Does not matter you are using which blogging platform Blogger or Wordpress or even Buddypress and so on, because in this blog I have shared with you number of blogging platforms, yes I can remember right now its 8 blogging platforms and of course I have also written here that which one I recommend for beginners. I know may be you did not read my step by step guide to use Feedburner that's why you are facing such issue like "The Feed Does Not Have Subscriptions by Email Enabled Feedburner", don't worry I have full proof plan for you to overcome from this problem, as right now I am writing this blog post actually I have been set up a new blog on education niche because still there are lot of things to do in the niche and I have seen no body is doing such things, so I am taking initiative on this, actually in the blog post I have shared with you that I am investing money on Facebook ads and I am learning lot of things in this.

If you are thinking about that I am investing $1000 of dollars on Facebook ads then you are wrong dear I am investing in $$ because first I wanted to see ROI in future what I am investing today, because if it will not be beneficial for me then why should I spend money, okay lets go to the problem directly to solve it.

Steps to Solve The Feed Does Not Have Subscriptions by Email Enabled Feedburner-

Well, I know you are almost there, so what right now you need to do, that is follow my steps to solve this problem, well I hope you are in super sincere mode right now because you are about to solve one of the major problem which most of the newbies face and many came to know about this problem either trying to sign up by itself or when someone of your readers will informed you, but till that time you loose lot of subscribers so that's why this blog post.

Okay, lets follow those steps to solve "The Feed Does Not Have Subscriptions by Email Enabled Feedburner"-
  1. First just you need to log in to your feedburner account, then you need to click on the headers name, as all steps I am going to share with you below in a info-graphic format because that will be much better for many to understand all steps & you will see there ZERO subscribers because you did not have any subscribers because you did not activate it, so lets go for it.
  2. But, follow these steps also because with the image info-graphic text is also important so what next? 
  3. Now you will see many options but you need to click on "Publicize", then you will see many options, well if you got slow internet connection then wait till the web page will open.
  4. Now you can able to see option on the left side of your page
  5. That is "Email Subscriptions", just click there and there you go to the next step.
  6. Now click on "Active", which option is right there on the bottom of the page, well after clicking on Active you will see message that you have successfully activated the email subscriptions.
Note- I know these steps might be difficult for you to follow, that's why I am really curious to put lot of effort to make things simple and here I did it.

Info-graphics to Follow for Solving The Feed Does Not Have Subscriptions by Email Enabled Feedburner-

FeedBurner, Feedburner Subscribers List
I hope you did it comfortable well by following text steps little difficult to implement but the next effort putted by me is really amazing, which is really super simple for anybody to activate email subscribers on Feedburner.

Is there anything you are facing problem with Feedburner?