Blogger Template, SEO Friendly Template, Fast Loading
Loading speed of template is matter for SEO, the simple concept is here, there are many in the internet world those are not having good internet speed that's why you need to choose simple template but yes template must be attractive, easy to find out content like you need to put search box, that's why readers can easily find out information from your blog, well I know there are many always thinking about free templates but in this way they loose their effort because free templates are like free, I mean if something you are getting free then most of the time we have seen that's not good, so here is the same, most of the time what happened when you get free template you have to give footer credit of their blog link and in this way you are advertising their blog for forever.

Blogger Default Templates Vs Customize Templates-

Well, I know if you are beginners and you don't want to spend money to buy hosting then that is not a bad idea even in my article I write about best blogging platform for beginners in India but moving to word press platform [It required hosting and technical knowledge, well I am providing installation service for all my blog readers just contact me on Facebook] is also good because they are providing pretty good features.

Okay, let me share with you difference between these two types of templates-
Default Template of Blogger
Customize Template
You can get according to you but you need to hire someone to design your template cost at least $100
SEO Friendly
Both are same
Professional Blogger
Don’t Like
Like it
Don’t like much
Like it
Revenue Purpose
Not good
Very good because readers interaction will be more

Disadvantages of Downloading Free Templates-

Of course there are many disadvantages of downloading free blogger templates, see I was in the same situation I did not want to invest money for designing my blog template well after then I have invested in $$$ in designing templates and I will do more because its really worth it and most important thing is that I can able to do this because I am earning in $$$ and soon my earning will reach $$$$ per month from blogging only, just one ads network make me over $500 and that's really awesome.

Okay, lets do talk on the disadvantages of downloading blogger templates-
  1. You can not guaranteed about the source of template providers
  2. Coding Error because those are available for free so almost nobody take tension
  3. BIG problem, you have to give credit on the footer for forever, means you are doing advertisement for their blog
  4. Sometimes you will see more than one credit links [Personally, I don't like such thing]

How to Get SEO Friendly Template-

I know, if you have been reading this article carefully then probably you will come to know that I want you to use professional blogger templates of course there are certain advantages, here are some important points-
  • Its almost error free
  • Loading time is very fast
  • No need to provide any footer credit
  • But it will costly right.
So, what is the solution?

As right now you are thinking about it, I was thinking about the same in 2010, when I have started blogging and I was not aware about any language like HTML, CSS, XML and so on that's why with time I am improving my coding skills because I wanted to give benefits to this community.

Okay, then what is the solution for solving this problem? I have started investing money to get templates design by professional and that's why I can provide you in very marginal price which can affordable to anyone.

Yes, anyone.

Its only 99 RS in dollars only about $1.7, what do you think?

I hope you also don't want to missed this opportunity right.

Its not about investing money its about how your blog first impression will be for new readers, its not even about complicated theme its about SEO friendly, simple and easy to load theme because ranking factors also depend on loading time of theme, and all these you are getting only for $1.7.

Is there any question you have about SEO friendly blogger template?