Challenges Faced by Startups, Startups in India
There are many startups already started in India and it is just rapidly growing everyday that's why I am writing about Most Challenges Faced by Startups in India of course I will provide solution to you that's why you will be free of mind while faces those challenges although, there are many those wanted to start their own start up but many start up fails within one or two years of starting, I have read many blog posts about starts up on, NextBigWhat and there are many websites those write about start up story, I have also read few things about NASSCOM 10000 start ups and that's really great program for start up owner. But I thought its time to write an amazing list of challenges.

What are Challenges you are going to face? Actually I have made a huge list of challenges you are going to face and also provided most possible solution according to me, if you will face problem to understand anything about the blog post or if you will have question regarding challenges then don't forget to contact me, I will help you.

Customers Attraction as a StartUps-

This is one of the biggest problem you are going to face in the beginning for this you need to do few things, well action need to take for getting result that is truth but you need to have an idea what you will do that's why you will get result from action you have taken otherwise you are going to loose money, time, confidence as well.

Here are few steps to follow for getting attraction from customers-
  • Give away in the inauguration day-
    • Real Experience (1)- Let me tell you an incident in that time I was living in capital of coal, I mean in Dhanbad, I was going for tuition and seen there is huge crowed I ask my mate about it, he told me that there is an inauguration of a Shoe showroom and the owner is giving a cold drink for FREE, do you know the motive behind it? I mean guess it. It is because of buzz about that showroom in the market I mean from day one people know about that showroom, can you imagine the marketing strategies they were doing.
    • Real Experience (2)- One of my friend working in a private University and he is a web developer there, he said to me that they are going to organize test series for 12th class students for different competitive examination for free and of course test series will be created by EXPERTS and what do you think about it, they are going to get attention by many students and this is really a right strategies for well marketing of institutions.
    • Real Experience (3)- This is my own experience, I mean I got help from it, actually after looking at the strategy of professional bloggers, I just use it I mean I have created an e-book give it for free and do you know because of that e-book I got ten paid clients and that's just amazing and still I am earning money because of that action.

Relation Building With Leaders & Customers-

Relation is most important and more important thing is that as soon as you will build relation better market you can grab later, I mean meeting top leaders is the key to get success, but remember it is really difficult to build relation with top leaders in your business but yes I have certain ways for you that's why you can build pretty good relation with them-
  1. See I am a blogger so, I can help you to get attention customer, leaders through online and you can follow some traditional way too for getting customers like flex advertising, news paper ads, news paper insertion not beneficial for new brands this is my personal experience because I am working with an educational group for marketing and we spend about $4000 in such advertising last year but in return it is just like ZERO, so for startups it is not recommended.
  2. Just write a blog post and your company must have blog and you must write amazing articles for problems facing by people and you people are providing solution to it and don't forget to mention few leaders in any way, may be you can say you people are getting help from them, or may be you can say you people are following them, but according me directly meeting with leaders always welcome or even you can invite them for interview and published it on your company blog of course arranging a video interview is just superb.

Good Employee for StartUps-

This is one of the BIG problem of startUps to attract young, hard working, creative thinker, knowledgable mind towards your startUps, but I have few sure shot plan for you which I have observed few startUps to grow and there are many those are growing very fast I can tell you the way to find out all these type of employee, see dear if you are looking for intelligent employee for your startup then plan why you want such type of people in your company, if you can plan it out then you can able to hire better person for the job, I mean few job required hard work and few job required creative mind, see if a guy have creative mind it is likely not possible that guy will work for long time with full efficiency, may be there are but very rare so you have to hire with mixed up people.

I can share with you few ideas to hire good minded people for your company-
  • You have to go to different colleges and search for best mind
  • You need to offered pretty good package as well as facilities like free lunch, tea and so on.
  • Put Career with Us tab on the footer of your official web page
  • You need to share few images of your office, what your existing employee talking about your company would be just cool idea for attracting young mind
  • Ask existing employee of the company to call good energetic mind for job
And you need to repeat process, if you have anyother idea then you can share with me, I mean I can help you.

Marketing of Your StartUps-

Tough job right, many even stay away from such job, even I know people those always go back when they heard about marketing of any product, because it is really tough.

Do you know why?

Because they think like this, I can share with you some tips and tricks hope those going to help you as well as help your startups to grow faster.

I can assure you after reading my tips and tricks you will be wonder and you will love doing marketing, because I am not talking about traditional marketing, in which you need to stand on the corner of a busy road with some products not even you need to go door to door and hoping someone will buy your product.

No, you don't need to do so.

Just you need to come online and start doing online marketing, I mean just think about it, what marketing people usually do tell each and every person the same answer about the product and by doing this they got bored.

I think this is the BIG reason that most of the people stay away from marketing right, but about what I am talking it required to speak once and record it and others will listen to it and you can make as many people you want to listen about your product and you can also target specific location of people.

Is not that simple.

I told you dear marketing is really simple, because now a days almost everybody come online and even for example you can see the boom rate of e-commerce companies in India, even may be you have heard couple of times from people like bus driver talk about buying online so what does that mean, you can also sell your products online and do marketing online.

So, how you can do it, actually it required little long description but I have written one of the blog post which will let you know seo tips for getting customer for your Indian Startups.

If you required my help then just contact me on Facebook and say hi from Startups I will talk to you there.

Example- I am running a startup for students which helps students to prepare well for the exam recently we have launched test series for NLC GET Test Series 2020, even we launched for technical also NLC Mechanical Test Series.

Investments for Your StartUps-

This is again one of the challenging task for startups, I mean finding investors for your startups is really tough at least at the beginning time because nobody will agree to listen to your idea so in the beginning you have to start by yourself and when you will have something to share with them then you can go for it, you can try for NASSCOM 10000 startups as per my knowledge that is a good program for Indian startups.

I can tell you ideas for raising money from others-
  • Ask your close friends those are financially strong
  • Ask your close relatives those are interested in business and because of few circumstances they are doing job
These two sources are most effective way, because I have implemented the first one and raise small amount of investment for my new project and it was quite good for me, in that time I was needed that small amount of investment.

Right Direction for Growth of StartsUp-

This is must for any new startups, because most of the time the person having idea he or she is not having much knowledge to do proper plan which will help to grow StartUps, so the question is remain how you can do it right way.

I have something for you, that is building relationship with good people those already succeed in business, you need to ask for help all of them those you know.

And at the last you must need to talk about the plan with your employee and never let your employee feel that they are working for others rather behave with them in that way that's why they will feel that they are working in their own company.

That is known as GREAT work culture.

Advisor Boards Is Must for StartUps-

Do you know, as a new company no one will put interest until you will not do something that's why people will come to know about your StartUps, well does not matter where you live or even how many successful people you know.

Matter is that, how much time you are going to invest and work hard for the company then only people will put interest because hard work always shows. Just do one thing invite well educated people those are near by you in the day of inauguration of your company.

I guess 80% of people will come and ask each of them to become advisory board member of your StartUps at least ask for those, those are already doing business related to your field and provide them a great environment in the day of inauguration.

That's just beginning and keep doing all these activities for getting more support from people.

Branding of a StartUps-

I think this is one of the biggest problem to make look other people your startUp as a brand in your field see I can not tell you that you are going to get authority overnight but you can make people look your startup as branding by providing just great service in reasonable price.

Here are few important steps for improving branding of your StartUps-
  1. Provide great service to your customers for mouth to mouth marketing, see if you are new to market then the nature of people is that many will come to know at least once about your service and there you will get chance to grab their attention, okay let me share with you an example, there is a new restaurant open and I guarantee the owner of that restaurant did not invest more than $2000 but only me went there more than 15 times do you why? Because of mouth to mouth marketing, actually my students told me that the new restaurant opened there and they have gone there for testing their service and it was fantastic as they said to me and see the result in front of you, so when you will get chance to provide service don't stay back come forward and provide just unbelievable service that's why they will talk about your service with their friends and that's it.
  2. Have your own social media presence create pages on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and just creating profiles is not going to help you, you need to leverage your brand among all internet people, I mean you want people will come to know about your brand.
  3. Add Amazing photo of yours and add your bio as founder of the StartUps and keep updating your friends about growth which will motivate you to work for more hours means success will be there with you.
  4. Go to market and give away T shirts and must printed your StartUps name on both sides and distributing among students is the great idea for getting good ROI (Return of Investment)

Right Tools for Promotion-

As a beginner and new to this field it becomes difficult to choose tools for promotion of the brand and many recommend to buy these, that and I will not tell you to do so, but I will suggest you to do one thing, which is no. 1 advice, I provided to one of my client, one of the partner of that startUp was my student.

That is buidling your customer data base just you need to collect their e-mail address and if you are interest in mobile marketing and then you can collect their mobile number, see it is proven that e-mail marketing is one of the best tool for technical startups and of course those have existing BIG fat business they have also their own data base and for this you need a tool.

I recommend you to use Get Response, may be you are thinking why? Okay Keep reading..

I am recommending you to choose a tool, of course there is a reason behind, because its been long time I have been associated with blogging, affiliate marketing, helping others to do the same and very soon I am going to launch my own BIG product and that is going to help many more, personally I help in 2015 more than 10,000 people to start blog and earn money.

I will tell you to try Get Response don't worry its free for first month, click here and get it, remember it is the tool which I am using to increase my revenue and helping others those wanted to do blogging and get all advantage of it like money freedom, cloths freedom, vacation freedom and lot of fans.

Common Legal Things for StartUps-

There are certain things you need to know and go through as a founder of a StartUps like first you need to think what you need to get like LLC, LLP even Pvt Limited, of course you also wanted to know which one is better for StartUps probably such type of question going on your mind and even this is possible you unable to find out the right solution for you.

May be you are thinking how I came to know about all these, I mean marketing is okay that I am doing from long long time especially online marketing.

Actually, couple of months ago I got call from my uncle he asked me about selling cloths online, he is having is own store in a small city in my own native place after seeing advertisement of e-commerce website he called me to sell online and there are certain things required after looking at website I came to know and from that time I have started reading lot of blog post on other blogs but unable to find out right answer.

So, I got the right answer from one of my junior who got education from the same college, well the matter is he opened his own cloths business based in Delhi but unable to scale because he is not having marketing skills I will help him to scale his business.

Well the answer for all legal things after talking to him I came to know CA who can tell you in details about all these things, which will be easier for you and even cheaper than hiring any consultant for this problem.

Frankly saying challenges are good & if you are in business field then you have to be habituated to taking challenges otherwise it will be difficult for you to enjoy as a business person.

As I have shared with you all challenges those are facing by Indian StartUps for growing and of course existing, one important advice for you just try to solve one challenge at a time it will help you to solve another challenge right way and keep repeating steps.

is there any other challenges you are facing?