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How Much Does Infolinks Pay Per Click

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Well a question has been asked by one of my direct client, basically these days I am offering blog set up service and guiding beginners to start blogging, okay that is different I am sharing with this thing because many of you may be just started and don't know the path to follow so here I am to help you to have your own blog and I will also teach you step by step affiliate marketing, that would be super cool.

Already, I have helped more than 10,000 people to start blog in 2015 alone, may be I have already share with you I am writing here because there are many those missed that may be, I am not sure about it, okay may be you are thinking about "How Much Does Infolinks Pay Per Click", don't worry I will share with you.

How Much Does Infolinks Pay Per Click-

Well, if you are really good in this field then you must not read this article because they don't pay per click because this is a CPM based network, if you have followed my articles then you did not need to think such thing, well don't worry I will make you understand the cine behind it.

So, first of all let me share with you the most basic thing that is what is the meaning of CPM?

Well, the full form of CPM is Cost Per Mile, it is also known as effective cost per mile in short ECPM, yes the answer is here for your query actually Infolinks paid you for per 1000 ads views on your blog or website. I hope now you understand they don't pay you per click, of course if more people will clicks on ads then definitely your earning will increase that is sure.

How Much My Maximum ECPM for Infolinks-

Well, if you will ask me that since how long I have been associated with internet marketing and more important is that with blogging then its last five years and that's huge right, but I never thinking of earning as right now I am earning from blogging and of course I did not even thought about doing this full time but now I am thinking that I have to quit my job, because job with blogging right now little difficult for me, but of course I am doing job because I wanted to do higher education I mean PhD may be I will start after one year and of course I am a Mechanical Engineer, I will provide something amazing gift to this community that's why upcoming Mechanical Engineering students will get help.
Okay, lets come back to the topic, here I am talking about my maximum earning per 1000 ad views is $7 and that's really awesome, of course you also need to know the average in general if your blog have good unique content related to education, insurance, vehicle, Engineering, software then probability of earning is more and average would be about $2 to $4 for Indian traffic and that's really good [Google Adsense Alternatives for Indian Bloggers]

Loading Speed Of Your Blog Also Matter

Yes, Google also like high speed loading blog, here comes two things one is Fast Loading Blog Template as well as good hosting, well if you are hosting your blog on any hosting, whose uptime and loading speed is poor then its time to move on, these days people are preferring to use Cloud hosting, therefore I suggest all to use Cloudways even I am giving some discount on it- Cloudways Coupon Code 2016.

And then it comes to traffic quality then you need to write quality content and one of simple step to write quality content is FOCUS, just focus on what you are writing.

How to Increase Your Earning from Infolinks as a Publishers-

Of course publishers always think about earning more revenue from their blog, so you are also one of them right that's why you are reading this till now, if you want to increase earning from Infolinks then you need to little experiments with colour or ads they provides, you can do experiments with it to increase earning.

You can also try their new feature that is good, I must if you are not a infoinks publishers then you need to join now, click here and join now.

And of course after joining you need to use this in article the way to show ads and the screen shot is below-
Infolinks new feature, Inarticle
Infolinks is a CPM based network, so there is no issue of earning per click even nobody come to know about it as a publisher, well its been long time I have been associated to this ad network and I shared with you what I have experienced in this duration.

Is there any other thing you wanted to know about Infolinks?


  1. Thanks Ujjwal but can you tell me, if nobodys clicks on infolinks ads but if I get 1000 visites to the page where I show ads then will I earn in infolinks or not

    1. Little difficult to tell answer because they don't show such statistics.

      Thanks @Kiran

  2. Replies
    1. Hello @Kiran

      Thanks for your continuous feedback dear.

  3. Hi there,
    Can you tell me ? How much average visitors are required to get 1000 ad views per day?

    1. Hello @Dhruv

      Nice question about Infolinks?

      No body can tell you dear, it is depend on you and number of text links you have allowed.

  4. Replies
    1. I don't know, you can asked them through mail.

  5. what will be the infolink cpm for only indian traffic.
    what are the best alternative ad networks beside google adsense for indian traffic.

    1. Indian traffic I did not have proper statistics but its not like USA or Canada traffic, I mean earning will be less.

    2. hey
      will it be more than $1 per 1000 for indian traffic.please tell me.

  6. Does infolinks pays on 1000 ad views in total on the website or they require daily ad views on the website.

    1. Hello @Anshul

      Its not mandatory to have 1000 page views, if you are even getting page views you can earn money from Infolinks


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