earning from Popads with Payment Proof

List of Affiliate Marketing Networks-

  • CJ [Commission Junction]
  • ShareaSale
  • Udemy- I must say this is doing awesome job, because they have about 10 million existing students and it is growing pretty well, actually I have interviewed couple of successful people of Udemy and can you believe one of my friend earn $10,000 from Udemy.
Above all affiliate networks are good but, these days I am not just interested to promote other people products, I am just putting effort to create my own products and in 2016 I will give 200% to make my products more helpful for internet users.

ClickBank- It was 2012, I have started using ClickBank to check whether they paid in India or not, so it was just an experiment, that's why I can write couple of awesome useful blog posts for all those are belonging from India and wanted to know the answers of all questions, here are couple of blog posts covered several questions with answers for all those wanted to start affiliate marketing with ClickBank-

Recommended Things for Bloggers to Earn Money from Both Sources [Ad Networks & Affiliate Marketing] -

Ad Networks- If you want to earn money from ad networks only then you must need to think about traffic and having traffic on the blog, because it is the only way to generate good revenue.

Affiliate Networks- This is really required tips, tricks and of course patience to get success but yes it is really one of the most profitable business in the internet to earn BIG commission with little effort, but certain things, you required and the most important things is building e-mail list and for this you need to have a professional e-mail marketing partner for you.

I will recommend you for only two- Aweber and Get Response [You can take trial of Get Response for free]

The Best One for All Beginners [Affiliate Marketing Golden]-

I must say to you CONGRATULATIONS!

Hey, listen, if you have tried blogging & earn money online too, then here is it, yes here is it now I am going to open door for all those wanted to start a blog and earn money, I will teach you to earn money online.

And that's possible but yes, you need to invest little money if you want to get best out of it and if you want to learn for free then even you can learn, just you need to join my "Ujjwal Kumar Sen VIP" Group to get information in step by step guide, here is my Start Blogging Step by Step Guide

In this world everything having some advantages and some disadvantages and of course you need to find out the best reason in the advantage part to do something that's why it can change people life, if you can do anything which can help human beings through internet then you can easily build internet business, but finding that thing is tough that's why there are only few those are doing real business online.

See, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and there are other several companies, why these companies are popular because they solving people problems that's why they are even growing day by day and there are many those came up with new idea like Quora, Snapdeal, Flipkart these guys are also doing pretty well.

Its your time. Is there anything I missed let me know?