Did you get mail from Kajamba Team about Shut Down their service- here is the completely mail-
Dear Publisher,

When we founded Kajamba earlier this year,
our vision was to create the best, most
user-friendly, self-service ad network for

During the short time we've been running,
we proudly achieved our goal and helped our
publisher generate revenue from their blogs.

The industry is in an ever-changing state,
and more technologies and ad formats are
being introduced every day.

For these and other reasons, we've decided
to Stop our Self-Service Ad Network activity
and focus on other things we love.

Your action is required, please note:

- Please remove all our code from your site
  before or by May 31st.

- You will be able to log in to the dashboard
  until June 1st.

- We will send the unpaid Revenue you have
  earned with us on schedule, Net-30 terms.

- If you have any further questions, you
  can reach us at support@kajamba.com

We want to thank you for your cooperation
and wish you all the best.

Kajamba Team

Blog Monetization has become one of the most crucial assets for the bloggers. Blog Monetization helps them to utilize the earning potential of their blog in a right manner. Monetization of blog is the best way to earn big profits. There are different strategies to monetize you blog. The most popular one is placing the third party ads as provided by the ad networks that exist across the internet. Not only ad networks, affiliate marketing also plays a good role in maximizing the profits of a blogger. The combo of ad network and affiliate marketing is deadly one must utilize it in perfect manner.

Most of us have heard about Google Adsense, but only few of us have ever gone through the strict policies of Adsense. Google Adsense has gone really strict these days. Even the old Adsense users have been suffering Adsense ban without any valid reason. Also, there is no referral program provided by Google Adsense. But still, there exist a high CPM network- Kajamba, which can be treated as the best Google Adsense alternative for users. It even has its referral program that provides you equal opportunity to earn bigger with Kajamba Ads & Referral Program. Let us study about Kajamba CPM ad network in brief.
 Kajamba's Referral Program

Kajamba CPM Ad Network – The Introduction

Kajamba Ad Network is the fastest growing ad network around the world. It has been started by the hard efforts of media experts who had a vast experience of 15 years in this field. Kajamba serves as a commission free ad network that charges negligible amount of commission (which its gets from advertisers) while paying you. Kajamba deals directly with the potential advertisers and saves any additional cut in your money by third party sites or dealers. If you are looking for some high CPM ad network then Kajamba is the superb choice.

Learning About Kajamba Referral Program

Unlike most of the ad networks, Kajamba provides rich benefits to all its users while trying its referral program. Kajamba’s referral program offers great benefits to its users in terms of money. Once you sign up with Kajamba’s Referral Program, you get a unique affiliate link to promote. If any user signs up using your affiliate link then you get an opportunity to earn up to $150 just through that sign up.

Once the user make a sign up, he/she becomes eligible for Kajamba’s Referral Program. If any publisher signs up to Kajamba through your referral link, then you get 25 percent of total earnings, done by that publisher in first year of your referral. These earnings can go as high as $600. You will be paid on monthly basis through PayPal, Payoneer or even through wire transfer.
Kajamba Referral Program
This is how Kajamba’s Referral program provides a good opportunity to its affiliate users to make at least $150 from its referral program. If you are signing in with Kajamba then you should also try its referral program.
Kajamba’s Referral

How Kajamba’s Referral Program Works?

Kajamba referral program has a simple straightforward working. After you sign up with Kajamba’s Referral Program, you get an affiliate link. Now all you have to do is:
  1. Place that link or Kajamba’s ad creatives on your website/blog or share it on any other place to let people know about them.
  2. Now the visitors signs up as the publishers on Kajamba and generates their first 1¢ income
  3. Now you will start earning 25 percent of whatever your referrals make.

Best Features of Kajamba CPM Ad Network

Here, we have highlighted some of the most versatile features of Kajamba Ad network offered to its users. Have an eye over these awesome features.
Kajamba Features, CPM Ad Network

  1. High CPM:  CPM is the amount paid to you for 1000 impressions. Kajamba pays certainly a higher amount of CPM rate as compared to its competitors. Working with Kajamba Ads will bring you higher profits.
  2. History based Advertising: Kajamba Ads as totally history based. This means that the ads displayed on your website will be based on type of search performed by visitors of your blog/website. This will definitely improve the CTR and in turn improve the conversions.
  3. Timely Payment: Kajamba is fabulous when it comes to on-time payments. It has NET30 payment cycle. The payment hence is released after every 30 days and Kajamba releases it after 2 days of NET30 cycle. You can receive the payments through PayPal, wire transfer and even through Payoneer.
  4. Minimal Threshold Limit: The payment threshold limit is $5 for receiving payment in PayPal or Payoneer account. If you want payments through wire transfer then you will have to make $300 minimum.
  5. Referral Program: We have already discussed about Kajamba’s referral program above. It provides you with an opportunity to earn up to $150 by just making a referral through your affiliate link.
  6. Easy Sign Up: Signing up with Kajamba is not at all a difficult task and you can sign up in just less than a minute. 
    Kajambas Publishers Dashboard
  7. Multiple Ad Formats: Nearly 9 different ad styles & formats are provided by Kajamba. You can choose from different ad formats based on audience behavior and resolution of site. You can display the ads on videos, images as well as inside the content. The ads can also be displayed on YouTube or DailyMotion videos linked to your website.

Final Thoughts

Kajamba is the perfect monetization option for the website that is the best combo of high CPM ad network as well as referral program. Kajamba referral program pays you the highest referral rates in the industry when it comes to referral program of ad network. You get a chance to make up to $150 for referring each publisher to Kajamba

What do you think about this referral program?