Google Alerts, Benefits Google Alerts
Google Alerts is a most useful service, which is of course provided by Google to keep up to date their users for any topic coming to Google, basically Google alerts provide service to us for reaching the contents are coming to web world for free.
I think Google is providing an amazing tools to us, at least as a blogger you must use this service to know better about any topics on which topics you are blogging and to write better on your blog to become a better blogger.

So let's create an Google alerts for you, which is your favourite topic, so for this you need to follow me-

Step by Step Guide to Create Google Alert-

1):- First got to (Then you will see like I have given below screen shot)

2):- It's time to create it!
First option to fill as you can see on the top "Search Query" fill here what you want to know from the web which is coming new.

May be you want to know about any place or India or UK or Canada or SEO or blogging anything, you want to know.

Then the second option is "Result Type", Now click on there, then after click on "Result Type" you will see options as I have given below screen shot:-

Now click on options according to your suitability, it is upto you, if you are new to internet then click on "Everything".

Let's move forward to "How Often", in this case do the same, then you will see option as I have given screen shot below:-

Now, click on the options which is good for you, let me help you in this case, if you are having own internet connections then click "As-it-happens", otherwise click on "once a week".

Let's keep moving to How many, click there then you will see options as I have given below:-

Now, click on only best results because if you will select on "All results" then probably you will not have time to see all those articles, so read always quality and helpful articles.

Now do the last and final steps that is in which email address you want to get the update add there Gmail address then click on "Create Alert", if you don't have a Gmail address create one for free click here for guide to create a Gmail address.

Benefits of Google Alerts for Bloggers/Web Masters-

Of course there are many benefits of Google alerts like you will come to know about any new thing which is publishing in the internet, suppose someone is a job seeker, any specific job, just that person need to create an alert for that specific job and whenever anything will come new about that job he or she will get notification from Google is not that cool.

I think so!

What do you think?

So, here are few benefits for bloggers-

  • You will come to know about new blog posts come in on your niche
  • You can update yourself with new information
  • You can understand the frequency of update in any niche

Creating an alert is not everything unless or un-till you are reading those articles, always remember if you are giving time to know any thing then one day definitely it will help you.

So, create alerts and stay update with latest news.