CodeAcademy Vs W3Schools
All right from long time I was thinking about writing about "Codecademy Vs W3Schools" but after knowing that people also interested to know about these two platforms frankly saying I have used both the platforms and now even I used these platforms to brush up my knowledge, even W3Schools has upgrade its design and its really cool the new one.

I don’t want to make it long article because it’s a really simple question of people and people always try to use the better one, but which one is better you need to decide yourself.

This website is providing interactive learning platform for free as their tag line said and this website has launched in 2011
This platform tag line is The world’s largest web developer site is launched in 2000
Alexa Ranking
251 Worldwide
1605 Worldwide
Back Links According to Alexa
33660 back links from individual sites
14181 back links from individual sites
Registration Required
We need to registered for accessing to tutorials but there are many modes for registration like through Facebook, Mail and Google
Registration is not required
My Personal Experience
Well, what I am sharing in this section its my own personal experience I think CodeAcademy is better for beginners because information and implementation is on the same page    
Its also easy but you can not get information regarding the tag and code on the same page, otherwise overall experience is pretty good
My Rating

Other Platforms to Learn Web Designing-

Well, not only these two platforms but yes as a beginner these two platforms are really cool like when I have started thinking about learning web designing because as a blogger you need to have little good knowledge about web designing which will help you to enhance your blog design and of course you can do little experiment with it.
  1. Udemy- But remember there are many paid as well as free course
  2. Khan Academy
  3. Udacity
  4. Coursera
And so on, but remember these two platforms are just awesome for beginners as per my own experience.

How to Get Started Learning Web Designing Online-

Okay, as I have already share with that one day I was started learning Web Designing after knowing about W3Schools from my cousin actually she is MCA and that’s why I have followed her instruction and started learning but I did not set a right approach to learn that’s why I did not able to learn all these things effectively, but yes you can do it, because I am going to tell you the concept which I have used it later to learn.

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The concept is play with all tags, just don’t learn but learn and then play with all tags it will definitely work for you to learn all these things better way.

As right now I am reading questions of few people related to design and I found this question is really good for me because its been long time I am using both the platforms so I thought why not to share with you the real difference between Codecademy and W3schools

So, after knowing all points can you share which one is better platform for beginners?