Get Ideas to Write Blog Post, Write blog post
Hello, how are you?

I hope you are well today, well today I will share with you one of the most useful information, actually I will also tell you how I get ideas to write my blog posts in this blog and of course on other blogs too, so stay tune and keep reading, actually around a week ago I got a comment on my Youtube channel there I usually share videos regarding blogging and on few other topics, there I have shared with you earning money from blogging in Hindi, actually I have created that channel on request of my friends, students and that's why most of the videos are in Hindi because all my friends and students are belonging from India those directly know me but yes I do have students all around the world and I am really happy because of that.

So; lets get started-

Great Ideas for Blog Post Always Come from Readers-

See, for any blog; readers are great, if you want your blog readers will ask you question then you need to write something which they did not find out anywhere and what you are providing which is unique and helpful for them.

Then they are going to depend on your blog and then they will ask you different type of questions but you need to put effort to solve those questions. but you must have a page which will help readers ask you question directly may be they will ask you question on Facebook because everybody do not like to ask question through comments.

After all privacy matter.

Here are few things to do to stay connected & to make great relationship with readers-
  1. Always respond to their comments on your blog, previous I thought that I need to publish link able comments to give benefits to readers, but I was wrong so never published comments which is having link in the comment.
  2. Be free to hang out with people those are interested to contact, it will build long time relationship and that would be fruitful for you, let me tell you an example I have hang out with a guy who is an instructor on Udemy and he is having pretty good experience in web designing especially in python, actually I have invited him for interview in my blog, here is the interview of Udemy Instructor Marc Isaacson.
  3. Building relation with others on social media, especially on Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube and of course messaging and photo sharing apps and those are Whatsapp and Instagram.
  4. If you are belonging from any country and your native language is not English then try to help them in your own native language that is much better way to build strong relationship with readers which leads to get better authority, branding, fans, revenue too.

Questions & Answers Websites are Just Great-

This is one of the great source for all those wanted to succeed in blogging world and wanted to drive tons of traffic, I mean there are many those unable to find out many answers in the internet so they go to questions & answers websites and then they asked question right.

If you will ask me my favourite destination for discovering topics, especially I have to check any questions and answers website then it is Quora of course this is one of the amazing platform for all those wanted to get attention by their own laser targeted customers then just go their and write about topic in which topic you are doing business that is a super way to get more customers quite easily, the technique I am sharing with you, the same technique I told one of my friend and she able to generate over $100 in last seven days and she is almost completely new to blogging, when I told her I am going to publish your story in my blog and she told me not to share her profile with you guys that's why I am sorry.

But, the concept I have shared with you the same concept I have shared with her.

If you are thinking about finding out ideas for writing next blog posts then you must check keyword research which is provided by many companies few are paid and few are unpaid but I will tell you to use Google Keywords Planner that's a pretty cool tool to use and of course its free.

For finding out great potential words; I usually use this tool and I am really happy from this tool, okay if you are looking for few other sources those I used; I will tell you, see I have multiple blogs on multiple niche and this blog is output of those blogs, I always try to write articles from my own experience only that's why you will get in depth concept and I must say real working concept about anything.

What other Questions & Answers websites you have-
1. Yahoo Answers (Still have great potential for you)
3. & read next section that is amazing

Yes, I was just missing I am writing this portion only because of my friends as I am writing this article he has been here and he suggest me to write this portion and that's true this is also useful, he was talking about Forums, really forums also play important role for getting ideas but there are different forums in different niche, so you need to put little effort to find out popular forums on your blog topics.

Okay, if you unable to find out ask me below, I will share with you.

Follow Concept of Shiv Khera to Get Idea for Your Blog Posts-

Amazing books written by this person, I have read two books written by him (I read- you can win & you can sells), both are just too good for all those wanted to improve their confidence and of course those wanted to get success in their life then you must read, at least I will recommend you to read both books.

Because; how much money & time you are going to invest its really worthy, why am I saying this because it help me and I am sure it will help you too.

The only line guide from Shiv Khera is good enough that is "Winner's Don't Do Different Things they Do Things Differently".

Okay, how you can utilize this in your blog post, I mean if you can implement this in your blog then just you are done with it, you will be next successful blogger.


I mean how you can implement this, if you can come to you know; your job done, right probably you are getting angry by now, because I am not telling you the way to implement it and I am making you keep reading this.

Okay here is it.

Its simple but need hard work to implement, find out your interest in which you are interested to write blog posts and then make list of top blogs and just find out space to full fill people problems what they are not providing, suppose that they are writing solution but they are not providing solution up to the mark then write the same article with great content, details article and of course have pretty good presentations.

Social Media to Know People Thinking to Get Idea for Blog Post-

In the first two years of blogging and of course I was able to attract more than 2.5 million page views to that blog, which blog does not exist today because I have changed its domain name, okay that happen in two years but I was not able to monetize my blog properly and I have tried to contact lot of top bloggers to get help from them;  but nobody help me to monetize my blog, I don't want to take their name. So; I have created a blog as a name in 2012 but I have changed its domain name to this blog and today this blog is in front of you and today I am happy to tell you because of me & my this blog there are lot of people those are earning money from blogging and of course pretty soon I am going to launch my own course which will teach people how to start blogging.

Okay, let me tell you what are things I loose because I was not socially connected at that time, see if you are not socially connected with readers then nobody easily believe on you so there are certain things your blog must have like-
1. Create a about us page
2. Add your photo there; does not matter how you look like?
3. Connect with your own social profile
4. You can also add your Whatsapp number; I don't because I got lot of messages and frankly say I don't like to type on mobile because its too much time taking but if you are new and if you have time then you can utilize this source.

So, the answers for you, if you will get connected socially then you will get ton of queries on your own niche blog, in which niche means in which topic you are blogging, then you will have ton of topics to write from their queries and then share with them, let me share with you a live example with you, actually its about two to three weeks ago I got e-mail from a person from Bihar (India), he asked me couple of questions and after looking at the list of questions; I just thought why not to publish this as blog post on my blog with all answers by me, so what I did; I just told that guy to wait for my next blog post and it was a awesome experience from that blog post because on the day of publishing that blog post, I got more than 200 page views in a day and that's not bad at all.

The Amazing Concept Multiply & Multiply-

See, dear there are lot of people those are really doing hard work to get enter into top bloggers club once you will enter in that club automatically others will make you popular but dear getting into top bloggers club is difficult for this you need to do hard work, that is first, here I could remember my first year of engineering.

The person came to our college asked simple question, may be you also have been asked the same question that is- who wants to become successful engineer?

Oh, I did not tell you, by profession I am an engineer and of course I am an assistant professor in an engineering college and I have more than 4 years experience in teaching okay that is different thing, I don't want to share more about me here, because I wanted to talk more about other things which will help you to get success in blogging [Difference Between Successful & Unsuccessful Bloggers]

Okay, lets come back to the answer with an amazing fact, actually there are many those have raised their hands even I was, because who does not want to become successful.

Everybody right!

So, he called my friends and asked how you can become successful, he said I am hard worker, so he asked a simple question, who is the hardest worker in the world among all living things its Donkey or Ass right.

So, my friend confused and sit down on his seat, but do you know his answer was right because we are human beings we do have brain, so if we will do hard work by using our brain then definitely we will get success, what I learnt from this incident is everybody having knowledge but up to limit.

All right, let me tell you the concept of Multiply & Multiply in blogging the same concept works, that is if you will write a blog post daily then all blog posts traffic is multiplying that means your earning is also multiplying but make sure you are writing worthy, helpful, fruitful, problem solving, almost error free blog posts, that's why your readers will be happy to land on your blog

I always talk ideas are nothing until or unless you will not implement in your own real life because who knows what will work for you? And eventually what not? Nobody can guess about it, at least I can not, because I can not tell about you as well as about others.

So, you got all these sources to discover new topics for your blog readers, which will help you to get more traffic and more royal readers because they are going to get help from your blog posts.

Happy blogging! Shares if you like it and comments if you have query.