Youtube Video Transcript, Video Transcript
There are many those are doing video blogging and many those are even try to put a video on video sharing websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and so on there are many those offered users to share their videos with people, okay that is not the reason I am writing this article, actually I wanted to help you to save your lot of time may be you have already waste to write transcript manually but no more after reading this article you don't need to write transcript any more, let me share with you there are even many companies those have their channels on video sharing websites, because in the upcoming days popularity of video sharing websites will be more, still right now if I see alexa ranking of Youtube then its world 3rd largest popular websites.

Okay; lets get started with the tutorial-

What is Transcript?

This is a script which we write from the video as it is spoken in the video, I hope now you understand the meaning of transcript, in the next section you are going to learn lot of things about transcript, actually there are certain reasons to get transcript, I will share with you also.

Okay, let's breakdown few important points of this section-
  1. Its a script what spoken in the video?
  2. The process, I am going share with that is automatic to get video transcript

Why Transcript is Important for Video Bloggers?

Well, there are certain reasons but as per my utilization this is pretty useful for SEO point of view, because there are many those wanted rank videos on video sharing websites and adding proper description is the right way to describe the video; also it is the way to optimize your video that's why even service providers will like it and of course people are also going love this.

So, lets break down what are benefits of adding transcript-
  • SEO Benefits
  • People are going to love it
  • It will be well optimized
  • It will save lot of time after using my tips
  • It will help you to rank your video better
Note: But, after it will be also depend on video quality, I mean try to create a video with good camera and remember good audio quality is also important.

Steps to Make a Transcript of a Youtube Video-

That's it guys, now you are going to learn step by step way to get transcript automatically, that's why you will save lot of time, I hope you are ready okay then lets go for getting transcript-
  • First of all log in to your Youtube account
  • Then go to your video for which video you want to get transcript
  • and let me tell you one silly thing, just log out your account and be on that video, sorry to tell you to log in; just having fun dear don't mind please, okay follow steps
  • Okay now follow, just go to any one video of yours
  • Now you need to see on the section where you can see "more", this option is available on just below the video
  • Just click there and then you will see option transcript just click there you will see all transcript of the video
  • Cool is not it, now copy it and use it where you wanted to use
NOTE:- If your video in Hindi or other than English then it will not work. 

Watch: How to Make a Transcript of a Youtube Video-

How I Discover About It-

Okay, this is an amazing, I always tried to find out new things and this is the output of this blog post, I tried to check all features provided by Youtube like time limit video, statistics, suggest video and many more.

And, I was looking for this tutorial from other blogs but I did not find out because I have learnt that adding transcript to video description page is the right way to optimize video for search engine, so just finding different things I found it

Later, I will talk a lot on this topic after reaching a certain target on Youtube because I am really doing hard work to do best on Youtube all right that is different matter.

Transcript is the content of you exactly speak in the video, which helps to add description of the video easy, if you have visited Youtube channel of many professional Youtuber those are aware about SEO they used transcript.

Because they do know benefits of transcript, even I have discussed a lot on this topic, I mean benefits of SEO.

Is there anything you wanted to know about transcript of Youtube Video?