Well, this was one of the major problem of many those wanted to put ads on Facebook but they could not because you don't have much options for payment for putting ads on Facebook in India but now recently I have seen there is an option come out and that is payment through internet banking, I hope this is one of the amazing opportunity for all those unable to put ads on Facebook only because of payment options barrier.

Because there are only few percent people those have credit card in India, & reason behind this is getting credit card required certain things, well in this blog post I am going to share with you pretty cool things, actually recently I am experimenting with affiliate marketing much to find out the best, even I opened door for all to earn money online.

Wait, I will share with you more about it; that how you can earn up to 60% commission and I will tell you step by step guide and guess what it would be completely free of cost and that's really huge for all of readers, I will give all these as gift so stay tunes and keep blogging for doing and getting best out of it.

Okay, lets come back to this topic, here I am going to share with you result after putting ads on Facebook in India, I will share with you each and everything what I did-

After Using Internet Banking Payment Options for Facebook Ads in India-

Here, I am going to share with you step by step, what I did with Facebook ads? Actually I wanted to test the whole things in order to find out something new, well before going to tell you all things let me tell you one thing; its all fun and learnt great lesson and also learn few new things.

Here, was my goal, well did not spend even $1 for the campaign and really its amazing and got 55 likes for that blog posts shared on Facebook and of course 154 reach and that's great.

May be you are thinking about the whole statistics okay here is that-
Facebook Ads in India, Result of Facebook ads, Benefits of Facebook Ads India
Actually the statistics you are seeing its for one of my campaign which is the newest one, in upcoming days I will write more because I am going to take more actions and means more things I will have to share with you.

So, here are things I did for this campaign-

Whenever you will post anything on your Facebook page there you will see option that is boost post, just click there then you will be redirect to the Facebook ads page and then you will see several options like targeting people, location you want to target, gender you want to target and of course your budget and at the last payment option.

In India you have option to pay through Internet banking now a days, so here are things I did for this campaign-
  1. I choose one of the post of my Facebook page
  2. Click on Boost Post
  3. Choose "People you choose through targeting"
  4. Then I select location for the post
  5. Age limit
  6. Gender
  7. Interest "Facebook Ads"- Let me explain this, okay for this I have to ask you a question that is have you ever write your interest on Facebook in about me settings, that is it, I mean you can even target people according to their own interest. [Write interest according to your target audience]
  8. Then I have select my budget 
  9. And then payment 
  10. Now after payment I wait for the approval and suddenly I got mail from Facebook that my Ads has been approved and there I got result.

Things I have Learnt from this Facebook Campaign-

Here, I am going to share with you, what I have learn from this campaign, see I think as a blogger you need to do experiments that's why you can share real stories with your readers like this one but don't invest lot of money, try from small budget if it is giving you back then go for bigger one and you know scaling online business is really easy, simple and amazing.

List of things I have learnt here-
  • How to get more likes on any post very fast and of course I must say on demand
  • How to target audience
  • How to get leads through Facebook ads
  • ROI (Return of investment) of Facebook ads in India [I will talk lot more on this topic]
  • How to get direct customers through Facebook
  • How to sell on Facebook
Well, many of you may be don't want to invest money, believe me dear if you will not invest money in your business then your growth level will be slow, just like the same in physical business suppose that you have opened a coaching centre, if you will not promote it and you will not hire class teacher then you can not grab the attention of market.

So, investment required, that is why I am sharing with you all these things but you required good people to do all these staff if you are not good in this field, if you need help I can help you.

What do you think about putting ads on Facebook?