Well, today I was thinking about what to write new in this blog, so I was searching lot of things on Q & A websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers & I found there is not useful answer to this question, I mean step by step answer, so I was thinking why not to share this article with you guys much better way so the article come up with "How to Turn on Comment Notification on Blogger.com", this article is going to help you to have better control over your blogspot or blogger.com blog, if you are thinking about this blog platform then I must say this is really pretty good platform at least for beginners.

Step by Step Guide to Turn on Comment Notification on Blogger.com-

So are you ready to do all these steps,  I hope so you are ready because there many benefits, I am going to share with you in the next heading, but right now you will be able to do how to unable comment notification on blogger.
  1. First of all you need to login to your account then you will see all blogs on your blogger panel and then click on tab which is come before view blog, then you will see number of options on the drop down menu.
  2. Now you need to click on settings but from the drop down menu only, then wait for a moment till the page will open and its cheer moment dear, because you will have option for what you are reading this article till now.
  3. Then you will see a option on the left side on bottom of the page that is "Email", just click there then you will see option "Comment Notification Mail", now you need to put e-mail address which one you wanted to add there.
  4. After then click on save settings, this option is there on the top of the right side.
NOTE- I know understanding all these steps is little difficult for many because if you are beginner then probably understanding steps without proper visualization is difficult so I come up to another idea to show exactly the same, I mean I have putted little more effort to do all those steps personally and show you the exact screen shot that's why you can do the same, even if you are completely newbie.

Now lets see all steps, if you are unable to follow above steps I am damn sure you can easily follow all these steps-
Comment Notification Mail, Blogger.com comment notification

Benefits of Turning on Comment Notification Mail on Blogger.com-

Well, of course there are many benefits of doing this, most of the time, we face problem over junk not worthy comments on blog, let me tell you dear doing such thing is not helpful in ranking of your blog, rather write great content which is really going to help the community & it is the great way to make a blog popular, well if you are facing more junk comments or you unable to moderate comments publish on real time then I will suggest you to turn on comment moderation always, otherwise turning on comment notification is also helpful.

Okay let me share with you few important benefits-
  1. You will get notify whenever any comment publish on your blog
  2. You will have control over it on almost real time
  3. You can check it as someone will comment and if it not relevant then you can delete it.
  4. And then you will have opportunity to reply for readers comment as soon as possible.
This is one of the amazing feature of blogger, so I must say enabling this feature will help you to use this blogging platform smart way.

As I have shared with you couple of benefits as well as steps to turn on comment notification, so just use this feature and get maximum benefits out of it.