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I know you are looking for a huge list of High PR (Page Rank) Profile Creation Sites List for Free, then I say no its not that much helpful until you will not focus on your blog, well the same things I have set up for my blog.

When I have started my blog back in 2010 in that we don't find even the way to start WordPress blog because blogging crowd rate increased in 2012 and it is just amazing going because there are thousands those are starting every month and having only one thing in their mind that they will become professional blogger but let me tell you dear only thinking about such thing is not going to help you, you have to work on your blog that's why people will get help from your blog. All right lets come back to the point.

This is really good to have profile in top media that's why you will have good reach among people as well as you will get back links which will help you to good rank on search engines, well I have already shared with you guys a list of Blogger Directories to get back links.

List of High PR Websites Offered Back Links Through  Profile Creation-

Here, I am going to share with you list of websites those offered to give you back links for creating profiles, remember don't invest lot of time in this for getting lot of link in quick and fast that would not be good for your blog.

So, here is High PR(Page Rank) Websites list-
  1. Facebook [Create Group, Pages both are good]
  2. Twitter
  3. Google Plus
  4. Youtube
  5. SlideShare
  6. DailyMotion
  7. Weheartit
  8. Amazon- if will write e-book
  9. About.me
  10. Academia.edu
  11. authorstream.com
  12. quora.com
  13. tumblr.com
  14. twitter.com
  15. pinterest.com
  16. Apsense.com
  17. WordPress.org
  18. Blogger.com
  19. Disqus.com
  20. Coursera.org
  21. Issuu.com
  22. Bizsugar.com
  23. Cheezburger.com
  24. Soundcloud.com
  25. Flickr.com
  26. Github.com
  27. Graduates.com
  28. Gravatar
Important Note- I will keep updating this list so stay tuned and keep increasing your back links, reach, authority and finally become a professional Blogger, don't try to create profile in all websites at a time just do maximum five in a day.

Benefits of Creating Profile on High PR Websites as a Blogger-

Of course there are many benefits but I can say after merging all benefits that is branding of your blog, in this way your blog authority will increase and it is really necessary for bloggers those wanted to have good business through their blog. I will share with you all benefits after break down into points, so here are all those benefits-
  1. Of course you are going to get back links
  2. Your social reach will increase
  3. Authority of your blog will improve
  4. Author popularity will increase
  5. Your blog posts reach will be more, if you will share blog posts there like on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.
  6. Hence more traffic and more traffic means more revenue.

Top 5 Recommended Daily Activities for Bloggers-

Well, I really feel that every blogger must not choose blog niche after looking at the other persons those are extremely well in blogging, I mean if someone is doing extremely well in any field then 90% beginner bloggers choose the same niche and think that he or she will succeed in that niche but believe me my dear in this five years duration I have seen many blogger started blogging and quit.

You will not, because I am telling you the inspiration for bloggers this is one of the amazing and sure shot motivational blog posts, must read and share with your fellow friends, because its help me to stay motivated and keep writing.

All right, let me share with you all those five top activities-
  1. Write daily at least 3 hours and in this duration don't do any other activities just keep writing
  2. Share your blog post daily on social media, spend time at least 30 minutes that's enough if you got more time then you can schedule your blog post on social media like on Facebook for upcoming days, I mean share blog posts when most of the people hanging on social media then probability of engagement is more.
  3. Try to improve your skills daily like writing, knowledge, recent trends in blogging to improve your knowledge about blogging.
  4. Reply to comments on your blog and don't ever publish spam comments
  5. Build relationship with bloggers to be on the top one day, really necessary in blogging as well as in business, must use Feedburner from day one for building list.

How to Get Most Effective Back Links for Your Blog-

Of course it is really hard until you are not doing extremely well in blogging, see there is one of the amazing way to build it that is building relationship with them but this is the toughest part of blogging because until or unless nobody knows you they are not going to make relationship with you.

So, what you have to do, you need to start writing amazing content first and then you need to promote it for getting visitors and once people will come to know that someone new come to this space they will automatically respond you, if you will contact them.

Lets take an example, you are new to any field and you don't have any track record in that field means internet people don't know you if I say in blogging then how could be possible they are going to respond you when you will send any request even they will not reply you, may be possible.

Okay, here are some steps you need to follow in order to get pretty good benefits from this-
  • First write difficult tutorials on your niche which others just don't dare to do, may be they don't know, may be that is expensive in the market.
  • Now its time to promote on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, Google Plus and so on but yes keep doing just don't stop doing once.
  • Now you need to wait for comments and reply them.
  • This is the step for building relationship with others those are BIG in your niche.

How Building too Much Back Links is Harmful for Your Blog-

ell, let me tell you dear a fact, see if you are thinking about building thousands of back links in a day then that is not the cool think, probably you are going to get penalize by search engine Google, see Google is huge in terms of getting organic traffic.

So, if you will follow their guidelines then it will be good for your blog for getting traffic of course it will take time to get all those, what you needed from blogging like money, fans, reach and freedom from day job tension.

But, dear all these required lot of hard work, especially if you want to get success in blogging because I know and I am seeing all these from last five years.

Okay, there are certain reasons building too much back links will be bad because according to Google Web Spam head your blog or website back links must be natural not look like natural, so building back links is good but naturally, so don't get excited in building back links rather get excited to write lot of amazing content for your blog.

High PR Profile creation sites are good way for getting back links and showing readers about your social presence that means you are real and this is most important in blogging you have to be present socially.

Back links are effective, if you will build it right way, which will drive traffic to your blog, I mean suppose you are going to comment on top blogs like QuickSprout then probability probability of driving traffic is much more but comment must be pretty good & effective.

Is there anything I can help you regarding link building through high PR websites?