Hello, this is Ujjwal Kumar Sen, well today I am going to share with you my personal experience after promoting products on Facebook, in that campaign I have targeted Indian traffic from Delhi and Haryana, well let me tell you dear what result I am going to share with you its all my result, may be you will see different result but most of the time I have seen you will get engagements only for pennies and that's awesome.

I think there are all thinking about putting ads on Facebook, I know there are many those are spending thousands of dollars for promoting their brand on Facebook but I will suggest you don't go for bigger one I mean for big budget, first test it in small budget if it is working then go for BIG one.

How Much Does Facebook Ads Cost Per Click-

I know because of this question you are reading this blog post right, okay then let me tell you dear Facebook shows clicks different ways actually they include like- clicking on the external links, internal links, click on like, dislike (Most of the time people don't click on dislike)

If I will tell you my per clicks cost was about 2 RS in US dollars its about $.3 and it is really cheap I am really happy because of that now I came to know the way to attract visitors to any page, I mean here is the plan I have for my next blog, I have created a page and right now it is having only few likes, my target to get 1000 likes on that page soon and I will write a separate blog post on that case study.

The screen shot will show you everything about my Facebook ads campaign result-
Facebook ads, Facebook ads egagement

Here are few things I am doing for promoting that page-

  1. I am working on education niche since my first blog was education niche and it is one of hot niche. [Niche Blogging Guide]
  2. My target to attract 1000 likes in this month.
  3. I am going to spend only $2 per day and that's cheap 
  4. Target to attract 2000 page views per day by the end of this month
  5. Let break down traffic- 50% from search engines and 50% from other media like e-mail marketing, social media & what next? I will share with you.

What is the Best Way for Promotion on Facebook "Ads"

Well, let me tell you dear if you want to use best way of your money you are going to spend on Facebook or may be you are spending then I will tell you steps because there are many those are loosing money, may be you are thinking about how?

Okay let me tell you one most important concept, I mean what if you will send traffic to direct sells page of the product then what will happen you will make money only when people will buy the product right and now think for a while are all people going to buy the product.


Right, that is obvious; but what about them those did not buy the product, but that person interested in that product right that's why that person click on the ads and land on the sells page, if anyhow you can captures their e-mail address and mobile number then you can re-target or send e-mails when you will get any new product related to it and that will be done almost for free.

Sounds cool.

May be you are thinking how is this possible?

okay then let me tell you the thing, actually I have been doing this for long time and currently I have launched a program name as Ujjwal Kumar Sen Mastermind its a program for my blog readers and those joined this program they will get all secrets of my success for free not only this they will also receive step by step guide to earn 40% to 80% commission online. All things about it, I have covered in the last blog post under how I have created Landing page in minutes.

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I know may be you are thinking, not to spend money or I will have to spend money yes, dear same thinking I did have till I did not spend money for buying my first domain name and after then I always prefer to spend money because its really worth full most of the time.

And here on Facebook you are having option to buy ads as low budget about $1.2 and that's really awesome, I mean test it on low budget if it will be working then go for bigger budget.

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