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First of all Happy Sun Day, I know its a holiday and we must take rest from work to refresh mind by doing something extra curricular activities like people do shopping, few do washing cloths like one of my mentor does and my best way to refresh mind is going somewhere else other than normal days living well as I am writing this article I am right now standing in front of amazing people those are farmers and working on their farming land because its time for them to get crops to home means what they invested its time for them to get some good return of investments its "harvesting time" means money.

Well, I usually write full length, in depth articles for helping you people and to enhance my knowledge too because its all about sharing, more you will share more you will get back, simply acting Newton's Third Law naturally.

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So, here are most important tips for you, if you want to grow in business life like in bloging, I mean think about it professional bloggers like John Chow, Darren Rowse and so on they are earning lot of money.

Have you ever analyse why those guys are earning lot of money and how all they started, so here I am going to share with you, what I have observed about them.

Invest & Get Back- 

One of the best way to stay away from crowed is investments to develope something different than others.

Visualize Future-

You my dear can only do it for yourself, because its your life.

Be Helpful and Identity-

Be present on social media to help and put your own photo for identity.

Relation Building for Strong Network-

I am real fan of this because it helps me to grow my knowledge about 500% in last year that's why I will generate my revenue by 1000% than last year sure and already generate 200% than last year. Help others and build relationship.
Secrets Behind Success, blogging tips

All points I have discussed here those are just ideas for you and ideas can not make you money, ideas can not make you popular, ideas can not even make you authority person, so what you can do with it, you need to implement it slowly to get something out of it, if you can do it you will become pro in it.

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