URL Structure, Permalink in Blogger, SEO Friendly Blog Post
URL (Universal or Uniform Resource Locator) is also important while optimizing your blog post for search engines, see if you want to see your blog post results on the top on search engine then you have to take care of many things while writing your blog post.

But in this article I am going to share with you only about optimizing your blog post URL structure which will really give you better traffic to your blog also help you to SEO (search engine optimization) of your blog.

Simply let me tell you how it will help you to get more traffic, actually you will come to know about benefit of improving your URL structure after knowing the real fact behind improving URL structure.

Lets get back to some basics working process of search engines, search engine works on many facts but there are only few important things those really important at least as a blogger(to know), like title, write your title as people are searching, now come to keywords are also important and the rest which I am going to share with you that is URL structure.

Actually as a blogspot blogger, it is quiet easy to optimize, but if you are using any other platforms then even you can do it quiet easily, because I am using blogger blogging platforms that's why I am going to tell you, how would you do it.

May be you know how to create a post on blogspot blog right, then let me help you more just see on the right side of your desktop if you have opened blogger.com post writing box, then you can see Permalink. I have written an article about this on my blog:-

Must Read:- How to use permalink to get more traffic to blog

After reading the above article you will come to every thing about this tactic, which you must use to get more and more traffic to blog, because it's a one of the best solution to optimize you blog post for getting more traffic.

Let's do talk about beyond of this topic but on SEO and blogging, actually as the time is going the craze of internet is increasing every where in the world so definitely there are many people those are living on the internet and more people on the social networks but you can use these media to drive more traffic to your blog, because now a days most of the people go to the social networks like Facebook, Google Plus or may be micro blogging website like Twitter and also social media sites like Digg, Technorati, StumbleUpon.

These are really helpful for bloggers to get more traffic to blogs once, yes once!!!

May be you are thinking why am I using this word "once"?

Here is the solid answer for you, actually by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization) and writing more articles you will get traffic once to your blog, but remember once your visitors are coming to your blog means almost you are going to get nothing if you wanna do business in blogging then you have to invest your more time in writing of your blog post and after writing you must do proof reading your article, to make your article error free and more important is providing informational contents to readers, that's why they will satisfy from your blog post.

Steps to Write Better URL Structure for Your Next Blog Post-

Here, I am going to share with you steps to write better URL structure, just understand it and follow with me, first of all go to your blogger dashboard and then go to write a blog post and then write post title on the big box now you need to see on the right side, there you will find Permalink, just click here then you will have two options one is automatic and another one is custom.

Just click on custom and then add all other words what left with the automatic option one and remember don't forget to add dash in between two words, I know it is little difficult to understand such things with article, so I have created a video for you to understand and to show you all steps practically, here is the video-

Benefits of Writing Good URL Structure of a Blog Post-

Certainly, there are many benefits of writing good URL structure including getting more traffic, see I always love using white hat SEO, so what I have shared with in the video that is the part of white hat seo, okay let me share with you couple of benefits of it-
  • Better crawl for the blog post
  • More traffic to your blog post
  • Ranking of your blog post will be better
  • Easy to understand about the blog post so on.
Remember, SEO, SMO can help you to get better traffic but your article will give a better business, after all content in king in blogging.

So, try to make balance between content and SEO, always use white hat SEO for long time business plan otherwise you know what will happen.